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PC Game Update: July 23, 2020

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/6aadfac54ed031463fb6ab6d1dde70592d2de3f4.jpg All PC servers will come down at 6:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM CEST) on Thursday, July 23 to bring you the new update. Downtime is expected to last up to 2 hours. Full patch notes for tomorrow's game update: Balance Changes Firestorm (Implant) While the effect is active, your recoil and cone of fire bloom suffer significantly. This implant will be added to the implant pack drop table during the next major game update. Dev Note: Community feedback on this implant has been somewhat contentious. The activation and opportunity cost of Firestorm doesn't regulate the effectiveness of the implant enough among high-skill players, so we've added some detriments that make Firestorm's useage more niche. When the effect is active, horizontal recoil, cone of fire bloom on both aim down sights and hipfire are increased by 200%, and horizontal recoil tolerance is effectively uncapped. These changes should make the implant more weapon, playstyle, and situation specific, and reduce the skill disparity it creates. We can start at these values, and tune as necessary moving forward. Misc. Changes, Fixes, and Additions Firewall implant works once again. Hardlight Reserve Barrier no longer consumes both charges during placement. MLG decal on the Babylon Magrider cosmetic no longer turns the vehicle blue. We've implemented individual channel reset buttons in the voice tab of the settings page. Made performance improvements related to map and minimap indicators. Made additional improvements to voice communications to better associate players with the correct channels and sessions. Made code changes to Colossus Shield in response to exploitation, though the shield has received no gameplay changes.

The 2020 Summer Event Starts Tomorrow!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/bf21f9fc7b7d51bd9850a2c54c6854833ba55565.jpg Feeling the heat, soldiers? Summer is back and we're eager to soak up some rays with the return of our annual Summer Event! Summer Fun 2020 kicks off tomorrow, Thursday, July 16, and will run through Sunday, August 16. This year's event features an updated Directive line and the all-new Firestorm Implant, so be sure to utilize your pool-side arsenal and earn every reward! Players will find two unique event items accessible via their loadout screen throughout the duration of the event: Soldier Soaker - Designed to combat the Indar heat, this sidearm provides an inconvenient (yet effective!) means to cool off soldiers in need. Water Balloon - This grenade type is approved for both recreational and combat use, and can deal modest damage and douse fires. Suns up and guns out, soldiers - read on for all the hot details! SUMMER EVENT DIRECTIVES Beat the Heat - Score kills with a Summer Holiday Weapon. Beachhead - Kill enemy vehicles while in a vehicle yourself. Tour Guide - While piloting a vehicle, earn progress when your passengers kill enemies. Summer Support - Earn Summer Support ribbons by resupplying or repairing vehicles while in a vehicle. Crashing Waves - Earn kills as a MAX unit or against MAX units. King of the Castle - Earn experience by taking and defending control points. TIER 1 REWARD 100 Certs TIER 2 REWARD 100 ISO-4 1x Basic Implant Pack TIER 3 REWARD Artesque Weapon Camo 500 A7 TIER 4 REWARD "Surfer" Title Firestorm Implant EMPIRE STRENGTH We've removed the ability for Bastions to generate Empire Strength, as players don't seem to need the additional motivation to bring Bastions into combat areas. This change also addresses an issue where the Power Projection meter could get stuck when a continent would re-open. To bridge the gap, and add more strategic targets, we've added three bases on each continent (in additional to normal territory gain and facility captures) that will contribute additional Empire Score. INDAR Lowland Trading Post, Berjess Overlook, and Sunken Relay Station are now worth 10 Empire Strength. The Crown is now worth 20 Empire Strength, down from 25. AMERISH Cobalt Geological Outpost, Solus Nature Annex, and Moss Ravine are now worth 10 Empire Strength. The Ascent is now worth 20 Empire Strength, down from 25. ESAMIR Tapp Waystation, Untapped Reservoir, and BL-4 Recovery Point are now worth 10 Empire Strength. HOSSIN Iron Quay, SRP Hydroponics Inc., and VEX BioLogics are now worth 10 Empire Strength. CHANGES, FIXES, AND ADDITIONS Optimized performance and bandwidth usage of War Assets and Bastion Fleet Carrier. Please report any noteworthy changes in behavior with these features. TR Prowler's Rampart Projector defense slot now correctly provides the intended 10/15/17.5/20% armor bonus when rank is increased, instead of being bugged at 10% for all ranks. NC Reaver's Fire Suppression's cooldowns now correctly match its tooltips at 55/50/47/45 seconds, instead of 60/55/50/45 seconds. NC Skyshield damages enemy vehicles that pass through it again. Halloween weapons, like the Slasher, no longer earn Hallow Ribbons outside of the Halloween event. MOVING FORWARD Hey there, been a little bit. We're still marching toward our upcoming Missions/Campaign release which many of you noticed in-game (and out of game!) teasers for already. The team gets a kick out of watching the community's excitement and speculation. We've seen guesses ranging anywhere from "not even close" to "nailed it" on practically every tid-bit we've released so far, and when it comes time for the next Livestream (no date to announce yet), we'll illuminate everything going into the next update a bit more. Until then, keep cool and enjoy the Soldier Soakers. -Wrel, Lead Designer

