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Fun in the Sun Screenshot Contest!

Summer is finally here and that means the Blue Salt Festival on ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained is back with more fun and excitement than ever before! Enjoy the cool ocean breeze, while building majestic sand sculptures with your friends, family, and guild, or battling massive monsters! There is truly nothing better than bonding and making lifelong memories during the summertime! Immortalize your memories from the Blue Salt Festival in our screenshot contest, from August 14th until August 21st! Exciting! How do I enter? Take a screenshot in-game on ArcheAge or ArcheAge: Unchained participating in the Blue Salt Festival or simply being on the grounds in Sanddeep! Submit your images - you can enter more than once - via Twitter using the hashtags #AABlueSaltFestival and either #ArcheAge or #AAUnchained to indicate the game version you play. Alternatively, you can enter on the ArcheAge or ArcheAge: Unchained Facebook Note by submitting your images in the comments. The most creative screenshots will be selected as a winner for their game version! The details of the Blue Salt Festival are available here. What can I win? One winner each from ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained will receive an Archeum Garden of the Gods pack for their game version. In the event there are no entries from one game, two screenshots from the same game will be selected. When will the winners be selected? The ArcheAge team will vote to determine the winners. Both winners will be announced on August 25, 2020, on Twitter via Direct Message and tweet, Steam, Facebook pages, and our Blog. What are the rules? All screenshots should take place on the Blue Salt Festival Grounds in Sanddeep. Entries should be submitted via Twitter using the hashtags #AABlueSaltFestival and either #ArcheAge or #AAUnchained to indicate the version of the game where you’ll receive the reward if you win, or in the comments section of the Facebook Notes on the ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained Facebook pages. All submissions must be received between August 14, 2020, and August 21, 2020, at 23:59 UTC. You agree to abide by our Code of Conduct and Terms & Conditions. The Fun in the Sun Screenshot Contest ends on August 21st, so make sure to get your entries in as soon as possible!

The Blue Salt Festival Has Arrived!

It's that time of year, heroes, when we relax on the beach, build sand sculptures, and punch abnormally large beach monsters in the face with a chicken in hand! Chicken in hand? Yeah, that's how we do it in ArcheAge! And that can only mean one thing! The Blue Salt Festival returns to Sanddeep, and beginning August 13th, you'll be able to take time off from your duties as the Chosen One, in exchange for some fun in the sun and redeemable Blue Salt Festival Coins! You can get to the festival grounds through the World Gates in Austera, Marianople, or Diamond Shores! During the Blue Salt Festival, festival period rules will be in full effect in Sanddeep, preventing PvP from happening on the festival grounds, thereby welcoming visitors of all continents! What activities can I expect at the Festival? Collect sand, assemble some sand sculptures, and help out Artist Mendelson and Vivalt with their art in the form of 5 daily Quests! Don't forget to try out Sandy's Hot Fried Chicken, too, as it wouldn't be a Festival without it! Along with the typical varieties of entertainment you can expect at a festival, be aware of an uninvited guest whose sole purpose is ruining the Blue Salt Festival! You can protect the festival from this treacherous foe at the following times and collect even more Festival Coins: EU: 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM, and 11:00 PM UTC NA: 12:00 PM, 5:00 PM, and 9:00 PM PDT What can I exchange my Blue Salt Festival Coins for? Exchange your Blue Salt Festival Coins at the Festival Gift Exchanger in Mirage Isle for the following items: Taiyaki Targe - 50 Festival Coins Dipped Banana Bow - 50 Festival Coins Rainbow Ice Cream Bar Bow - 50 Festival Coins Seafoam Sun Lounger - 10 Festival Coins Seafoam Reclined Sun Lounger - 10 Festival Coins Toasty Reclined Sun Lounger - 10 Festival Coins Toasty Sun Lounger - 10 Festival Coins Crest Sun Lounger - 20 Festival Coins, 1 Toasty Sun Lounger Crest Reclined Sun Lounger - 20 Festival Coins, 1 Toasty Reclined Sun Lounger Blue Salt Festival Empty Frame - 10 Festival Coins Blue Salt Festival Sand Castle Painting - 1 Blue Salt Festival Empty Frame and all 3 of Mendelsson's Painting Pieces Blue Salt Festival Beach Painting - 1 Blue Salt Festival Empty Frame and all 3 of Vivalt's Painting Pieces Blue Salt Festival Painting - 1 Blue Salt Festival Sand Castle Painting, 1x Blue Salt Festival Beach Painting Summer Festival Coin Stand - 30 Festival Coins Beach Umbrella - 15 Festival Coins Crest Umbrella - 20 Festival Coins, 1 Beach Umbrella Vivalt's Sand Sculpture: Protection - 15 Festival Coins Vivalt's Sand Sculpture: Victory - 15 Festival Coins Mendelsson's Sand Sculpture: Peace - 15 Festival Coins Mendelsson's Sand Statue: Prosperity - 15 Festival Coins Baked Chicken - 5 Festival Coins Manastorm Crystal - 15 Festival Coins So gather your family, friends, and guild, and head to the Blue Salt Festival now for a fun time before the revelries end on August 27th at 01:00 UTC!

