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64-bit Update is Now Live!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/faa5e763e841e95910cb122c4ffd0222d88fad54.jpg Hang on to your Bits The 64-bit TERA client update is here at last! This update has been long in waiting for both players and the TERA dev team. For more on what ‘64-bit’ means for TERA’s present and future content, read last week’s preview post and the June developer note about the new client. In short, the 64-bit upgrade changes some fundamental aspects of the TERA client and how it utilizes your system’s hardware. Breaking free from a 32-bit system means overall smoother gameplay, less crashes in crowded areas, and updated minimum system requirements. 64-bit Client System Requirements Minimum Recommended Operating System Windows 10 (64-bit) Windows 10 (64-bit) CPU Intel i3-7100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Intel i5-7500 / AMD Ryzen 7 1700 RAM 8GB 12GB Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 / AMD Radeon R9 280 Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 380 Disk Space 80GB* 80GB* *Please reserve 15GB for updates/patches Drivers Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 SP Redistributable Package (x64) DirectX 11 or higher Most recent GPU drivers There’s not much time left before the update, so be absolutely sure your computer meets these requirements before the client updates on Tuesday, August 11. As with many games, systems that fall below the minimum specs will likely experience issues that can prevent you from playing. Enter the Commander's Residence Commander’s Residence is a weekend-only dungeon available between Friday (00:00 UTC) and Sunday (23:59 UTC) for heroes looking for a rare challenge. This top-tier 20-person raid will test your limits against the dreaded First Corps Commander, Maknakh. Dungeon details are listed in the patch notes. There are some additional restrictions and requirements to read about before you attempt to pay Commander’s Residence a visit. Good luck! Return to Rift's Edge {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/4e761cafbf68e92a91fa308ffb1465fd9f7f3657.jpg Rift’s Edge is back! Previously a 7-player raid, this revamped Rift’s Edge is a 5-player dungeon for players over Lv68 and iLv 452 looking to score some Dark Shard feedstock, Zenobia’s Breeze Crates, and a hoard of other gear and materials. See this update’s full patch notes for the whole list. Rampaging RK-9 Kennel RK-9 Kennel makes its return with a few upgrades. Like Rift’s Edge, this revamped Rampaging RK-9 Kennel has a few surprises in store. Boss fights will be more intense than the original RK-9 Kennel, but the rewards are worth the challenge! Players Lv 70 and iLv 461 enter at your own risk if you’re hunting for Exodor Gear. Mount Collector's Card Event A special card collection event is underway! Similar to the Courageous Card Event held in April, the new Mount Collector’s Card Event is the perfect way to beef up your card collection while tackling dungeon-based Vanguard Requests (excluding Rift's Edge & Commander's Residence). The event will add new mount-themed cards to the mix, giving experienced collectors something fresh for their binders. Read this forum post for info! More Update Details Want the full scoop? This massive update also introduces a new equipment & accessory reroll method, class balance changes, new training dungeons, plus changes to PvP and Partner Adventures. Go to the forums and read the full patch notes if you haven’t already.

TERA Battle Arena Coming Soon

TERA Battle Arena is a team-based battle (available as a free download for your TERA client this fall) featuring heroes drawn from the past, present, and future history of TERA. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/43c62724fedd7f078cfc6a1c1c1362eb76d14c00.jpg After the defeat of Shandra Manaya, strange portals appeared across the world, offering glimpses of other realms where dead heroes lived on, live heroes fell into darkness, and heroes that never were stepped up to save the world. To learn more about these strange visions of alternate realities, a group of heroes fought their way through to a new realm called Agaia, where they encountered eerie replicas of themselves from worlds almost, but not quite the same as their own. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/cc54339c1f44e45b8b60dde5e138687057c58ee0.jpg In this twisted underworld stands a majestic structure known only as the Tower of Shara, an architectural wonder defended by even more familiar faces. Only this time, they’re ones corrupted and controlled by the mysterious…Manahan? {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/b8ac7b8f5fdefd2ad2506f031fa236f2c1221482.jpg The heroes you’ll control in TERA Battle Arena each have their own skill sets and abilities, drawn from those TERA players have spent years mastering. Players will also be able to customize their heroes with runes and cosmetic items. We’ll be revealing more about this great new game mode as the summer moves on.

