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PAYDAY 2 - 7 Year Anniversary Hotfix

Hello Heisters, We are releasing a hotfix today to address some of the issues that were reported after the 7 Year Anniversary Update released yesterday. This hotfix will take care of a crash that could occur for clients in the new safe house as well as some graphical issues. Please continue to report any bugs you find while playing in our Bug Reporting subforum, and have fun heisting! Much love, OVERKILL_Elisabeth Update 199.6.1 Changelog Update size: 16.4Mb Crashes Fixed a client crash that occurred when loading into the safehouse of a player with customized masks on display that contained certain colors Character Art Fixed a clipping issue with the Lucky gloves when inspecting the Tatonka Submachine Gun Levels Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed an issue where Locke would remind the player to fix a broken drill that was no longer present, after the player had used a keycard White Xmas - Fixed an issue where an NPC's face was missing Election Day 1 - Fixed an issue where shooting a guard, in a certain section of the level, could make the body land behind collision and resulting in a pager that cannot be answered Menu Fixed an issue where the message box in the UI appears larger than usual when a player joins a game in progress

PAYDAY 2 Anniversary Sale

To go with the anniversary of PAYDAY 2, we're happy to announce a sale starting today! We've got some great discounts on PAYDAY 2 and it's DLC's. Check out the offers on our store page.

PAYDAY 2 - 7 year Anniversary!

Dear heisters, Today is a very special day, as we celebrate the 7th anniversary of PAYDAY 2. Since its release, the game and its player base has grown spectacularly. Even now, seven years down the line, we are seeing incredible numbers in terms of how many of you are playing the game each day. We are immensely grateful to you, the players. Whether you’re a PAYDAY 2 veteran who’s been with us all the time, or a relatively new player that’s only just discovered us this year, we extend to you a heartfelt THANK YOU. Our player community is one of the strongest in the world for any game, and the engagement and support we feel from all of you is a great motivator for us going forward. At the studio, we’re always working hard to produce new content, and along with the latest DLCs we’ve also worked on a gift for you, the 7th Anniversary Update, released today! For more details about the content of the update, see here. Full patch notes can be found below. We’ve also produced a new piece of art to celebrate the occasion. You can find it on our campaign site linked above. All of us here at OVERKILL are feeling very good about heading into the PAYDAY future along with you, our community. We hope you feel the same! Keep those helmets flying, Almir Update 199.6 Changelog Update size: 159.7Mb New Additions New Suit: The Prime New Gloves: Lucky New Weapon Color: Pleiades New Song: Cakewish Updated Crimespree & Holdout game modes with additional rewards Updated the mask customization UI for a smoother, more streamlined mask experience The following achievements that require four players wearing specific masks can now be completed solo with bots - Reindeer Games - Ghost Riders - Funding Father - Four Monkeys - Sounds of Animals - Unusual Suspects - Wind of Change - Riders On the Snowstorm - Honor Among Thieves - Animal Kingdom General Fixed an issue in mask customization where the currently highlighted slot number appears next to the name of the mask in the “Finalize Mask” message Fixed an issue where assets would disappear if a client switched profile in the loadout Fixed an issue in VR where two handed weapons from the Fugitive Weapon Pack had missing front grip points Character Art Fixed clipping issues when Chains equipped the Fedora or the Fancy Top Hat mask Fixed graphical issues with the Murkywater Uniform in various poses and animations Fixed graphical issue with The Classic and The Sunny Rico outfits Fixed a graphical issue with The Minstrel outfit on Sangres and Rust Fixed an issue where Joys sleeves would be rolled up when equipping any armor Fixed an issue where Clovers forearm clips out of the default outfit when equipping the Brenner LMG Fixed an issue where Sangres’ arms are flipped when wearing the Legacy Tactical outfit Fixed clipping issues with the default gloves, when wearing the Legacy Tactical outfit, on several characters Levels The Big Bank - Fixed an issue with the hacking device on the left balcony that would pop in and out of view depending on your distance to it Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed an issue with shadows on the paintings in the cafeteria Breakfast in Tijuana - Adjusted the pathing for the prisoner when he walks to the garage Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed an issue where the player could open a door early on and skip several objectives Breakfast in Tijuana - Added a reminder in the HUD to the placement of the hacking devices Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed an issue where the windows to the offices on the second floor could break if the players shot the door to open it Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed the number plates of the cars in the level Breakfast in Tijuana - Made the grenades dead drop placement at the Front of Building more hidden Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed an issue with the sprinkler system shadows Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed minor graphical issues on a bookshelf in one of the upstairs rooms Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed an issue with the paper shredder collision Breakfast in Tijuana - Fixed an issue with the shadows on the outside of the compound Breakfast in Tijuana - Added VO that was missing between the discovery of the armory and the coding of the RFID tag when the player used a drill on the evidence room door Election Day 1 - Fixed an issue where a player would not be able to answer a guard pager Four Stores - Fixed an issue in Four Stores where cameras continued to ring even after the mission had already gone loud Framing Frame Day 3 - Fixed an issue where objective items could be looted through walls in the bedroom Goat Simulator Day 1 - Fixed an issue with the shadows on the cherry blossom trees in the park area Golden Grin Casino - Adjusted the height of a security camera near the Security Center so it can be looped Hell’s Island - Added collision to a gate section so that players can no longer jump through the gate and skip objectives Henry’s Rock - Fixed missing collisions on a wall, which allowed players to jump through the wall No Mercy - Fixed an issue where players would sometimes appear to be levitating above the elevator at the end of the level San Martín Bank - Fixed an issue with the IT guy walking through the servers in the server room San Martín Bank - Fixed an issue where a player could get stuck inside the lamp in the vault San Martín Bank - Removed floating debris from the hole that is blown in the wall to the vault San Martín Bank - Added alarm stickers to the windows of the bank Santa's Workshop - Fixed an issue where sentry guns could be placed so that the cops could not destroy them Shacklethorne Auction - Fixed an issue where the auction manager could not be handcuffed in stealth Shacklethorne Auction - Fixed an issue where Shacklethorne Auction was listed in the Custom Stealth Tracks in the sound menu Watchdogs Day 1 - Fixed an interaction for planks near the start of the level Updates may be incompatible with the mods you may have installed. Even seemingly unrelated mods may cause unexpected issues. If you are experiencing any issues with the game; try removing any mods you may have installed and try again.