The Ipnysh Sanctuary is Now Uncovered

The Ipnysh Sanctuary was once a magnificent place of worship built in the image of the Garden. It was built as a final resting place for the Ipnya, in hopes that upon death they would return to the Garden. Since then, this once glorious structure's walls have crumbled, glass cracked and shattered. Without a warden to maintain order, the Watchers and Guardians of the sanctuary are determined to destroy all who enter whether friend, foe, or familiar. The Garden of the Gods: Ipnysh Sanctuary update includes new gear, a brand new dungeon, and a way for heroes to channel the power of the God's themselves! Explore the Ipnysh Sanctuary with Ardios, a member of the Crimson Watch, investigating the Torch of Ipnya on Aegis Island. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6418531/a7a859e88c6503ca4d2346e6fdd604295a9a3457.png The Ipnysh Sanctuary This once beautiful place of worship for the Ipnya now lies in ruins and filled with danger. The Ipnysh Sanctuary is a Cross Server Instanced dungeon for 3 to 5 players. Take on the challenge of exploring the Sanctuary and learning what lurks beyond its doors. This dungeon does not have a gearscore requirement but you will need to be level 55+ to partake in the dungeon experience. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6418531/5101517a1c8fc3a162580d946dfadfdb11067878.png God's Authority Powers Power up, heroes! There are monsters and bosses that have the ability to drop the God's Authority, granting those who have Hero Cloaks equipped the ability to channel the power of a God of their choice. There are in total 7 Authority Skills, 4 combat skills and 3 passive effects. Choose wisely, as Combat skills only last for 3 uses and Passive effects for 18 hours. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6418531/299678b56d9a64f8fba76657028193ae0b72c84d.png Mistsong Banquet The Mistsong Banquet is back with Season 2 and some changes. Season 2 is not for the faint of heart and now only has space for 3 players per instance. Randomized mobs, 3 more cannons within the center of the arena and so much more await you... {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6418531/31dd6e0aa9825a81f70cf1449b66131be267037b.png Immortal Warden's Equipment The long awaited Immortal Warden's Equipment has arrived! Obtain this gear by upgrading your Mythic grade Radiant Disciple’s Equipment or get the gear to drop within the Ipnysh Sanctuary after defeating the fearsome bosses. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6418531/91c162b2d54d27199db03abe6d4d32083cbb35b8.png +6 Lunagems Upgrade your T1 Lunagems (+5) with the brand new Luna Charm Rank 6! You can even upgrade them while their socketed. To get the full patch notes and all the details here!

Garden of the Gods: The Ipnysh Sanctuary Now Available on the PTS!

The doors to the Public Test Server will burst open, once more, allowing you to explore the upcoming Patch: Garden of the Gods: The Ipnysh Sanctuary! Gather your family, friends, and in-game foes for the first look at all the excitement that awaits you with the latest content. This testing period is slated to start on Monday, August 10, 2020 and is now available! What can you expect? Assist the Crimson Watch member, Ardios, with investigating the Torch of Ipnya in Aegis Island, a structure that will fling open the gates to an unexplored place: The Ipnysh Sanctuary. If you wish to start the story quest, you can begin at the Golden Ruins or queue for the Ipnysh Sanctuary through the Instance menu. The Mistsong Banquet also returns in the form of a second season boasting randomized mobs, 3 additional cannons within the center of the arena, and a reduction of players to 3 from 6! Or you can try your hand at obtaining and upgrading Library gear into the brand new Immortal Warden's Equipment! And so much more… Between trying out and experiencing the newest content, we are grateful for your help in identifying bugs, localization issues, and more. Please provide all feedback and bug reports in the thread here! For more information about the latest version of the Patch Notes, you can take a look at this thread! Please keep in mind that these Patch Notes are a work-in-progress and will be updated continuously throughout the testing phase and launch. To access the PTS, you need to select it through the Glyph launcher: • Select ArcheAge as a game. • From the top right, switch the region from Europe/North America to 'Public Test'. • Select PTS1 for a legacy test world, or PTS2 for the Unchained style test world, complete with the ArchePass functionality. Both of these servers will have the Ipnysh Sanctuary Update. • You may need to install/update the PTS version. • Press 'Play' and join the fray! It's important to remember that Fluffy will not be available during this testing period. However, there will be NPCs placed in the Marianople, Austera, and Diamond Shores that will provide some gear, Mounts, Labor Rechargers, and other goodies to help you test the new content! Once the doors are open, the secrets of the Sanctuary will be yours!

