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Strategic multiplayer artillery game ShellShock Live is out now

ShellShock Live is an awesome tribute to games like Scorched Earth, Pocket Tanks, and Worms and after many years in development it's finally released.

v1.0 Released!

After several years and 164 Updates (yes, we counted) we've officially reached Version 1.0. Keep reading for the update notes... it's a big one! Attack Drones{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/581cf3377463bd4dd1723fd155665f4d8ca957d2.png Attack drones will occasionally scatter throughout the sky, prepared for battle. Hit one with a shot and it'll join forces with your team and attack your enemies! Drones last one turn and fly away when they've completed their assault. Firing Range Scenario Editor{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/30ccc6361cfa918109756cd616f2f08e69e71e3e.png A fully featured Scenario Editor has been added to the Firing Range. Modify the map, add obstacles and enemies, and then test your creation! Useful for practicing unique setups, testing the limits of weapons, or just messing around! Enter the Scenario Editor by pressing the "Edit" button in the top left corner of the Firing Range. Ally Aim Visibility{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/f6f0d67624ed71ab6c95ed5e9cd4f22ae11d396a.png Teammate aim details are now fully visible, unlocking an entirely new level of strategy! Plan out your shots based on your environment and teammate's decisions. Pair it with teammate weapon visibility for the ultimate tactical advantage. Teammate aim details are even visible after your tank has been destroyed. X3 Damage Buff{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/25a74a35db3c99567f327ed9aa63f493a93d4f20.png Supercharge your projectile with this rare multiplier causing 3 times the damage. Make sure to grab it before your opponents do- the extra damage is valuable! X3 buffs are considerably smaller and more difficult to hit than X2s. Mission Thumbnails{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/905f00e0e9ae9cba17ecea47fb59c0df063b5004.png The mission set list got a visual overhaul and now displays a previews of the mission. Tank positions, bumpers, buffs, and portals included. Vortex Mode{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/8bd3185f331bc6d253282233a73ca0d8f44a28d5.png In Vortex Mode, all shots must first pass through a portal before dealing damage to an enemy. It's similar to rebound, but with an inter-dimensional twist. Portals are continually rotating out, so you'll have to discover and remember which portals match up! Star Badges{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/a1eb64569059a62cc8393b74fb2011ba8c101734.png When 100 levels just isn't enough, dedicated players can now unlock star badges at various XP points. Some badges are accompanied by in-game rewards. Star Badges are shown in the multiplayer lobby for all to see. Stars XP Required ★ 1,000,000 ★★ 1,500,000 ★★★ 2,500,000 ★★★★ 5,000,000 ★★★★★ 10,000,000 Bonus Campaign Mission Set{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/1d5b3845840ff06038f8f85440e4d88dd519075f.png We've added a new campaign bonus set with 10 tough new missions leveraging updated game mechanics. New missions range from flushing out protected enemies with 22 attack drones to hunting down foes with nothing but a dagger. Complete the entire set for a reward. Good luck! New Items: Overcharge & Fortify{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/fdac829b39aa80075bbb808e19b5f2d0e103529c.png Two new items, Overcharge, and Fortify, open up unexplored tactical avenues. Unlimited uses add an element risk and reward. Overcharge{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/4eee0149809d2652086e6bbf7d0851ce9ec11e64.png Instead of firing your weapon, use Overcharge to boost the damage of your next shot. Overcharge can be used an unlimited number of times, but the effects will not be stacked. Overcharge is useful if you don't currently have a great shot, or want to make that Sniper in your arsenal really count next turn. Overcharge Damage Boost: 25% Fortify{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/92dd518803d9a474f91810babeb96c2067cc25ac.png Use Fortify to hunker down and take less damage next turn. Similar to Overcharge, it takes the place of firing your weapon. Fortify can also be used an unlimited number of times, but the effects will not be stacked. Balance the utility of increased defense with Fortify, or increased damage with Overcharge to decide which to use. Fortify Damage Reduction: 25% Items in the Gear Shop{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/9b29dd039c26bd7c3d695d55077529b9da0283d8.png We've received many requests to allow the purchase of items with gears in the Gear Shop, and it's finally a possibility! Stock up on supplies with your spare gears. Keep in mind, shield effects have changed (more details later in the post.) Challenge: Autonomous Combat{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/5f2bf2835279eefde2e8b6cb1ec646e065792ee7.png Destroy 5 tanks with an attack drone. Reward: Drone Weapon + 500xp Weapon: Drone{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/e3a1743872bd877e0d3929cdd18a4bb638a834f0.png Fire an autonomous attack drone into the play arena. The drone will lock on to an enemy and fire at the target. Weapon Level 1: Drone Weapon Level 2: Heavy Drone Unlock Criteria: Complete "Autonomous Combat" Challenge Weapon: Permaroller{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/eb3febfa95b76e8cd2e686bd5ca1f29deb8a92cb.png Similar to a standard Roller, but with a significant difference: The Permaroller won't automatically explode on enemy contact. This means you'll have to land the projectile a good distance in front of your target for a perfectly timed explosion. With the added difficulty comes increased damage- Permaroller packs a punch. Tier 1: Permaroller Tier 2: Heavy Permaroller Unlock Criteria: Purchase Permaroller in the Gear Shop Weapon Tiers: Paprika and Cayenne{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/567e61dac12f8de5d368d54cb4f062d0adf9763e.png The beloved Salt and Pepper weapon gets a couple spicy new additions. Tier 1: Pepper Tier 2: Salt and Pepper Tier 3: Paprika Tier 4: Cayenne Weapon Tier: Construction{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/219d7125ce1d74c32e70736ad48596c605b28965.png By popular demand, Builder now joins it's big brother, Digger, with a third