PC Game Update: July 8, 2020

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/9bffab07349544ea80c95c6a2db8e9aac291b68b.jpg All PC servers will come down at 6:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM CEST) on Wednesday, July 8 to bring you the new update. Downtime is expected to last up to 2 hours. There will be an additional 5-hour downtime in *EU ONLY* on Thursday, July 9 starting at 4:00 PM PDT (1:00 AM CEST). This downtime is necessary for critical server maintenance and will be performed during a low-population window. It will affect both EU PC servers (Miller & Cobalt). Full patch notes for tomorrow's game update: Ordnance Dampener (Merit Deployable) Dialed back particle visuals. Self-exclusion radius from 5m to 8m. Merit cost from 20 to 25. Bug fixes Fixed an issue that allowed the Punisher repair underbarrel to repair infinitely. Fixed an exploit used to obtain infinite outfit resources in Sanctuary. Fixed a timing issue where certain consumables would not be consumed while activating Infiltrator cloak. Zealot Overdrive Engine (VS MAX ability) has visual FX once again. Made additional improvements to voice chat.

Celebrate Summer with Double XP FOR ALL 40% OFF all Vehicle Weapons!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/460e09df861483bad0cbf81f141734b2413d2ca9.jpg New seasons are for new beginnings, and how better to kick off Summer than with Double XP for ALL and a cornucopia of holiday deals! Change is coming to Auraxis, soldier, and we can't wait to share everything coming your way this season. Read on for all the goings on this weekend: Double Experience Event Starting the moment you read this, Double XP FOR ALL will run on both PC & PS4 through Sunday, July 5!  40% OFF Vehicle Weapons Sale From Scythes to Sunderers, customize your ride of choice with an array of special weapons! This deal will run on both PC & PS4 through Sunday, July 5. Special Holiday Items Now Available The following items can all be acquired from the Depot through Sunday, July 5: Patriot Flare Guns Triumph Flare Guns Patriot Camo (TR/VS/NC) Nomad-I Light Assault Armor (NC Light Assault Armor with Independence Day theme) The heat is on, soldiers - celebrate the new season in style while this event lasts!

PC Game Update: July 1, 2020

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/59fffd637b84e128baedda74e69cf6d78d028188.jpg All PC servers will come down tomorrow, Wednesday, July 1 at 6:00 AM PDT (3:00 PM CEST) for the new game update. Downtime is expected to last up to 2 hours. Voice Communications We've added a new panel to the Settings → Voice menu that shows the current state of connectivity to the server and each voice chat room. If you run into issues with voice comms not working, you can press the Reset button, which will safely reconnect you to all of the available voice chat rooms. Colossus While in Skylance (deployed) Mode, you will now only see Bastion weakpoint HUD indicators up to 1000 meters. Skylance damage from 1500 all distances to 1500@500m - 1000@1000m Dev Note: The falloff change modifies Colossus Skylance shots required to destroy a Bastion weakpoint from a 6 shot kill at all ranges to a 6 to 8 shot kill depending on your range. The HUD indicators now disappear when the Bastion is at ranges at which it can't retaliate. These two changes should help prevent Bastions from being dominated from extreme distances by a target they cannot see. Bug Fixes !! Vehicle turrets and third person vehicle cameras should no longer get stuck or have broken sensitivities. !! Fixed a bug that allowed Cortium Bomsb to be infinitely spammable. We've optimized areas in the vehicle and infantry HUD UI that we identified as causing performance issues. NSO ANT "Exterior" and "Other" cosmetic options are now categorized correctly. Known Issue: We're aware of the "infinite repair bug" currently taking place and are taking steps to resolve it.

