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Arma 3's next DLC is a trip to 1980s Czechoslovakia

Arma 3 is getting another Creator DLC, and this one is another trip back to Cold War-era Europe. CSLA Iron Curtain is set for release later this year, and will take players to a 256 square kilometre area of the 1980s border between Czechoslovakia and West Germany. CSLA Iron Curtain is part of Arma 3 developer Bohemia Interactive's Creator DLC model, in which Bohemia publishes the work of third-party studios and modding teams under a revenue sharing agreement. In the case of CSLA Iron Curtain, that studio is Czech Republic-based CSLA Studio - the initials standing for Československá lidová armáda, or the Czechoslovak People's Army. This encompassed all of Czechoslovakia's military forces from 1954 until the Velvet Revolution and the fall of Czech Communist Party. In CSLA Iron Curtain, players will find 1980s-era CSLA and NATO forces, equipped with weapons and vehicles of the time. US forces will have the M113 APC and UH-60 'Huey' helicopter, while Czech forces will field the T-72 main battle tank, OT-62 APC, and Mi-17 transport chopper in the military sandbox game. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Get Arma 3 and DayZ cheap in the latest Humble Bundle Arma 3's new Apex scenario is live - and it's basically Far Cry Arma 3 is free on Steam - but not for long!

Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain is coming soon

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/32f21a0048ffebca22f3a70d15d0fb0429a93acb.png Together with third-party developer CSLA Studio, we're excited to announce the upcoming release of Arma 3's second Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain. Scheduled for release later this year, the CSLA Iron Curtain downloadable content pack will take players back to an alternate version of the Cold War in 1980s Czechoslovakia. The store page for the upcoming DLC is already live on Steam. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/6bc9299e4275f39a59bc6f972f659a5189506900.jpg CSLA (or ČSLA) stands for "Československá lidová armáda" in Czech and "Československá ľudová armáda" in Slovak, which refers to the Czechoslovak People's Army. These were the armed forces of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia and the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic from 1954 until 1990. With both Bohemia Interactive and the CSLA Studio developers coming from the Czech Republic, this particular Creator DLC stays very close to home by exploring the country's contemporary history and taking a look at what life in Czechoslovakia and its heavily-guarded border with West Germany during the 1980s could have been like. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/060f1c8d69ba9433f0a09c787e0544cef02e8116.jpg The Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain will include: Original 256 km2 "Gabreta" landlocked terrain, with deep forests, windy mountains, and calm valleys Cold War-era armed forces of the United States and Czechoslovakia, as well as local rebel fighters Ground and air vehicles Weapons and gear Singleplayer and multiplayer scenarios {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/99fbe5f9c5a0c7bd7516334fefe65f1ba1dee0f7.jpg Creator DLC is a label for original new Arma 3 projects made by third-party developers and published by Bohemia Interactive. It enables external talent to earn a financial reward for their work, while players get to enjoy more new quality content. The first Creator DLC, Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany, has managed to achieve over 50,000 sales since its launch in April 2019. More Creator DLC projects besides Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany and CSLA Iron Curtain are currently in development. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/1a8d94f35b5343c5586a0078c71ccc74b60c2cc2.jpg In response to community feedback on the initial release of the first Arma 3 Creator DLC, Bohemia Interactive – in close co-operation with CSLA Studio – have decided to host a small-scale, closed beta test in the coming weeks ahead of CSLA Iron Curtain's planned full release. Starting today, selected members of the Arma 3 community will be invited to help report on any remaining technical issues as well as take the upcoming DLC for a test drive on a wider variety of PC systems. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/929b1c983cfc8ac90e7f9a41e5c725603a81b0b2.jpg Furthermore, as soon as the CSLA Iron Curtain DLC releases, Bohemia Interactive and CSLA Studio plan to make compatibility data for non-owners of the DLC available via the Arma 3 Steam Workshop – similar to how this is now also done for the Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany Creator DLC. This solution enables people who own the Creator DLC and those who do not to still play together on multiplayer servers that make use of the Creator DLC's assets. Access to DLC terrains and singleplayer content will remain exclusive to the owners of the DLC, and restrictions to the in-game use of DLC assets by non-owners apply. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/67eff8f481a450ce50d5ded6296a5056ae3926e2.jpg The release date and pricing of the Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain will be shared at a later time. For more information about Arma 3 Creator DLC, please visit Srdečné pozdravy!