PAYDAY 2: Family Matters - Hotfixes

Hello heisters! We are releasing a hotfix with fixes to some of the issues that were reported in yesterday's build. Some of the bigger fixes include a crash when escaping from the Breakfast in Tijuana heist. We also fixed a blocker where you could not pick up the key in the manager's office in the San Martín Bank heist. We thank you all for your reports. Keep those helmets flying. OVERKILL_Tobias OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio. Update 199.5.1 Hotfix Changelog Update size: 13.8Mb Fixed a crash that would occur when escaping the Breakfast in Tijuana heist. Fixed an issue where the key in the manager's safe could not be picked up in the San Martín Bank heist. Adjusted the ammo pickup of the M60 Light Machine Gun Fixed an issue where several characters were missing their hands in the safehouse Update 199.5.2 Hotfix Changelog Update size: 9.67Mb Fixed an issue where the M60 Light Machine Gun would lose the top cover after multiple game-restarts Fixed pathing issues with the prisoner in the Breakfast in Tijuana heist. Fixed animation issues with the prisoner in the Breakfast in Tijuana heist. Fixed an issue where the prisoner would disappear when going from stealth to loud while playing solo on the Breakfast in Tijuana heist. Removed faulty VO from the escape part of the Breakfast in Tijuana heist. Added HUD indicator to the location of the prisoner in the Breakfast in Tijuana heist. Fixed text overlapping for the Spanish localization on the Breakfast in Tijuana Heist setup screen. Fixed an issue with a floating lamppost in the outside area near palm trees Fixed an issue with floating objects in the outside area near Mexican grill Added icons for the new weapons in VR

