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Downtime Release Notes (3/25/20)

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3e03452fed48a01412d5f382553e490cd836a1c3.png VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25TH @ 9PM PDT (Est. 1hr) Rebels, This is it! Base updates have arrived, providing new turrets, module levels, and more - find the full details below. Also in this release, expect a new Umbra Fighter, the Wendigo, and Dyad Beam which debuts alongside it. We’re listening to your thoughts on the recent resurgence enhancements and have begun investigating potential changes. There are two main focuses for these changes. The first is to retain the feeling of winning and the second is to resolve base guards, which may require an exceedingly large amount of attacks depending on the amount of guards used. As these details are finalized, additional information will be posted. As previously mentioned, the browser version of VEGA Conflict is wrapping up. This is tentatively slated for the April release. This will let you play on the fly, and you’ll only have to load up KIXEYE.COM. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3dbfb84a8456d3521c527724da56f196e7a4f8a3.png Earn the Umbra Wendigo and Dyad Beam in the INFILTRATION event, starting Thursday, April 4th @ 3PM PDT. Wendigo Mk2-4 Upgrade Materials and Dyad Beam III Fragments are up for grab in the April Mobilization. Upgrade the Wendigo all the way to Mk6 by earning upgrade materials found in Decimation. Reach peak performance by earning Grandmaster Upgrade Materials and Void Binary Torpedo III Fragments in this month’s Alliance War. Next month, look out for the Monolith Carrier! Gear up for Civil War and fight for an all-out PvP war where you can score prizes by earning a top leaderboard rank. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/7cfd731ee297b6e5028f3751a7addb26f04266f9.png Thrive in combat using the Umbra Wendigo, which excels at close-ranged, aggressive encounters. The Dyad Beam is the first Tier 8 beam and uses Energy Damage. Convert these to Blight, Plasma, or Alien damage for additional combat flexibility. The Omni Blade fires at multiple angles of attack, blasting massive close-range energy at the push of a button. The Zettabyte is the first Tier 8 Pharmakon Dreadnought, using its Salvo Stutter Overdrive, Giga-Pulse Overdrive, and hit and run tactics to control the battlefield. Look out for the Nova Missile Turret, which provides explosive damage with AoE. These can be converted to Blight, Plasma, and Alien damage variants. The Atomic Driver Turret is a long-ranged Kinetic Driver, convertible to Blight, Plasma, and Alien damage variants. Resonant Plates provide additional defenses for your base and give a bonus boost to Shield Energy. Step up your base defenses with the Plasma Field, Blight Field, and Xeno Field, which provides Shield Energy, defenses, and damage-type specific resistance. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/f3f73cff4d171848ddcafe28814fa9e20531797c.png Ablative Suppression added to Bridge Module. DPS Bonus added to Modules. Module Upgrades: Bridge, Fleet Bay, Ship Factory, Combat Module, & Hangar Module. Added more space between spawned targets in events, making them easier to select. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5029cc49fa8bba08a1776c01e105f83b1970fd4c.png Fixed an issue where components display as “Alien” instead of “Xeno” Fixed an issue in the Fleet Manager where a blank line may be added to stats list while switching ships Fixed an issue where Bloodthirst Stacks may not work with Eclipse Driver Fixed an issue where Pharmakon Operator may display “Screen Damage” on Stats List Fixed an issue where Void Binary Torpedo and Marauder Grandmaster XP values were incorrect. Fixed an issue in Co-op battles where Pharmakon ships may take damage while phased.

Downtime Release Notes (2/26/20)