Summerfest 2020!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/2377954fecf662df586ef68500000067d052d0fa.jpg TERA’s popular Summer Festival begins Tuesday, July 21, with the annual reunion of the Consos Clan in Balder’s Refuge for the Festival of the Sun. Part 1: Festival of the Sun (Tuesday, July 21 – Tuesday, August 11) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/1824be9a898c0d2ccaf215624daa877cb8469ea8.jpg Journey to the Temple of the Sun in Balder's Refuge and help the Consos Clan priests get their temple back in order (Festival of the Sun events and quests are for characters level 58 and higher). Fight off the Monsters Your first step on the festival quest sends you through the many rooms of the Temple of the Sun, clearing out the vermin that have moved in since last year. Temple Cleanup Once that's done, you're tasked with helping clean up their mess: Droppings, garbage, and graffiti are all fair game for this group of daily quests. Help the Temple of the Sun shine the way it was always meant to! Of course, the Festival of the Sun’s daily quests are randomized, so you won’t know what you’re in for on any given day until you log in. To maximize your event rewards, check back every day and complete all the quests! Ice Treats If all that work gets you ready to cool off with a snack, you're in luck—You can make yourself a sweet iced dessert by collecting ingredients around the festival site. As the Festival of the Sun comes to a close, the second part of the celebration begins on the sunny shores of Ostgarath. Part 2: The Beach Bash (Tuesday, August 11 – Tuesday, September 1) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/b51a48e3777e3e2505817c4a1a5448938f01b01f.jpg The Castanica Beach Bash is located on Dragonturtle Beach and Kerozen Isle, along the coast of Ostgarath just north of Castanica. Talk to mini-game coordinators to play these exciting mini-games: Splash Cannon Mini-Game Speak to the mini-game coordinator, then shoot water at the demons out in the surf for points: red sea monsters give you points, blue sea monsters cost you points. Watermelon Mini-Game Tie on a blindfold and get to smashing watermelons. Don’t confuse them with the barrels, though—they sound just like the watermelons, but don’t give you any points. Sandcastles Collect sand from around the beach and build as many sandcastles as you can. Build enough, and you can get magic items that let you build sandcastles anywhere—whenever you like. While the mini-games and sandcastles are available to all levels, quests associated with the beach party are only available to characters level 48 and higher, so level up quick to be sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun (or rewards)! Each event that you complete at the Festival of the Sun or the Beach Bash rewards you with tokens redeemable for a variety of costumes, consumables, service vouchers, and more throughout both halves of the festival. The Summer Festival ends September 1, so get out there and make the most of the summer while it lasts!

Crab Hunt 2020

Until Tuesday, June 30, armies of crabs are gathering off the shores of Ostgarath to stage attacks on TERA’s coastal territories. Per TERA tradition, we are calling all heroes to band together and stop these terrifying crustaceans—and earn some loot in the process! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/1604bbd269c9bd0b9f210924fe8abbdfd18e9480.jpg Crabs will appear at both “low” and “high” tides: 1600 – 1900 UTC 0300 – 0600 UTC As the crab invasion continues, the killer crustaceans will deploy progressively stronger reinforcements. Here’s their plan of attack: June 16: Small crabs arrive in Ostgarath and small villages all over TERA. June 19: Medium-sized crabs land in Ostgarath. June 23: Giant crabs hit the Serpentis Isle beaches. In addition, we have put together a small crafting project for this year’s Crab Hunt. As you hunt, you’ll have a chance to collect materials needed to assemble an event-exclusive Deep Blue Head Shrimp Crate—complete with unique title “A Rare Catch.” To aid you in your crafting, you’ll get an Event] Head Shrimp Kit the first time you log in during the Crab Hunt. To use the kit and assemble a Blue Head Shrimp Rewards Crate (containing a Deep Blue Head Shrimp and Achievement - A Rare Catch!), you will need to collect the following items: From Small Crabs From Medium Crabs From Giant Crabs  Head Shrimp Eye  Head Shrimp Eye  Head Shrimp Eye  Head Shrimp Stuffing  Head Shrimp Twine  Head Shrimp Scale The crabs you attack may also drop gems, potions, and enchanting materials—so you’ll be well rewarded for your efforts in the Hunt. See you on the beach!