PAYDAY 2: Family Matters Update

Hello Heisters! As the sun beams down over Mexico our heisters load their rifles, polish their armors, and reline their masks. Something is about to go down. With this update we got lots of fun guns, cool weapon colors and… *drum roll*... Gloves. Vlad needs a favor, again The last heist went smoothly but there is one teeny tiny detail we need to sort out. Vlad’s brother-in-law got himself into a bit of trouble. Who better to sort this situation out than… you guys. While we are still in Mexico we can take the time to break in or sneak into a police station, right? It will be easy, right? I love it when a weapon loadout comes together When you have thirty seconds to pick up your weapons before you open fire, it’s good to have a lot of bang at your disposal. With this new pack you’ll have 3 new awesome guns to wreak some havoc with and plenty of mods to tweak the guns just the way you like them. With these guns you and your friends can become a team of true professional badasses. Hand Suits With recent updates you have been able to choose between lots of snazzy outfits but some may have missed the old classic blue gloves when using the new outfits or perhaps you wanted to use the awesome gloves from one outfit while wearing a different outfit. Now you can freely pick and choose what gloves you wear. There are also 5 brand new gloves that you can use. These are completely free and can be used with any outfit you want. You will not be lacking choices when it comes to hand covers. Weapon Camos Do you think your weapon isn’t military looking enough? Now you can slap some camo patterns on it and really blend into the lush foliage of downtown Washington. Choose between savannah camo, tundra camo, tiger stripes, leopard spots or even Fuschia skulls. Whatever tickles your fancy this pack will have something for you. You will also have some camo patterns available for free or through achievements to get you started. Just don’t put your gun down, you may never find it again. You can read more about the update and see some nice preview images on our website: Update 199.5 Site Heisters are like family, we look out for our own. OVERKILL_Tobias OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio. Update 199.5 Changelog Update size: 833.8Mb General Increased weapon angle for previewing weapons in the inventory Added chat to the inventory screen Added colorblind mode for the hurt indicator Fixed an issue with cut off text when buying a heist on Death Wish or Death Sentence in Japanese Level Fixed an issue where players could stand on top of the hostage on some holdout levels Fixed several navigation issues in the San Martín Bank heist Fixed a graphical issue with one of the cops at the start of the level in the San Martín Bank heist Fixed a navigation issue where AI would walk through the escape van in the Jewelry Store heist Fixed an issue where a civilian could detect the player without having a line of sight on the Breakin' Feds Fixed an issue where enemies would be climbing between the different floors on the Diamond Heist Fixed a graphical issue with the shadows near the escape on the Undercover heist Updates may be incompatible with the mods you may have installed. Even seemingly unrelated mods may cause unexpected issues. If you are experiencing any issues with the game; try removing any mods you may have installed and try again.

PAYDAY 2 on Sale!

The PAYDAY Summer Sale is ON! Heisters! Summer's here and with it the annual Steam Summer Sale! Get ːPːːAːːYːːTheDːːAːːYːː2ː for only 1 dollar, each DLC is discounted as well, and if you're into becoming a proper career criminal, make sure to check out the Legacy Collection which is discounted up to 84%. If you need some time to figure out which content you'd like, don't worry! The summer sale will continue until July 9 so you'll have plenty of time to check it all out. And if you have all you need - why not introduce a friend or two to the art of heisting? ːchainsː On the main store page of ːPːːAːːYːːTheDːːAːːYːː2ː you'll find the smörgåsbord of DLC content. See if you find anything you'd like, and tell us what you think about it after you've tried it out. The Legacy Collection is a great start if you want to get the most out of ːPːːAːːYːːTheDːːAːːYːː2ː. ːwolfː Click here to check out the Legacy Collection! For the first time the most recent content including the San Martín Bank Heist is discounted by up to 25%. All content is discounted in one way or another - hopefully you'll find something you'll like! Friendly reminder, remember to drink water in the summer heat, don't want nobody to dehydrate and faint mid-heist. ːdallasː P.S. Have you seen this? ːhoxtonː Keep those helmets flying, OVERKILL_Almir ːoverkillː OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

PAYDAY 2: Soundtrack Fix

Hello Heisters With the recent update, we noticed that the files for the soundtrack have been removed from people's hard drives. Today we have found the cause of the issue and have addressed it. So now you can nod your head to sweet beats, even when you aren't heisting. This will, unfortunately, mean the patch today is very large, we apologize for any inconvenience. Remember to wear masks and latex gloves. OVERKILL_Tobias OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio. Update 199.4 Changelog Update size: 2.8GB Added soundtrack files back to the game installation folder

Update 199.3 Sale

To mark the release of Update 199.3, we are hosting a Steam sale with discounts up to 80%. If you haven't already, now is a good time for you to complete your Legacy Collection or add any of our new bundles to your Steam Library.