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3e03452fed48a01412d5f382553e490cd836a1c3.png VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 26TH @ 8PM PST (EST. 1HR) Rebels, As another month goes down for the VC history books, another month of exciting features and content is coming up! We’re proud to announce PvP Resurgence will be extended to ALL ships and may return up to 70% of health for Mk6 hulls. Pharmakon Buffs also arrive, giving your fleet an extra boost in power that should be seen in both PvE and PvP. Please note, for Resurgence, a combat lock will prevent an attacker or defender from attacking for a period of time, in order to prevent repeated attacks. The visual feedback for this feature will appear once your game has been updated - please do not be alarmed if you cannot attack or be attacked by a Fleet that you were just in battle with. Depending on the platform being used, Monday is the latest you’ll likely see the update. ALTAIRIAN ORION FIGHTER {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/85bf331309c7298163fed322de1f1691717e3ad1.png {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/a2f2587432fbb4f5096bda176c904787f6080b9f.png *Mk6 shown above. Skins shown below. AZIDE MINE {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/4f3dac6237f0552d49f382019bd35f9fe08dfae6.png When the enemy reaches for victory, hand them a minefield instead: unlike the sniper-like Positron Bolt, the Azide Mine unleashes a cascade of mines onto the field of combat, delivering both AoE and Stasis into your enemies’ awaiting grasp. The Azide Mine will first be available MONDAY, MARCH 2ND @ 8PM PST. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3dbfb84a8456d3521c527724da56f196e7a4f8a3.png HIJACK begins THURSDAY, MARCH 5TH @ 3PM PST! Earn the Altairian Orion, Tier 8 Altairian Armors, & Horde Cannon, all of which will be available. Earn Orion Patterns up to Mk4, then pick up Horde Cannon III Fragments to boost your firepower. This month’s Decimation features Mk5 and Mk6 Upgrade Materials for the Orion along with Fleet Commander Luna Roisin, master of the Fighter class. Marauders have converted Gargoyle Carrier technology, creating the Monolith Carrier and Void Hammer Missiles along with it - find both in the March Alliance War. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/7cfd731ee297b6e5028f3751a7addb26f04266f9.png The Orion is powerful, fast, and armed to the teeth. The latest powerful armors for Altairian have arrived, providing additional flexibility in defending Fleets and multi-resistant defenses at level III. Long range or short, the Horde Cannon’s punishing AoE slugs will leave a mark regardless. Boost your Fighter Fleets to peak performance by recruiting Legendary Fleet Commander Luna Roisin. The Monolith Carrier is Gargoyle-converted technology, found in the March Alliance War. The Void Hammer Missile nails the competition and pairs perfectly with the Monolith Carrier. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/f3f73cff4d171848ddcafe28814fa9e20531797c.png Resurgence Enhancements (Check them out HERE!) Pharmakon Buffs (Check them out HERE!) Combat Delay (Applies to repeat PvP attacks to/from the same Fleet) Streak Breaker functionality extended for future use When closing the Fleet Manager screen, the mini-fleet manager will auto-select that fleet. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5029cc49fa8bba08a1776c01e105f83b1970fd4c.png Fixed an issue where the Workshop Module may not save when moved Fixed an issue where anti-pierce may not work for unpowered moules In Workshop, if "Show Only Craftable" is checked in "Crafting" tab, when starting Crafting Process of an item, it will deselect the item selection in the list. Fixed an issue where the Lancer Driver may use the incorrect special effect for explosions Fixed an issue where Jumpships may be automatically recalled back to base after combat concludes, even when the fleet has not yet been destroyed Fixed an issue where the Ship Upgrade Screen may not display equipment & resistances Fixed an issue where the Vector’s Fracture Overdrive & Leviathan Onslaught Projectiles may travel too far Fixed an issue where Void Screen Repair Times were not aligned with other Marauder content Various minor localization fixes

Downtime Release Notes (12/18/19)