tier. Similar to Excavation, Construction fires plenty of projectiles working together to construct a mountain of terrain. Tier 1: Builder Tier 2: MegaBuilder Tier 3: Construction Player Tag Visual Upgrade{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/65f062fffa33314988c80fa2ab061e7b59165e09.png Player names have received a subtle visual upgrade. The color gradient indicates whether the player is an ally or enemy. Item Tooltip{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/336493a8251557371bbccc5747d45109ebf72cf5.png Hovering over an item with your mouse now displays a concise item tooltip describing the item's effects. Mostly helpful for beginning players learning the game, but also useful to remind players the effects of the two new items, Overcharge and Fortify. Obstacles Game Option{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/3cf733adb137f890720dbd557e9db12de2a45c79.png The frequency of obstacles (Bumpers, Portals, Black Holes, etc.) is now controlled by a pre-game option. Ramp them up for varied gameplay, or disable them completely to keep things pure. Option Obstacles XP Mult None 0% 0.8x Low 50% 0.9x Medium 100% 1x High 200% 1x Visual and Audio Upgrade for Crits{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/80396936c4766f031c81bcd1f78e71d7083d60fd.png Critical Hits look much more pleasing now, and are marked by a distinct new sound effect. Doing major damage has never felt sweeter. Obstacle Adjustments{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/c9a0982dff125d5073ae88def8a293dca90894c0.png Obstacles like Bumpers, Portals, Black Holes, and Attack Drones now have a chance to span multiple turns. This means if you don't grab that "x2" buff, your opponent just might! Laser Sight Gun{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/5bee61c8277b7b85390a7a033aba4c65a50f9989.png Trick out and soup up your gun with a stylish Laser Sight upgrade. Unlock Criteria: Three Star Badge (★★★) Shielded Track{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/1e83c0a312fff2b4fe3d0414d15454336b0cd6f4.png Always protect your tank's valuable treads and inner workings. It's easy with the Shielded Track. Unlock Criteria: Purchase Shielded Track in the Gear Shop Pidgeonholes Map{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/969b3d5fa651feaaa4c6b1ce0dec3abc8381da4d.png Each tank get's it's own protected bunker. Watch out for grenades! Unlock Criteria: Complete the Bonus Missions Mission Item Indicator{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/8304aba9e6fd9080fae0b019fd4fbeba837fc9e6.png A seemingly insignificant addition, but will make a huge difference when you think a mission is impossible only to discover you've had items the whole time. Also helpful to beginning players. 'Beat Machine' Victory Tune{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/de189bccf2014de8898bcdafa52f1a1ca2dede36.png Feel the beat... and force everyone else to as well. Unlock Criteria: One Star Badge (★) Game Mode XP MultipliersWe've updated some Game Mode XP Multiplier values, boosting some lesser played modes, and evening out total XP earned. No multipliers have been reduced! Here are the new values: Game Mode XP Multiplier Assassin 1.45x Charge 1.1x Deathmatch 1.3x Juggernaut 1.3x Marksman 1.3x Points 1x Rebound 1.6x Shoccer 1.1x Vortex 1.6x Weapon Shield Effects{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/a0e44b54cca2d1fceb24c78a0a6dc94f0d554ba2.png Select weapons can now effectively penetrate shields. Some of these include:Sniper Banana Battering Ram Dead Riser Drill Bits Driller Moles Needler Penetrator Pinpoint Pistol/SMG/Rifle varieties Shank Shrapnel Earthquake Taser Throwing Star Torpedoes Tunnel Strike Zipper Audio EnhancementsTwo brand new tracks have been added to the score, bringing the game to 10 unique pieces. Explosion sounds have been revamped with more variety and more powerful sounding blasts. There's a new confirmation sound when you lock in your shot. Several other small additions. Many More ImprovementsThe list goes on and on, but here are some notable ones:No more Attractoids in Rebound Mode :) The scroll wheel now works in the server list, the campaign mission list as well as a few hub screens that didn't work before Movement is now preemptively streamed, causing much less latency. No more watching enemies move at the last second past the move timer. The Level Field Mod now has an XP multiplier of 0.9x (previously 0.5x) Fixed a bug where buffs in missions would be of a random size Adjusted Weapon XP required to upgrade the 'Counter' weapon family Fixed visual glitch when the XP Indicator spawns Player Levels are now visible in Tournaments Fixed bug where the Tank upgrade bar would go past the edge on the Tank Upgrade screen Fixed Shoccer glitch, where some weapons would affect the score improperly Item buttons now grey-out when you have 0 Mac OSX Catalina users will no longer receive a warning regarding 64-bit support Optimized textures for better performance and fidelity Upgraded Unity engine to latest stable version for stability and performance improvements Fixed bug where crates would contain points in modes that didn't support points Fixed bug where the gamepad D-Pad would affect your aim while choosing a weapon Fixed bug where a player could use an item without any effect when in 'Shoot-Only' mode The Shadow weapon is now correctly invisible (except for the shadow) Several missions have been balanced (Looking at you, Fiesta Forever) Several weapons have been adjusted (including Botherer, Breaker Mania, and Acid Rain) Fixed bug where Solar Flare could bounce endlessly between side-bumpers Some explosions and effects received a visual upgrade/tuning ThanksI want to thank all of you so much for supporting ShellShock Live for so long, some of you even from the Flash days. It's a dream come true to be able to work on a game I love for a living, and I'm both excited and proud to have reached Version 1.0. I watched the old Steam Greenlight trailer for SSL recently, and it's almost comical how far things have come. Contrast that to the New v1.0 Trailer released today- crazy. Does this mean the end of updates?No way! There's much more in store. :) -kChamp EDIT: Bugs fixed since v1.0 launch:Screen shaking wildly for some players Rebound and Vortex had improperly reduced xp multipliers New items could be locked in in singleplayer missions, causing a freeze Fixed tank movement stuttering bug Make sure to restart Steam to get the latest hotfixes!