Draakon Arena Update

TERA’s newest content update is live, featuring new dungeon challenges, a new adventure system for your Partner companions, and a new high-level PvP area! This is a big update, so be sure and check out the patch notes for all the changes, and keep reading for some of the best features. Draakon Arena {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/f6aa447fcdba42b6751e99d47cdce1a7c93a82b5.jpg First up, Draakon Arena. The notorious azart force commander Kalligar takes the field in this new 5-player instance, the first dungeon specifically designed for level 70 players! It comes in two delicious flavors: normal (level 70, ilvl 456), and (Hard) mode (level 70, ilvl 470). Defeat Kalligar and he may drop the top-of-the-line Warlord Ring or Warlord Necklace accessories, and possibly some resizing stones to customize their abilities. (Be sure and check the patch notes for more information on Draakon Arena, our new training dungeons, and revisions to Pit of Petrax and Corrupted Skynest.) Partner Adventure System Next up, the new Partner Adventure System is now live, which means it's time to put your loyal companions to work! You may send up to three Partners (per account) on Partner Adventures in various locations across the world, each with their own rewards. A successful adventure can earn gatherables, skill advancement scrolls, relics and halidoms... even dungeon rewards! Teach your partners the Gifted Skill: Adventure Enhancement to increase the rewards earned in Partner Adventures. Additionally, Instant Completion Tickets now drop in level 65+ dungeons, which can immediately bring your trusty partner back home with loot in hand. Check out the Partner Adventure System for yourself using the in-game Companion menu. New Release: Balder's Radiant Weapon Skin Loot Box Finally, Balder’s blessings to you! Balder's Radiant Weapon Skin Loot Boxes have arrived in the TERA Store, and may contain golden jeweled weapon skins inspired by Balder, the god who gave his own eyes so that the children of the Dream could see through the darkness. Look to the sky in TERA, and you’ll see the ringed eyes of Balder looking down upon you! Each Balder’s Weapon Skin Loot box has a chance to produce either a Balder’s Golden Weapon Skin Smart Box, a Balder’s Radiant Weapon Skin Loot Box, or Modular Loot Crates packed full of useful items for any character. Radiant weapon skins are identical to the golden versions but feature an additional glow and ringed particle effect reminiscent of Balder’s splendor! There’s even more in the Draakon Arena update we can’t list here, including class balance changes, new Duranium gathering materials for crafting, new Speedy Gathering Tools, and a mysterious merchant that can appear in high level dungeons!

Hunters and Heroes Event

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/3cbaa92160526f30e9ab0f6cf6d2ff41df977abf.jpg From now until Tuesday, June 30, the Valkyon Federation needs all hands on deck during its Hunters and Heroes event. Hunters Wanted (Lvl. 65+) The Valkyon Federation needs more brave heroes in the field to keep TERA’s monster population under control. And they are prepared to pay you for your efforts—in Hunter’s Tokens. Each week, level 65 and higher characters earn Hunter’s Tokens for killing monsters. Monster Size Kill Milestone Hunter’s Tokens Earned Small 100 2 Small 150 3 Small 200 4 Small 250 5 Normal 30 2 Normal 45 3 Normal 60 4 Normal 75 5 Medium 10 2 Medium 15 3 Medium 20 4 Medium 25 5 Note: Your character must kill monsters within +/- five levels to receive credit. Kill counts reset every Tuesday at 1700 UTC. Select dungeon bosses will also drop Dungeon Tokens. You’ll need three tokens of either type and a Guardian Legion Token Converter (obtained by completing Guardian Legion missions) to craft a Special Mission Missive. Take your Special Mission Missives to the Special Mission Instructor in Highwatch and you’ll be able to purchase: Exodor Superior Boxes Skill Advancement Tomes EP II A Big Bear Bag Ticket (good for one “Big Pink Bear” or “Big Beige Bear” backpack) Dungeon Tokens and Hunter’s Tokens can also be exchanged for other useful items, including Sapphires, Dark Shard Feedstock, Eternal Gear Tokens, Skill Advancement Boxes, and event consumables. Join the hunt now if you are level 65 or higher, or level up fast to join the fight. See our forum post for full campaign details. Call to Arms – New Player Recruitment Campaign {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/ecf4e94190107f33e96f9a7558a17c94c2be9bf4.jpg From now until Tuesday, June 30, players with new TERA accounts have a chance to unlock incredible in-game value at a hugely discounted price. The first character (per server) on a new account to reach level 11 before the end of the month earns a Hero’s Mark. Combine that mark with a Hero’s Mark Converter purchased from the in-game store (395 EMP) to create a Hero’s Accessory, and trade it to Zahad on Stepstone Isle for one of the following: Hero’s Cosmetic Package –style-enhancing items: Arctic Dragon Armor Box Cape Ticket Footsteps: Bling Flying Skill: Spellrider Hero’s Companion Package –a helpful companion and bonus items for your new buddy: Partner: Cocomin (Superior) Puppy Figurine Piglet Figurine Legacy Essence Lvl. 65 Hero's Elin Gold Coin Box—a stack of 140 Elin Gold Coins (worth 500 gold each) usable at level 65. Lvl. 65 Hero's Enchantment Package—a stockpile of enchanting materials for Exodor gear, usable at level 65. So, get out there and start hunting monsters—time is ticking! And don’t forget to invite a few friends to join you.