Explore The Ipnysh Sanctuary - Coming Soon

“The Crimson Watch has sent me to Aegis Island to investigate the links between the large Ipnysh structure there and the Ipnya’s Blessing monument in the Eastern Hiram Mountains. I think I’ve made a breakthrough, but I need your help Adventurer! You have forged your path through hardship and no doubt that there will be plenty more hardship ahead. Find me at Aegis Island, brave one!” – Ardios Explore the Secrets That Lie Within On the 13th of August, both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained will receive the Garden of the Gods: The Ipnysh Sanctuary update! This update brings to light the fruit of the Crimson Watch investigations into the monuments scattered around Auroria that resemble those created by the Ipnya and reveals to us The Ipnysh Sanctuary, a cross-server dungeon fraught with dangerous creatures and corrupted wardens. Can you bring a balance between the light and the dark? Alongside the sanctuary, comes the second iteration of the Mistsong Banquet, where the rounds are more difficult and the beings inside hungrier than ever! Be aware of the shores of Growlgate Isle, fellow outlaws. There have been reports of sharkers lurking and rumors have flown that they offer a way back to the mainland. Disgusting! The Patch Notes will follow soon where you can feast your eyes upon them!

Event Timer Changes for EU Servers

As a result of the feedback we've received from you, our dedicated community, regarding the event times on our EU servers, the ArcheAge Team has decided to move all event timers 2 hours backward from their original times. This update is scheduled to take place on July 30th during the regular weekly maintenance. This change will affect all server events, World Bosses, and instance availability. This, however, doesn't affect reset times for quests and events on the EU servers for both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. Dailies and events will still reset at 12AM UTC, while soft resets such as the Login Tracker and the Blue Salt Bond reset will be at 10PM UTC. These changes will not affect the NA server or their current event timers. However, be assured, the Team will continue to review your feedback. Thanks for continuing to make ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained better! Now go kick some World Bosses' butt!

The Double Event returns once again!

Adventurers and Heroes of Erenor it is time to rejoice, for the return of the Double Event has arrived once more. From July 24th until July 27th, make sure to get the most out of your double loot drop rate, double vocation points, double experience points, and double honor in this ever-joyous event!

To the Gate and Beyond - Community Voting Has Begun!

You've seen the amazing videos from your favorite creators and directors, and now it's your time to have your say! Beginning July 14th, vote for your favorite entry video for the "To the Gate and Beyond" video music contest! The video with the most votes will win the grand prize sponsored by GIGABYTE; an Aorus K9 keyboard, Headset Aorus 5, and GIGABYTE Aorus M5 Mouse! The 2nd place winner will receive a Headset Force H3 Black from GIGABYTE. The 3rd place winner will receive a GIGABYTE Optical Gaming Mouse M6900! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6418531/5db52ec6dccb9534c1d8c5054fcd2ba6375b70cb.jpg VOTE NOW and make sure to cast your votes for your favorite videos before the voting period ends on July 17th at 8 AM UTC (1 AM PDT)! The winners will be announced on July 17th at 5 PM UTC (10 AM PDT) on our Twitch channel, so make sure to tune in and get the details on who has won!

The Rum Runner Rapids Returns Once More!

