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"Protect nay0r at all costs!"

DISCLAIMER: This video contains **WORK IN PROGRESS** gameplay, art, animations, sounds, and mechanics. Everything is being worked on still and is not finished! We know that the zombie slides, it is missing animations, and we know the muzzle flashes aren't right and that the blood particles are red X's ;)

Optional NMRiH Server Update Released

We've released an optional server update for NMRiH servers that fixes a crash on map resets. This update is optional, but all community admins are encouraged to apply it.

Update 1.11.1 Released

An update to No More Room in Hell has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart No More Room in Hell. The major changes include: GeneralUse custom font for all console spew to make it consistent across platforms Fix incorrect font entries for vote HUD Fixed an regression caused by player double using +use on inventory boxes Fixed an issue where zombies were unfrozen during extraction cut-scene Fixed maps running out of edicts after multiple round reloads Overhauled keypads to address players getting stuck while using them This patch note is for yesterday's update. It was not released on time. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Update 1.11 is now LIVE

Hey everyone! After some rigorous testing and invaluable feedback from members of our community we're happy to officially release update 1.11 for No More Room in Hell. This is a huge update focused largely on bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements. Take a look at the changelog below and we hope you enjoy! I'd like to thank Felis, bubka, ssba, and our entire testing community for helping out with this update! New Features Fire Extinguisher Overhaul Press Attack2 to equip hose, hold Attack1 to fire (only works near progress triggers) Vote HUD Overhaul New compact design New call vote UI Added sounds New Difficulty CVars from Difficulty Scripts RespawnWithWeapon -> sv_respawn_with_weapon RespawnAllowed -> sv_respawn_allowed TokensEnabledObjective -> sv_respawn_token_objective TokensEnabledSurvival -> sv_respawn_token_survival KillsPerTokenObjective -> sv_respawn_kills_per_token_objective KillsPerTokenSurvival -> sv_respawn_kills_per_token_survival SpawnGrace -> sv_spawn_grace SpawnGraceWavePercent -> sv_spawn_grace_wave_percent ResetTokensOnNewWave -> sv_wave_reset_tokens RemoveInflictionsOnNewWave -> sv_wave_remove_inflictions HealAmountOnNewWave -> sv_wave_heal_amount InitialTokenCountObjective -> sv_respawn_initial_token_count_objective InitialTokenCountSurvival -> sv_respawn_initial_token_count_survival Additions to nmrih_game_state entity New Inputs RespawnPlayer : Respawns a player (activator of the I/O chain) RespawnAllPlayers : Respawns all players NukePlayers : Kills all players, then ends the round (loss state) FreezeAllPlayers : Freezes all players UnfreezeAllPlayers : Unfreezes all players FreezeAllNPCs : Freezes all NPCs UnfreezeAllNPCs : Unfreezes all NPCs RestartRound : Restarts round immediately New Outputs OnRoundRestart : Fired on round restart PreRoundRestart : Fired on pre round restart OnRoundEnd : Fired on round end New console colors for NMRiH specific spew Yellow: Steamworks Cyan: Add-ons/Workshop Green: Gamerules, objectives, difficulty etc. Magenta: MapHack Additions Added 3D model preview to player selector dialog Added Blitz variant to Challenge mode Added Discord and Steam Rich Presence Added Korean translations Added a bunch of new challenges Added a cvar to limit supply drops that spawn via flares to 1 (default value) Added a loading screen with logos, copyright, etc. Added a new warning for players trying to host a listen server if their port is not forwarded Added ability to cancel barricading animation Added challenge mode selection to create game dialog Added custom "create game" dialog (overrides GAMEUI) Added cvar "cl_steam_notification_position", sets Steam overlay notification position Added cvar "sv_neutral_player_name", display player name tags in neutral color Added cvar "sv_nextlevel_on_round_win", on round win condition, change level to next map instead of resetting Added cvar "sv_observer_health_display", whether or not to allow health counters to be displayed for observers / spectators Added cvar "sv_vote_allow_restart_game_skip" (resolves #1098) Added cvar to enable/disable promo buttons on the main menu (cl_mainmenu_promo_buttons) Added debug cvar sv_zombie_hate_everyone, makes zombies attack everyone... even their undead kin Added keybinding for "Record demo" in options Added new Gene Therapy partial blindness effect Added new entity "prop_ragdoll_multiplayer", spawns a client-side ragdoll Added some knock-back variation to suicides Added splashes when sprinting on water Added support for custom main menu backgrounds Added sv_max_separation_force to configure collision force (0 disables it) Added sv_objective_glow & sv_item_glow MapHack now supports pre-entity manipulation, added various new functions for advanced entdata modification Changes Adjusted snow surface friction Allow shoving, and disallow unloading while barricading Center print text now fades out smoothly Disabled VR by default since it doesn't work and it crashes clients Disabled kick callvote by default Disallow point_servercommand by default Don't allow interacting while contemplating suicide Existing player ragdolls are now removed on death instead of spawn Ignore multiple keypad uses from the same player Keypads and inventory boxes now check for player distance and life state Radial wheel appears on demo playback again Removed decals from monitors that display codes to prevent players from covering them in decals Replace stock HL2 image on server browser Set cl_interp_npcs to 0.15 (Workaround for desync'd hitboxes) Silence FMOD audio while minimized Silenced annoying FMOD spew Suicide blood particle now spills a puddle on the ground Tweaked item glow blending You can equip medical items at any time so they can be thrown Zombies no longer attempt swat physics props (this never worked properly) Zombies no longer attempt to attack you through doors/cages/etc. Zombies no longer close doors Zombies no longer get blocked by player held things Fixes Fixed achievements being awarded to fake clients Fixed add-on manager dialog not requesting focus properly Fixed ammo hud not updating properly on shotguns Fixed an issue where keypad HUD isn't closed when player goes out of distance Fixed being able to be bit by multiple zombies simultaneously Fixed callvote-related crash exploit Fixed client freeze-up on first fired shot Fixed death tune not using the music slider Fixed downloaded maps not being listed in create game dialog Fixed fire is not extinguished on player death Fixed game not saving most advanced settings Fixed garbled list of add-ons in offline mode Fixed gene therapy zoom-in blindness bug Fixed grenades not damaging func_breakables Fixed inconsistent shove registration Fixed incorrect default voice sets Fixed items not interpolating after leaving inventory Fixed loading screen hang on Linux Fixed missing localization strings for Workshop map download Fixed missing texture overlay that appeared occasionally underwater Fixed missing weapon icons on Linux Fixed name tags appearing on players' waists Fixed observers being able to touch instant_triggers Fixed players being able to use voice commands while dead Fixed players being pushed out of bounds by revivers (the reviver is shoved away instead of relocating) Fixed players not being tagged in Steam screenshots Fixed possible misc. physics crashes with ragdoll Fixed protruding neck hitbox and walk sequences Fixed rare fps panel crash Fixed server crash on workshop_download_collection Fixed server crash regarding spec_goto exploit Fixed several Linux crashes Fixed spectators being able to start callvotes when not allowed to just after dying Fixed start-up hang on Linux Fixed strange character movement when client receives full update (ice-skating bug) Fixed suicide gunshots using music volume Fixed surface friction at time of death affects specator movement Fixed the infamous round restart server crash Fixed thrown weapons still doing damage after pickup i.e. "jitterholding" Fixed turned survivors being national guards Fixed vgui panel transparency Fixed walkie talkie sometimes not being recognized Fixed walkie talkie taking up more inventory space than it shows Fixed weapon trigger bounding boxes being oversized Fixed workshop downloads for dedicated servers Fixed workshop maps not mounting on subscription Fixed workshop maps not sorted in map list