The War Correspondent is Back!

A major Terran Republic offensive is countered by Vanu Sovereignty forces - including the newest weapon of war to arrive on the battlefield. Legendary War Correspondent Robert Stoneman is back on scene to cover all the action!

Members Double XP Weekend Starts Today!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/deebd77b3a3d9b36e9fd12740ced22f07a3a72ea.jpg Bastions loom in the skies, The Colossus prowls over land, and the fight for Auraxis has never been thicker! Warp into battle this weekend, members, and earn Double XP today through Sunday, June 28 at 11:59 PM PDT for your efforts!

Celebrate Father's Day Weekend with 40% off all Infantry Cosmetics!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/c6b7afbda0caa7704c1cc009c3da595cfc8eadec.png We're celebrating Father's Day with a limited-time only 40% off Infantry cosmetics sale! All Infantry Armor and cosmetics will be discounted starting today and running through Sunday, June 21 at 11:59 PM PDT. We're also celebrating the Colossus game update on PC with a new special edition weapon, the NS-03 Thumper SE (1499 DBC), and the Colossal Bundle (5999 DBC), both of which can be acquired directly from the in-game Depot. Forget about that tie off the rack, soldiers, and give dad the Infused Plating he TRULY wants this Father's Day! 

The Colossus Update is Ready to Roll Out!