Who doesn't love spending the summer crouched up inside your favorite (yet questionably built) barrel, full throttle at maximum speed zooming down a waterfall? We do, and the return of the Rum Runner Rapids lets you do exactly that! From the 9th of July until the 23rd of July, head to your nearest event portal in Austera, Marianople, or Diamond Shores to take part in the Rum Runner Rapids! What can I get? If you manage to splish and splash your way down the waterfalls of Rookborne and complete the daily event quests, then you can exchange your Rum Runner Tokens for all kinda great rewards! What rewards? Take a look below: Hangover Cure - 3 x Rum Runner Tokens Vaughn's Soothing Tonic - 1 x Rum Runner Token Vaughn's Potent Stout - 1 x Rum Runner Token Vaughn's Energizing Spirits - 1 x Rum Runner Token Morpheus's Treasure Chest - 10 x Rum Runner Tokens 50-Slot Pirate Plushie Trove - 50 x Rum Runner Tokens 100-Slot Pirate Plushie Trove - 1 x 50 Slot Pirate Plushie Trove and a Golden Teardrop Storage Chest Midnight Swimtop - 10 x Rum Runner Tokens Midnight Swimbottoms - 10 x Rum Runner Tokens Sunrise Swimtop - 10 x Rum Runner Tokens Sunrise Swimbottoms - 10 x Rum Runner Tokens Barrel Splash Swimtop - 10 x Rum Runner Tokens Barrel Splash Swimbottoms - 10 x Rum Runner Tokens Watermelon Swimwear - 50 x Rum Runner Tokens Summer Breeze Lounger - 15 x Rum Runner Tokens Watermelon Umbrella - 15 x Rum Runner Tokens Watermelon Decor - 15 x Rum Runner Tokens Decorative Windcreek Lute - 10 x Rum Runner Tokens Bubble Splash - 50 x Rum Runner Tokens A special quest appears 3 times daily from the NPC Surin who appears at 2 PM, 7 PM and 12 AM UTC for EU 12 PM, 5 PM and 10 PM PDT for NA For those on Legacy, we are currently in discussions with XL about adding Manastorm Crystals to the Reward table, which should appear 16th July after the maintenance. This event splashes down the waterfall and through the rivers of time on the 23rd of July, so don't hesitate and jump inside your barrel now!

Freedom Festival

Hold onto your balls, the Freedom Festival is here! What do I do? Stay logged in for a 30-minutes session to receive 2 Freedom Festival Tickets up to 32 times per day! You can exchange your Freedom Festival Tickets at the Claw Machine on Mirage Isle if you're level 30 or above for the chance to receive one of three ball variants: Gold Ball, Blue Ball, or Red Ball. If you remain connected to the servers for 30 minutes or more on July 4th, you will also receive a Large Flag item to place on your house or land! This item can be customized with your images with Crests. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/36024786/81d381941028e99b8864157faaa56f6516ff6336.png What can I receive? When opening a Gold Ball, you have a chance to receive one of the following items: Magithopter Image: Freedom Wings, Bound Serendipity Stone, Bound Anchoring Temper Charm, Honorable Victory Rank 1, Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 1, Mythic XP Crate, 3x Fortune Box, Pouch of Prosperity When opening a Blue Ball, you have a chance to receive one of the following items: Sherlock Corgi, Mythic XP Crate, Decrystallization Scroll, Honorable Victory Rank 3, Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 3, 10x Radiant Infusion Supply Kit, Fortune Box, Pouch of Prosperity When opening a Red Ball, you have a chance to receive one of the following items: Short Grass Fence, Grass Fence, Medium Grass Fence, Large Grass Fence, 10x Bound Eco-Friendly Fuel, Honorable Victory Rank 5, Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5, 3x Radiant Infusion Supply Kit, Fireworks Crate, 3x Round Celebration Fireworks, 3x Heart Fireworks, Noble Blessings Feast Table Firecracker Collection Box can contain: 3x Green Fireworks, 3x Red Fireworks, 3x Blue Fireworks, 3x Dragon Fireworks, 3x Heart Fireworks Mythic XP Crate will grant 1 of the following: 40x Unidentified Mythic Hiram Infusions, 40x Unidentified Mythic Abyssal Enhancers, 2x Unidentified Mythic Erenor Infusions Pouch of Prosperity contains: 500x Bound Stormraw Wave, 500x Bound Alluvion Love, 50x Bound Sunlight Juice, 50x Moonlight Juice Please keep in mind that the Freedom Festival Tickets and Claw Machine will disappear on July 9th, but the rewards will remain available. Make sure to pick up your final rewards before July 9th!

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