TERA Anniversary: Chupathingy Pets?

Based on the results of a recent independent study, we’ve learned there are two things people really like about TERA: running dungeons, and Chupathingies. We’re not exactly sure how accurate the study was, but we we’re dedicating the month of May to finding out! Starting Tuesday, May 5, we’re adding Chupatoken drops to the final bosses of select dungeons. In addition to cool items like enchanting scrolls and Feasts, you can redeem your tokens in the Chupatoken Shop for the most lovable lizard of all, a Chupathingy pet with the ability to Auto-Loot! Whether you prefer your Chupathingy in classic Blue or neon Red, you’ll be the darling of the internet and a meme-worthy master, chief! And be sure and check out our forums for a full breakdown of what dungeons drop Chupatokens, and what they can get you. Also this month, we’re running a dual login event. Log in every day from Tuesday, May 5 to Tuesday, June 2 to receive a Chupatoken token via Parcel Post. And from May 5 to May 18, complete a Vanguard Request each day to receive a special item from an escalating prize pool. (You must log in every day to get every prize.) DayItemQuantity 1Bravery Potion×10 2Lamb Bulgogi×20 3Azart Token×5 4Goddess’s Blessing×3 5Pearl×5 6Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock×5 7Dark Shard Armor Feedstock×10 8Rainbow Baitx10 9Perfect Halidom & Relic Token×1 10Ruby×10 11Footsteps: Party Crackers×1 12Bravery Potion×50 12Forgeheart Superior Enchanting Scroll×2 14Emerald×5 We’ve also got special events running every weekend in May. From Friday, May 8 at 5 a.m. Pacific until Monday, May 10 at 5 a.m. Pacific, you’ll earn dramatically increased XP from Vanguard requests and by clearing dungeons. From Friday, May 15 at 5 a.m. Pacific until Monday, May 17 at 5 a.m. Pacific, enjoy dramatically increased item rewards from Vanguard Requests. From Friday, May 22 at 5 a.m. Pacific until Monday, May 24 at 5 a.m. Pacific, you’ll see dramatically increased drop rates on Card Fragments in both dungeons and the open world. And to close out the month, from Friday, May 29 at 5 a.m. Pacific until Monday, May 31 at 5 a.m. Pacific, we’re turning everything back on again. That’s dramatically increased XP, item rewards, and Card Fragments at the same time! Keep watching this space for news on more events as the month goes on. Now get out there and earn yourself a Chupathingy!

v93 Content Update is Live!

TERA’s latest content update goes live today, featuring enhanced skills and combat stats, a Battleground rewards update, changes to loot boxes, new Vanguard Requests, updated Guardian Legion missions, and a few quality of life improvements to tie everything together. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/f6c6ea69c0c07324ab41f1f7f6e3fd4bd0e9823c.png The Dyeable Memorial Dress will also be available in the store starting today! Read More: Patch Notes, Skill Balancing Announcement, and Loot Box Changes Announcement