Wishlist for v1.0

We've been hard at work on the long awaited Version 1.0 of ShellShock Live! A few new features, and a heap of new content is already in the works, but what else should we include in the milestone update? Leave a comment! EDIT: Thanks so much for the feedback, some great ideas in there! We're looking at a May 22nd release date, so stay tuned!

PS4 Release!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/8045780/43d3a72eb1bf8b985e18d37b84a6cb540cb11e80.jpg ShellShock Live is now available on PlayStation 4! PlayStation Store Page

v0.9.9.5 Released!

Release Notes: - Fixed a bug where damage totals on the end-game screen were incorrect - Significant performance improvements during gameplay - Fixed the clan leaderboard, which now shows the top 500 clans - New game icon - A couple other small bug fixes and improvements

v0.9.9.4 Xbox Release!

v0.9.9.4  Xbox Release! ShellShock Live is now available on the Xbox One! v0.9.9.4 Release Notes - Side wall bumpers are now slightly visible at all times - Added a visual effect when a projectile goes offscreen - Added a new Quick Chat Wheel for those who play with a controller (Hold Left Trigger) - Fixed a bug where selecting a weapon with a controller would cause your tank to move - A couple other small bug fixes v0.9.9.4  Xbox Release! Stay tuned for more!

Preorder on Xbox One v0.9.9.3 Released!

Preorder on Xbox One  v0.9.9.3 Released! ShellShock Live available for Preorder on Xbox One today! Link: Preorder ShellShock Live on Xbox Release Date: 3/8/2019 (in one week!) Preorder on Xbox One  v0.9.9.3 Released! v0.9.9.3 Released! Release Notes: Two new weapons added to the gear shop: Oddball > Oddbomb (Gear Shop) Botherer > Tormentor > Punisher (Gear Shop) Fixed several crashes, including one associated with Citrix Workspace Fixed extra text being shown on the clan-create page Several other bug fixes and performance improvements EDIT: Weapons now work correctly in Rebound mode

v0.9.9.2 Released!

- Fixed an issue where Steam Invites would sometimes not work correctly - A couple other minor bug fixes

v0.9.9.1 Released!

- Upgraded Unity Game Engine from v2017.4.10 to v2017.4.15 for a couple more stability fixes - Fixed issue where clan names were displayed as a '?' - Fixed Performance issue on Mac - Fixed a few startup crashes - Fixed an scrolling issue on the Hub Songs screen

v0.9.9.0 Released!

- Upgraded Unity Game Engine from v5.6 to v2017.4.10 for a many performance and stability fixes - Improved physics CPU performance - Refined controller input for a smoother experience - Several UI issues and inconsistencies fixed - Several possible crashes fixed - With such a large jump in game engine version, there are bound to be some issues that arise, so please report any bugs! - More large strides towards a console release- keep an eye out for an Xbox One version in the next couple months!

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