PAYDAY 2: Update 199.3 + Hoxfixes

Hello Heisters! While we are all stuck in custody, we here at OVERKILL have been working on some stuff for you heisters, and today we are releasing a small update to help keep you busy while we are all holding out in our homes. While there might be reasons not to commit crimes in real life, we are bringing some great changes to the game where you can heist with your friends without the fear of jail or viruses. We think you will be very excited about what we have prepared for you, so let's dive into the update. SKINS! SKINS! SKINS! and more SKINS! It is as simple as that, more skins and then even more skins. We have increased the drop rate of skins from once per week, to once per day. You will always have something to look forward to when you log in to play PAYDAY 2. As the famous saying goes “A few heists a day may not keep the cloakers away - but it will bling the shit out of your guns”. Well, it’s something like that at least. Of course, it sucks to have to leave the lobby right when the adrenaline is high and there is loot to steal just to open a safe. Therefore, for now on, you will get your skin right away in the loot drop, just like you would get the safes before. And all your crewmates can see that legendary “Plush Phoenix” skin or a sweet “Frenzy”. What does this mean? Skins will still be associated with a particularly safe, however, safes will no longer drop as a steam item in your steam inventory. Safes as a concept will still remain when referring to the skins as a collection. You can still say that the Sydney safe has better skins than the Wolf safe. And you can still view the skins associated with a particular safe in the steam inventory menu in-game. What happens with your safes? If you have safes in your inventory they will remain until you open them. Nothing will happen to them. Those safes will still only be able to yield skins associated with that safe. Happy Holdout We have looked into the Holdout game mode, and made a few changes to make the mode a bit more appealing. First and foremost you will find 5 new Holdout levels based on existing heists from the game. Each Holdout comes with its own set of 4 achievements for wave 3, 5, 7 and 9. The biggest change, however, is that the weekly Holdout is no longer available. Instead, you can choose what level you want to play similar to how you would choose a normal heist. All weekly only rewards are still unique to Holdout, but can be acquired on any Holdout level. We have also added 10 weapon colors that you can only get in the Holdout game mode. These can drop randomly as a reward from wave 5 and wave 9. Speaking of rewards, we have also upped the rewards so a full Holdout wave 1 to 9 will reward you 9 Normal loot cards 3 special loot cards 6 Continental Coins in addition to Cash and XP. Summer Heisting Outfit As the weather is getting warmer, our heisters need some cooler threads to wear. We bring back an old favorite: the outfit from the Slaughterhouse and Diamond heists in PAYDAY: The Heist. Playing the Slaughterhouse heist in PAYDAY 2 will unlock this short-sleeved outfit for all your summer larceny needs. No Party Without Music Jump into the options menu and look over the Custom Menu Tracks. You will find two new awesome tracks from Gustavo Coutinho. "Ojos De Diamante" is played by the Mariachi Band in the San Martín Bank Heist and "Ojos De Esmeralda" is played in the trailer for the heist. Making Heisting Easier Last, but not least, we bring some nice quality of life conveniences to the game. Have you ever found an awesome weapon mod or mask locked behind an achievement and then needing to find what achievement unlocks that particular item? Well, now each item that is locked behind an achievement will tell you right away what you need to do to acquire it. Perhaps you have been playing with your neat regen/convert build only to die while thinking you had your 2 converts for regen and backup, not realizing the converts you saw were not actually yours? Or have you failed a stealth heist thinking you answered 3 pagers when in fact you had answered 4? Now your converts will be color-coded in a darker blue than your follow heisters and the number of both pagers and your converts will be listed on the TAB screen. Have you been solo heisting and had your AI decked out perfect for your build only to switch the build-in loadout and the AI no longer being finely tuned to your skillset? Now AI loadout will be saved with your profile so when you switch, they switch as well. Keep in mind that you might need to set up the AI to be in sync with your profiles if you want the most out of the bonuses they provide. And to get you back in the fight as quickly as possible, we’ve added a right-click menu for the weapon and mask inventory. You will find the same buttons that you might find at the bottom right of the screen, to quickly be able to get the loadout you want to roll out with. You can read more about the update and see some nice preview images on our website: Update 199.3 Site Remember to wear masks and latex gloves. OVERKILL_Tobias OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio. Update 199.3 Changelog Update size: 1.2GB General Fixed a crash when going into custody while using sentry guns Fixed an issue with switching profiles after purchasing assets using the “sixth sense” skill Fixed an infinite loading occurring while previewing skins on the Steam marketplace when the Steam Overlay was disabled Levels Fixed an issue on Big Oil day 2 where the Guards would not get alerted when the basement door was opened Fixed a potential soft-lock on Biker Heist day 1 if certain doors were opened before the objective was triggered Fixed some graphical issues with the fridges on Border Crossing Fixed an issue on Brooklyn Bank where clients could get stuck inside the winch Fixed an issue on Car Shop where civilians could get alerted when seeing a computer that has previously been hacked Fixed an issue on Counterfeit where players could get stuck behind the ladder Fixed an issue on Diamond Heist where the escape would not trigger Fixed an issue on Firestarter day 2 where all team AI would stand on the same spot Fixed an issue on No Mercy Hospital where the enemies could get stuck behind a wall Fixed an issue on Rats day 1 where a sentry gun could be placed near the shed and the enemies would not be able to destroy it Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where the Fabergé egg did not have an outline Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where the AI would move around the level in stealth if a client had left the game Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank with an invisible collision in a window by the side entrance Fixed some minor graphical issue on San Martín Bank Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where the glass did not break when an AI jumped through the windows at the front of the bank Fixed an issue on San Martín Bank where you could interact with the cup through furniture Fixed some gaps on San Martín Bank near the security boxes Fixed an issue on Scarface Mansion where some debris could be seen floating above the ground Fixed an issue on White House where the player could get stuck in a coat hanger Removed folders from various levels related to the 2017 Locke & Load event that did not have any functionality Weapons Fixed skins that applied over the lens on sights Made “Boost” weapon mods purchasable with Continental Coins Fixed an issue with how the Advanced Combat Sight was applied to the Piglet Grenade Launcher Text Added descriptive text to items locked behind an achievement Added a prompt for what button to use when tased Fixed some issues with the Japanese font Hotfix 199.3.1 Changelog Update size: 26,9Mb Fixed an issue where Holdout objectives would not show correctly Fixed an issue where the Telemetry approval popup would appear multiple times if you had declined data gathering Hotfix 199.3.2 Changelog Update size: 25,8Mb Fixed an issue where players are able to jump out of the level on San Martín Bank Holdout Fixed an issue where the players were blocked by a missing door Fixed an issue where the players could get stuck behind a safe door on the Four Stores heist Replaced the pager counter icon in the TAB menu Replaced faulty thumbnail for San Martín bank in the Holdout level selection menu Fixed an issue where a player could hide inside the hostage and not take damage on Holdout levels Fixed a graphical issue with the skin tone of Jiro's head and arms while wearing the Legacy Tactical suit Added tattoos to Bodhi's arms while wearing Legacy tactical outfit Added the name of the Holdouts in progress to CrimeNet Fixed an issue where voice lines played in Holdout for Zeal snipers even though they are not available anymore