Skill Balancing Update Coming Soon

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/93ee599902dbd62ded6260d92a15821289f785c5.jpg TERA’s next content update launches Tuesday, April 28, and introduces skill balance changes to every class, as well as four new, class-specific character stats. Here’s a preview of the changes by class. Lancer New passive skill: Cunning Practice (Increases Physical Resistance by 5%) New passive skill: Shield Mastery (Increases the power of the several skills in proportion the character’s Physical Resistance) Boosted skills: Onslaught, Shield Bash, Shield Counter, Debilitate, Shield Barrage, Wallop, Super Leap, Stand Fast, Guardian’s Barrier, Iron Will, Second Wind, Pledge of Protection, Debilitate Brawler New passive skill: Strong Will (Increases Physical Amplification by 5%) New passive skill: Pugilism Mastery (Increases the damage reflected by Perfect Defense in proportion to the characters Physical Amplification) Boosted skills: Growing Fury, Jackhammer Priest New passive skill: Spiritual Blessing (Increases Magic Resistance by 5%) Boosted skills: Kaia’s Shield, Divine Charge, Edict of Judgment, Triple Nemesis Mystic New passive skill: Nature’s Blessing (Increases Magic Resistance by 5%) Boosted skills: Thrall of Protection, Thrall of Vengeance, Thrall of Wrath, Volley of Curses Slayer New Stat: Ignore Physical Resistance New passive skill: Strong Blade (Increases Ignore Physical Resistance in proportion to your Physical Amplification) Boosted skills: Heart Thrust, Overpower Reaper New passive skill: Dark Mana (Increases Ignore Magic Resistance in proportion to your Magic Amplification) Boosted skills: Shadow Lash, Shadow Reaping Warrior New passive skill: Fatal Injury (Increases the explosion damage of Scythe and Aerial Scythe in proportion to your Physical Amplification) Boosted skills: Poison Blade, Defensive Stance, Combative Strike Gunner Boosted skills: Arcane Splash, Burst fire, Targeted Burst Fire Archer New stat: Physical Penetration New passive skill: Shrieking Arrow (Increases Physical Penetration and skill damage of overcharged skills in proportion to your Physical Amplification) Boosted skills: Windsong, Wind Walk, Poison Arrow Ninja New stat: Magic Penetration New passive skill: Mana Offset (Increases Magic Penetration in proportion to your Magic Amplification) Boosted skills: Piercing Gaze, Focus Berserker New passive skill: Excessive Bleeding (Increases the power of certain skills in proportion to your Max HP) Boosted skills: Fiery Rage, Vampiric Blow, Lethal Strike, Thunder Strike, Cyclone, Unleashed Sorcerer New passive skill: Familiar Magic Power (increases Max MP) New passive skill: Spell Aria (Increases the power of certain skills in proportion to your Max MP) Boosted skills: Meteor Strike, Hail Storm, Mana Burst, Void Pulse, Arcane Pulse, Nova, Mana Boost, Mana Siphon, Mana Barrier Valkyrie New passive skill: Runic Illusion (Increases Magic Amplification in proportion to your Physical Amplification) Boosted skills: Dreamblaze, Empowered Gungnir’s Bite, Ragnarok, Godsfall

Kaia’s War Now Available!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/d78d31259b1d600535565eae6a9c7d0a579babac.jpgLast month, the Shieldmaiden called on you to gear up for battle, and now it’s time to join her on the front lines! To keep your skills sharp, we’ve both increased and broadened the rewards for battleground victories and Civil Unrest: Velika to include special reward boxes containing Exodor gear and accessories. We’ve also slashed prices on must-have items like Violet and Azure particles in the Bellicarium shop and added in Skill Advancement Tomes to tune your skills, as well as Ring, Ornament, and Duranium Fragments to enchant and maintain your new gear! And that’s just the beginning of what this update has in store! While the goddess Kaia works to update your skills, noted warmonger and elin fashionista Princess Rida wants to do the same for your appearance! She’s created a full set of Weapons of Mass Devotion weapon skins to celebrate her love for battle, conveniently packaged into Magical Weapon loot boxes available for purchase in the TERA Store. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/77675bafac89a2542aa977ea532e73e9bdd35f28.jpg She’s also opened up a Magical Token shop, where you can exchange any Magical Tokens obtained from Magical Weapon loot boxes for hard-to find costumes and smart boxes. But wait, there’s more! In addition to our normal dungeon events, we’ve updated the loot tables for more than a dozen dungeons, and also adjusted their Adventure Coin costs to make it easier than ever to gear up your characters. You can check out all the changes for this update in our Kaia’s War patch notes. With this update, we're also kicking off the brand new, month-long Courageous Card Event. In this event, complete dungeon and battleground Vanguard Requests to earn Courageous Card Fragments and exchange them for TERA Card Fragments and other fabulous prizes!

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