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Dark Souls 2 is much better than you remember

Look, Elden Ring is potentially still years away, which means Souls fans on PC could be in the middle of a very long wait for more brutally difficult FromSoftware goodness. The perfect remedy for this restlessness? Revisiting the dark horse of the Souls trilogy: Dark Souls 2. I know this is going to be tough, but deep down you know that Dark Souls is a deeply flawed game in places. Blighttown, the Depths, Lost Izalith, Tomb of Giants, and (glorious architecture aside) Anor Londo are all just horrendous slogs that you have to endure. I don't have to explain the first three, you probably already harbour a deep hatred for them, born of curse-spewing frogs and falling to your death. Tomb of Giants is bad because the only thing that makes the area challenging is that there's no light. That's not a challenge, that's bullshit. Anor Londo is slightly more contentious, because it's gorgeous and Ornstein and Smough are rightly regarded as one of the best duo boss fights around. But even if you give a pass to the dodgy rafter sequence, which has no place in a 'tough but fair' Souls game, you're still left with a Titanite Demon crammed into a tiny chapel and the pair of Silver Knight archers with magical homing arrows. Again, not fair challenges, just nonsense. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Dark Souls' narrator lends her voice for a Let's Play channel from former IGN staffers In Dark Souls 2's original story you went to the past and met the Emerald Herald as a kid Sleepy hollow: Dark Souls 2 event will reignite the fire in the RPG's servers from Feb 25

Five of the Best: Game Over screens

Five of the Best is a weekly series about the small details we rush past when we're playing but which shape a game in our memory for years to come. Details like the way a character jumps or the title screen you load into, or the potions you use and maps you refer back to. We've talked about so many in our Five of the Best series so far. But there are always more. Five of the Best works like this. Various Eurogamer writers will share their memories in the article and then you - probably outraged we didn't include the thing you're thinking of - can share the thing you're thinking of in the comments below. Your collective memory has never failed to amaze us - don't let that stop now! Today's Five of the Best is... Read more

Dark Souls II SOTFS - Server maintenance

Bearers of the Curse, Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin servers will undergo maintenance at the following times: PST: Tuesday, February 28th - 6pm to 10pm CET: Wednesday, March 1st - 3pm to 5pm JST: Wednesday, March 1st - 11am to 3pm Thank you for your understanding.

Dark Souls II SOTFS - Server maintenance

Bearers of the Curse, Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin servers will undergo maintenance at the following times: PST: Tuesday, February 28th - 6pm to 10pm CET: Wednesday, March 1st - 3pm to 5pm JST: Wednesday, March 1st - 11am to 3pm Thank you for your understanding.

Now is a good time to return to Dark Souls 2

If you fancy going back through all Dark Souls before the series wraps up with the final DLC in March, now’s a great time to return to Dark Souls 2 . Today sees the start of Return to Drangleic, an unofficial community-run event to draw players back and revitalise multiplayer. Souls just isn’t the same without online invasions, summonings, ghosts, and messages bringing life to the world, so players are returning en masse to rekindle that spark. Fancy joining them? …

Steam Charts: Killer Hits

Like a man dancing to Belle & Sebastian, last week’s best-selling Steam games saw some shaking at the top but not a lot of movement below. IS YOUR FAVOURITE GAME HERE AND WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT YOU AS A PERSON IF IT’S NOT? …

Daily Deal - DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin, 66% Off

Today's Deal: Save 66% on DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin!* Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are! *Offer ends Tuesday at 10AM Pacific Time

Facing Our Demons: RPS Discuss Dark Souls, Difficulty And Death

Dark Souls III is a favourite here at RPS, but it hasn’t lit a fire in the hearts of the entire team. Recently, Alec jumped into the game, having observed the series from afar for some time, and shared his thoughts. He, Pip and Adam gathered to discuss the appeal of the series, and talked about its divergence from traditional RPG systems, the intimidation factor and the complicated nature of its much-debated difficulty. Adam: Dark Souls III is probably going to be in my top three games of the year, despite the thousands of good games coming out this year. I m continually surprised to see it selling quite as well as it does though, because so many people that I recommend the series to treat those recommendations as a form of sadism. …

Endgame: Why Dark Souls III Is A Fitting Finale

Dark Souls III is a superb entry in From Software’s series, and in both design and lore it feels like a fitting finale. Is it time to move on? One day, many years from now, when I have a family that I hang out with by way of a VR headset while in real life we all fester in our isolated cubicles, I envision my future kid coming up to me in our shared virtual space and asking Daddy, what was Dark Souls like? At this point, I d look wistfully out the virtual window at the setting sun (an illusion concealing the fact that in the real world the sun had set for the last time many years ago), and I d say: Dark Souls, my child, wasn t like all the other games. It didn t play nice. It didn t hold your hand, or make you feel loved or important, but it was, in many ways, the purest game series of all. It ended in 2016.” …

Dark Souls Uncompromising Design Leaves No Space For An Easy Mode

Dark Souls isn’t for everyone in the same way that a bowl of piping hot broth isn’t for everyone. Let it cool for a while, add some seasoning, and people might happily tuck in and enjoy, but if you expect them to eat it exactly as you would whether that’s by chugging it down in a few swift gulps or taking tiny sips long after it’s gone cold a fair few folks would rather have a nice sandwich instead. Nothing wrong with that. Nobody should have to drink soup through a straw. Or should they? Given the cries of ‘git gud’ that greet many complaints about the difficulty or inaccessibility of Dark Souls, it’s tempting to see those who love the series as precisely the sort of people who would chase you away from the bowl if you brought a spoon to the soup kitchen. NO SPOONS they’d shriek YOU WON’T APPRECIATE IT IF YOU DON’T GET IT ALL DOWN YOUR CHIN AND THE FRONT OF YOUR JUMPER BEFORE YOU MANAGE TO SWALLOW A MOUTHFUL I wholly agree with these kitchen monsters. …

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