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Community Radar #18

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/a2ecafe901bedc5d7663971e36fc782a462bb7c4.png We've got new, stunning community content to explore on all frontiers! See the latest and greatest in this recent issue of the Community Radar! Full COMRAD

The Best Arma 3 Mods

One of the difficult things about approaching a possibility space as large as the one presented by ArmA 3 is deciding what you actually want to do with it. Beyond the campaign, there's the game's powerful editor which allows players to create remarkably complex combined arms combat scenarios across vast land masses. But if you're like me, sometimes that's a bit... much. Sometimes I'd rather just fire up a quick game and lead a fire team over a hill to shoot some bad guys. Thankfully, some truly amazing mods have emerged over the past year, so we've put together this guide to cover some of the new content out there - whether it's total conversions, new models, or AI environments, you should be able to find something for you in this list. Note: Mods are often custom-built for a single map, but even if you're not interested in that environment, chances are pretty good that there's another version of the mod available for your preferred landmass. Just do a little searching in the Steam Workshop, and you're likely to find what you're after. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: ArmA 3 DLC Guide Review: ArmA 3: Tanks DLC Review: ArmA 3: Apex

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Arma 3 Art Of War Contest: Winners Revealed

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/94b58b4aa8d712eaa94ec6fe738d4f5ec07674a1.png We're proud to present the winners of the Arma 3 Art of War contest and share some first details about the related upcoming charity DLC. Discover the winners here!

ArmA 3 DLC Guide

ArmA 3 came out in 2014, and people have steadily trickled into the game since then. Frankly, it's a scary thing to get involved in, because it's such a free-form sandbox with so many possibilities. While there are many ways to own Arma, and myriad additional bits to bolt onto the game once you do, we'll run through all the DLC available so that anyone who's not sure where to start can find their feet. One thing to note is that with each piece of major DLC Bohemia Interactive has launched, there's been a concurrent platform update that benefits all players, whether they buy the new stuff or not. I'm a big fan of that, as it means even if you don't pick up all the DLC below, you're still benefiting from a few years' worth of free content updates. What is the best ArmA 3 DLC? First off, here's our list of top individual Arma 3 DLCs, ordered from most essential to least: Apex Karts Tanks Laws of War Marksmen ArmA 3: Apex Price: $34.99, or $59.99 as the 'Apex Edition' Highlights: * Completely new landmass, Tanoa, with a gorgeous jungle biome; * The best Arma single-player campaign bar none, plus tons of new weapons, vehicles, and gear; * ... Is it worth it? Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Review: ArmA 3: Tanks DLC Review: ArmA 3: Apex ArmA III Apex Out Now

Get Arma 3 and DayZ cheap in the latest Humble Bundle

If you're looking for Arma deals, the latest Humble Bundle has you covered. The Humble Bohemia Interactive Bundle is here with an excellent set of deals on - you guessed it - Bohemia Interactive games, including DayZ and the whole Arma series. As always, a portion of your purchase will go to benefit charity - in this case, the American Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. For a purchase of $1, you'll get Arma X: Anniversary Edition, which contains the first two games and the relevant expansions and DLC. You'll also get the point-and-click adventure, Fairy Tale About Father Frost, Ivan And Nastya, as well as the action-strategy title Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, and the thematically varied simulations of Take On Helicopters and Take On Mars. Beat the average price - currently $15.19, and you'll get Arma 3, as well as strategy titles UFO: Afterlight and Original War, as well as the Exploration Pack expansion for the free-to-play sandbox game, Ylands. Push your purchase up to $20, and you'll get a host of additional Arma 3 DLC - Apex, Jets, Marksmen, and the Tac-Ops Mission Pack. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Arma 3's new Apex scenario is live - and it's basically Far Cry Arma 3 is free on Steam - but not for long! Arma 3's new expansion channels the X-Files and Super 8

Community Radar #17

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/2799889/364d22e9508b04443358c20683f63dcc0241fb1d.png We've intercepted communications to suggest a new batch of community content is ready for viewing! Lots to go through - so commence reading, soldiers! Full COMRAD

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