PAYDAY 2: Cartel Business Update - Hotfix 2.1

Addressing skins from the Sputnik Safe Addressing the recent issues with skins from the sputnik safe and a crash issue. With the update from last week, we started seeing reports about skins from the Sputnik safe. All skins within the Sputnik safe were given a new id meaning that any skin in this safe would appear as a different Sputnik 3 skin. We have now restored the skin ids and the skins have now returned to the skin they were supposed to be. Please take extra care when buying skins from the Sputnik Collection. Since the item listing in search results may be incorrect please take extra care and make sure the item you purchase is the one you want to buy. We are still experiencing issues with the steam marketplace listings. We recommend not buying or selling any items from the Sputnik Collection until we've updated this announcement. Keep those helmets flying! OVERKILL_Tobias OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio. Changelog Update size: 27.6MB General Fixed crash or endless loading issue related to Ethan with the winter parka outfit Revered skins from the Sputnik Safe that got converted into different skins from the same safe Sputnik Safe Update Thank you all for being patient, giving us the chance to ensure we provide the correct and hopefully best information we can. We’ll go through events and solutions here. The changes to safes caused a couple of problems, which lead to a number of issues collectively called the Rodina bug. The issue was that skins from the Sputnik safe had begun appearing as other skins from the same safe. Late last week we emailed Valve and asked for assistance solving the various issues, they helped us remove all the faulty listings on the marketplace. For some of you, you’ll have got drops from the Sputnik safe that turned into other skins during the process, the skins you have now are the ones that dropped in reality. The above-mentioned issue also created copies of some of the skins from the Sputnik safe. As of Monday, any copy-skins were made untradeable to prevent further disruption to the marketplace. If you were unfortunate to receive a copy-skin, these will be functional in-game but remain untradable until the next game update. We confirmed with Valve that you are eligible for refunds if you purchased a skin from the Sputnik Collection during the period of the bug 27 Feb - 06 Mar. Just contact Steam Support and refer to this message.

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