Beta 1.11.0 is now available for testing!

A beta update is available for No More Room in Hell. The major update notes are below. A more detailed changelog will be available during the general release. The beta branch can be accessed in Steam via the Properties -> Betas tab. You may report issues or provide feedback regarding the beta here: If no issues arise, we hope to release this update to all users in the coming weeks. Major Changes End of MacOS support: Due to lack of engine support we will be unable to ship Mac builds going forward. You can read more about that here. All Mac downloads will be pulled at general release. Linux build has been patched with critical fixes. Please let us know how the native build runs now compared to running it via Steam Play (Proton). Support for Discord Rich Presence: your game information (server name, map, player count) will now appear in Discord. Friends can press the Join button to join your server directly! Overhauled fire-extinguisher: Press Attack2 (RMB) to equip hose, hold Attack1 (LMB) to fire Numerous new options in difficulty scripts that were previously behind locked cvars Workshop downloads on SRCDS will now complete Overhauled character selection and Voting UIs Many critical stability fixes, including the infamous server crash on map/round restart bug Disabled SteamVR to resolve app crashing problem Resolved many other issues reported to us via our GitHub tracker.

NMRiH2 - Halloween 2019 Teaser

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/784db6ee7a5643a6d424041c6041ba79e4f2cff1.jpg HEY EVERYONE HAPPY HALLOWEEN! So here's the deal we were so busy working and making major changes that we broke a bunch of stuff in the process, and then realized that Halloween was days away and we panicked and we put together this quick video for you. PLEASE join us on discord (, give us your feedback, ask any questions you have, and we will do our best to listen and answer! ---- We know about the broken Ammocheck UI, we know about the broken crawler, we know about the broken camera at a few spots... We know all of these things, but we want to show you things regardless, because things are cool, and you're cool, and you appreciate cool things.

NMRiH2 - Screenshots from a Playtest!

Yeah, we know we're slow, but we are alive! Well, that's debatable, seeing as how we all just got SLAUGHTERED in our latest playtest after a team meeting. Enjoy some screenshots! There are some *BUGS* in these shots, such as floating guns, debug texts, clipping things, but you know that is expected, and it will all be fixed. We haven't really spent much time on the art for the UI/HUD stuff, so it's all placeholder and temporary. That includes the tooltips on interactables, and the ammocheck UI. Night of the Living Dead is almost wrapped up, it's getting to the point where the map is mostly done we just need to finish up zombie and item spawns, as well as all the interactables like doors, computers, safes, generators, all that kind of stuff. They're getting in slowly, but we're almost ready to switch over to Brooklyn Heights! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/37ecb7f899aa90949db4779e6249c0bee5e8c8d9.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/6624938b30c9ad15a57191eab7527e22d0d1537e.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/78cce3a0e907a0ec4e47510fdcf9a713a85edb89.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/6d5beff1dc3460108940f8d162a4ba150f9cdf89.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/ba69a57acc1657259f545c87426cba53fe608bae.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/384f6897e9dd2d09f51ed40bdf8610b374a74d2d.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/1a6657092cb54359e36ca794d6da888322f25944.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/e68755fad1b618ac6a31b8ee0ceec077d7aa49f0.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/575c1221fe8e881568021beef220c4b3c7ac448d.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/df5649e7084f9920a3231ae2d3b3ae4db2bbabc2.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/160a8e111645279ce3763a12b34e4063a9fe88ff.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/135a3148f2207b935fa0f951a7f5f5b2874d7290.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4458555/66cf4238c467cf0427f5f098aa876a41c45e996d.jpg

NMRiH2 Dev Blog - April 2019

Our Dev Blog for April 2019 is up now, check it out here! We apologize for the delay but we hope you like what you see, let us know your thoughts in the comments or leave a comment on the dev blog itself. We'll have more to show in the near future so stay tuned and thank you for your support! NMRiH2 Dev Blog - April 2019

NMRiH2: Dev Blog — The Gas Station

NMRiH2: Dev Blog — The Gas Station As an addition to the Night of the Living Dead trailer preview shared in October, we're excited to share more of the map with you, the gas station. Our resident environmental maestro, nay0r, has kindly shared a few shots of the progress he's made. Take a look. NMRiH2: Dev Blog — The Gas Station NMRiH2: Dev Blog — The Gas Station NMRiH2: Dev Blog — The Gas Station NMRiH2: Dev Blog — The Gas Station NMRiH2: Dev Blog — The Gas Station Soon enough, we're excited to share even more with you in the coming months. Be sure to stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and our Website to get the latest news. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

NMRiH2: Night of the Living Dead - Map Teaser

NMRiH2: Night of the Living Dead - Map Teaser Click below to play the teaser now: They’re coming to get you, Barbara! Night of the Living Dead is the classic film that started everything we know and love about zombies today. It was so important to us that we featured the iconic farmhouse in the first game, and we strived to pay homage to such a classic setting. It paid off as it quickly became a fan favorite. With No More Room in Hell 2, we leapt at the opportunity to leverage the additional power of Unreal 4 to deliver even more of the memorable locations and atmosphere of the film in a more expansive environment that is over ten times the size of the maps in the original game. The Night of the Living Dead map is a vast open trough valley in Western Pennsylvania, spanning a farm, a cemetery, a lumberyard, an airfield, a gas station, a self-storage warehouse, bungalow homes, and even a small lake complete with a dam. It’s our biggest map yet by far — offering a variety of places to explore. This video shows just a small selection of these areas as a teaser to tide you over, while we get ready to show off some gameplay and more of the map this coming holiday season! I hope you like what you see, we’ve all been working hard on Night of the Living Dead and are super proud of what is shaping up to be a fascinating and haunting map. Let us know what you think in the comments and feel free to follow us on the blog or our Official Discord channel! Thanks for all your continued support and Happy Halloween! Maxx, Team Lead

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