It's an all-new age for PlanetSide 2, soldier! While the mighty Bastion Fleet Carrier reigns supreme over the skies of Auraxis, a powerful new weapon of war is ready to challenge its dominance on the battlefield: the Colossus Heavy Tank. The Colossus is a massive, multi-crew battle tank capable of filling multiple combat roles among your combined forces. After extensive field testing on PTS, the Colossus Tank rolls out today on live servers as part of a major update that also features an all-new weapon, War Assets, Merit Deployables, Outfit features, and a host of bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Read on for everything you need to know about today's game update! THAT'S ONE BIG TANK {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/59fffd637b84e128baedda74e69cf6d78d028188.jpg This gargantuan addition to the PlanetSide 2 armored motorpool is an army unto itself. Seating up to 5 players, the Colossus Tank is at its best with a full allied crew to man its primary Mammoth Cannon and 4 customizable support turrets. While fully capable of spearheading a heavy armor assault on a fortified position, the Colossus fills a unique anti-air role as a Bastion deterrent. Its Skylance Battery deployed state fires a charged particle cannon that can target Bastion weakpoints or enemy ESF from any range. It also enjoys added protection beneath a cortium-powered bubble shield capable of withstanding bombardment from the Bastion's Mauler Cannons. But be wary of the Skylance Cannon's raw power - it deals damage back onto itself every time it fires! Generated using the War Asset system, the Colossus can be pulled and customized on an individual basis using accrued Merit. It has undergone significant community testing on PTS, and we'll continue to monitor feedback on Live servers. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/e03e03cf3a87fc196f49fbe8c2e5af5410019645.jpg PUNISH YOUR OPPOSITION The Colossus update also introduces the NS-66 Punisher, a next-gen SMG built for close-quarter combat. The Punisher comes equipped with an in-built underbarrel that defaults to fire standard fragmentation grenades, but can be adapted to fire class-specific ammunition types: EMP (Infiltrator) - Destroys deployables and scrambles HUD. Impulse (Light Assault) - Knocks back enemies and the user on impact. Enhancement (Engineer) - Mechanical targets receive increased maximum health and a repair over time. Havoc (Heavy Assault) - Renders mechanical targets immune to repair effects for a time. Cleanse (Combat Medic) - Heals over time and removes slow/blind/concussion effects. This versatile weapon provides unique support and offensive capabilities for each infantry class, making it an essential addition to your faction arsenal.  {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/fcdd4339395d0660f5008f95023fe6eec4ab043b.jpg NEW WAR ASSETS: FACILITY MODULES Facility Modules expand upon the War Asset system by offering strategic defense and infrastructure upgrades for your allied bases and facilities. As with other War Assets, your Outfit can use accrued resources to craft and deploy Facility Modules that modify your Empire's strengths and capabilities within that region. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/0ad288380cf7826f55a060fe54ba83791ee38312.jpg Current Facility Modules include: Phalanx Auto-Repair - Phalanx turrets installed at this base will repair themselves over time, even when destroyed or under attack. Infantry Health Regen - While in the region, allied soldiers gain passive health regeneration. Light Vehicle Discount - Harasser assault buggies and Flash ATVs cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility. Support Vehicle Discount - Sunderers and ANTs cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility. Mobile Armor Discount - Lightnings and Main Battle Tanks cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility. Light Aircraft Discount - Empire Specific Fighters and Valkyrie Aircraft cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility. Heavy Aircraft Discount - Liberator Gunships and Galaxy Air Transports cost 30% less Nanites when pulled from this facility. Phalanx Combat Improvements - Phalanx turrets at the facility gain infrared zoom optics and can fire for longer before overheating We will continue to expand and modify available War Assets and Facility Modules with future updates. A NEW SPECIAL EDITION THUMPER The Colossus update also celebrates the 17th franchise anniversary of PlanetSide with the addition of the all-new NS-03 Thumper SE, a special edition of the Thumper heavy grenade launcher! It comes equipped with an anti-infantry fragmentation payload, and has access to multiple specialized munition types. This weapon also contributes progress to the Exceptional III directive line, and can be acquired directly from the in-game Depot. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/ddc931a68b6c54523a102e07f4592cdbfa6d1dd1.jpg There's plenty more in store for you with this update, including the addition of Outfit Logs, a new tool for Outfit leaders and members to track Outfit activity. Check out the full patch notes to read up on all the new features and fixes coming to Live servers today! What are you most excited for in the Colossus update, soldier? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the official forums! 

Vote for your Favorite PlanetSide 2 Community Video!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4248891/7b83f992680a5433055721450c896543ad24003c.jpg The Rogue Planet Team is excited to present the finalists for the PlanetSide 2 Community Creator Video Contest! We received an astounding output of thoughtful, creative, and visually stunning submissions - over 75 in total (most can be viewed in their entirety here). Over the past week, our team made every effort to invest the same level of passionate consideration into our selections as you put into creating your videos: we fought, we argued, we voted, we made passionate pleas, we held a run-off to break a last-minute deadlock! But for all the many worthy candidates, we eventually landed on 5 incredible videos that all deserve to be considered and celebrated. Without further ado, presenting the finalists for the Community Creator Contest! Read on for how and where to vote on your selection for the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! "German Sovereignty (Outfit Trailer)" by German Sovereignty "For the Glory | A PlanetSide 2 Cinematic" by CAMIKAZE78 "Svanrand" by Pandamonium "Vengeance (A PlanetSide Story)" by Alpha_141 "Worth the Risk (a PlanetSide 2 Cinematic)" by Powergamer All five finalists can also be viewed from the YouTube Playlist here. To cast your vote, take this SURVEY and help us determine the GRAND PRIZE WINNER! Polls will stay open today through next Thursday, June 11 at 11:59PM PDT. We'll announce the Grand Prize winner on Friday, June 12! Each of the finalists above will earn 10,000 DBC as a reward for making it this far - and you can rest assured that we'll be sharing and rewarding plenty of honorable mentions, so keep your eyes on the PlanetSide 2 Twitter and Facebook channels for more of our favorites! Good luck, you most creative soldiers!

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