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Ending Official Support for Magic Duels

On Tuesday November 26 we’re removing Magic Duels: Origins from online storefronts and ending continued support for the game. At that time we’re removing the in-game store and all purchasing functions. Players who still have these games will be able to play multiplayer matches and have access to all single player content as well as all available cards. Multiplayer matchmaking will continue as normal. ​ From all of us, thank you again for your support of these games and the passion you've shared.

Magic: The Gathering Arena s economy sounds surprisingly reasonable

While I’d never describe myself as a die-hard fan, I’ve dabbled in Magic: The Gathering since the 90s across its physical form, the early RPG-like Microprose adaptation of the game, and even a bit of Magic Online, which is still running despite having barely changed over the past 15 years. The latest digital adaptation, Magic: Arena is currently in closed beta testing, and the developers have just outlined their initial economic plans for the game. While it may sound a little daunting, the abridged version is that this sounds more generous than Hearthstone for casual players, at the very least, although they’ve yet to pin down the final real-money pricing for the game. (more…)

Magic: The Gathering Arena wants digital MTG to be as much fun to watch as it is to play

In the manner of a bodyguard hurling themselves in front of a bullet, I am hurling myself in front of a story about Magic: The Gathering’s digital free-to-play card game, Magic: The Gathering Arena in order to protect Alice and Brendan from it. SAVE YOURSELVES, FRIENDS! (more…)

Amonkhet Pack Sale!

Starting today until July 31st, packs of Amonkhet are 33% off! Get cracking!

Kaladesh and Aether Revolt pack sale!

Starting today through Wednesday, July 5th packs of Kaladesh and Aether Revolt are 33% off! Get them in the in-game store now.

Link your Customer Service ID to a Wizards Account for coins!

Starting today, Magic Duels players can link their Duels Customer Service ID to their Wizards Accounts for 2000 free coins. If you’re new, go to and create your Wizards Account. In your account, you’ll see options to input your Magic Duels CSID. The CSID can befound in the Customer Service portion of the Help & Options menu within Magic Duels. Coins will be added to your account within seven days of making the link. We’ll be using your Wizards Account to integrate our future digital products, so it’s the best way to stay involved with our future.

Magic Duels and Future Digital Products from Wizards

We encourage everyone to read our update about our future digital games. You can find that article here. As we Wizards works towards an exciting future full of awesome games and digital products, we also come to one ending. In order to make room for the next generation of Magic digital products, Amonkhet will be the last new content update for Magic Duels. Hour of Devastation will not be coming to the platform. Our game will still be downloadable and playable, but right now our teams are focused on what’s coming next. Thank you to all the fans who made Magic Duels what it is today – from those who talk with us on social media, to writers and video creators, and to community organizers for awesome events that show the most of what our game has to offer. Each and every one of you makes this game what it is, and we’re happy to have been with you. You’ve been with us in the past, and we want you to see what’s in store next. If you want to be involved in the next generation of Magic digital games, make sure you sign up for a Wizards Account if you don’t already have one at We’ll be using that system as a way to integrate our future products, so it’s the best way to stay involved with our future! We’re so excited to show off what we’ve been working on next, so stay tuned for more information over the coming year.

Server Downtime on May 4th

Magic Duels will enter downtime for maintenance on May 4th at 9:00 AM pacific. The downtime will last approximately two hours. We'll see you when we come back!

Amonkhet Available Now

The time has come for Amonkhet! Magic’s latest set is available now in Magic Duels! Face the trials of Amonkhet’s gods in a new story campaign, collect over 150 new cards, and add your own flair to your decks with new earnable items. Download now and play today!

Downtime for Amonkhet Release

We're currently in downtime as we prepare for the Amonkhet release. We expect to be back in approximately eight hours with the newest set! Find out more about it in our latest Developer Insights video!

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