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3e03452fed48a01412d5f382553e490cd836a1c3.png VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 18 @ 8 PM PST (EST. 1HR) Rebels, We’re proud to announce Web Support will be returning to VEGA Conflict soon! You’ll be able to play through KIXEYE.COM using WebGL, which is already supported by all major browsers. Additionally, there’s no installation process so you’ll be up and running quickly. Read more about the change here. The Umbra Amarok Titan launches in EXTRADITION, starting Thursday, January 2nd @ 3PM PST. Blast your way through the fray using Weapon Jamming Stacks and DPS stacks, supporting your fleet and taking down enemies with its own firepower. UMBRA AMAROK TITAN {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/431d8317269661274057d9bc81f3d57fee1a019f.png *Silhouette of the Amarok {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3dbfb84a8456d3521c527724da56f196e7a4f8a3.png  Lock in the date: EXTRADITION starts January 2nd. Earn the Umbra Amarok Titan, Cyclic Vulcan, and Parasitic Armors.  Find the latest Mk2-5 Upgrade Materials in Mobilization, Hulls and tech, featuring Amarok MK2-5 Upgrade Materials.  Decimation holds Elite Crafting Materials, Hulls, and Tech. The January Decimation provides an opportunity to upgrade the Amarok to Mk5, then Elite.  Earn the Marauder Stargazer Cruiser, Void Node Armor, Void Screen, & Void Tera Cannon. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/7cfd731ee297b6e5028f3751a7addb26f04266f9.png  The Amarok rewards aggressive tactics, featuring Weapon Jamming stacks and DPS stacks to take down enemies quickly, or as fleet support.  The Cyclic Vulcan uses Kinetic Damage with minor AoE bonuses and can be converted to Faction-locked level IV Blight (Umbra), Plasma (Pharmakon), & Xeno (Altairian) Damage Types.  Tier 8 Parasitic Umbra Armors provide Energy, Explosive, & Kinetic Damage Resistance. Convert them to level IV for either Xeno or Blight Resistance.  The Positron Bolt is button-activated, putting YOU in control. Positron Bolt I & II Credits give four charges of Kinetic Damage with massive range and massive piercing stats.  Use Fleet Commander Paul Vahron for extra Strafe Speed, Kinetic Damage, and Energy Resistance. Equip it to Ranger Fleets for a boost to Driver Projectile Speed.  Marauders have started converting Pharmakon Tech! Built from Trojan Cruiser wreckage from combat, Stargazer utilizes DoT stacks, Phasing Speed Bonuses, and Resurgence.  The Void Tera Cannon applies DoT, enormous Piercing, and uses a 3,000m range to take enemies down.  Beef up the Stargazer’s defenses with Void Node Armor.  Pharmakon Marauders may now phase using the Void Screen. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/f3f73cff4d171848ddcafe28814fa9e20531797c.png Repair fleets with Gold on the Sector Map using Remote Repair Multiple Jumpships may now be launched simultaneously Dreadnought Category added to Workshop Filters Tier 7 Umbra, Altairian, & Pharmakon Strikes each Tuesday @ 8AM PST {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5029cc49fa8bba08a1776c01e105f83b1970fd4c.png Fixed an issue where Ajax’s Fortify Overdrive may resist 100% Blight & Void Damage Shield Defense Buffs were switched to Hull Resistance Fixed an issue where Spawned Hulls are considered by the Ajax’s Damage Allocation Field. Fixed an issue where Blight Elements are required for Xeno Resolute Shield Crafting Recipe Fixed an issue where Featured Loot may not be displayed in Galaxy Map Info Menu & Sector Activities Menu Fixed an issue where Outposts may overlap in Altairian Sectors Fixed an issue where Combat Reward Toast does not show # of Blueprint Pieces won Fixed an issue where Ronin Gabriel Stat Block may be missing “+” sign for Plasma Resist Fixed an issue where “Requires Workshop IX” may overlap upgrade button if Workshop is level IX or below Fixed a graphical issue where projectiles visibly explode far away from the Ajax Fixed an issue where Fire Disruption Icon may not be removed from Phased Ships Fixed various minor localization issues

Downtime Release Notes (11/27/19)

VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 27TH @ 8PM PST (Est. 1hr) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3e03452fed48a01412d5f382553e490cd836a1c3.png Rebels, December’s release brings exciting new features, fun new ships, and brand new events! Debuts the Altairian Ajax Titan, Tier 8 Leviathan Dreadnought, Deep Space Improvements, Pharmakon Rising, and Permanent Pharmakon Sector, all of which will be seen in December. Please Note: Due to a bug with the Nova Driver/Operator combination during overdrive, the Nova Driver received a faster firing rate than intended, and will be fixed during this release. ALTAIRIAN AJAX TITAN {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/4f09a25eac39292e104286b3e75b50be892f1d59.png{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/9dd630a2809a002c70266c169c3f531cd21be0b7.png *Cipher Skin (right) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3dbfb84a8456d3521c527724da56f196e7a4f8a3.png SINGULARITY begins December 5th. Earn the Ajax, Shield Regeneration monster, then equip Cascade Missiles and Resolute Shields for maximum power. Find the latest Mk2-5 Upgrade Materials in Mobilization, Hulls and tech, featuring Ajax MK2-4 Upgrade Materials. Decimation hosts Elite Crafting Materials, Hulls, and Tech - in the December Decimation, upgrade your Ajax to Mk5, then Elite. Earn Tier 7 Pharmakon Ships, Upgrade Materials through Elite, and Tech in Pharmakon Rising. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/7cfd731ee297b6e5028f3751a7addb26f04266f9.png Regroup, regenerate, and ravage: Master offensive and defensive strategy by pairing the Altairian Ajax Titan’s shield regeneration boosts with its ability to allocate damage to your allies take within its support range, giving the option to bring your fleets out of the fight to regenerate its shields with the firepower to back up your Fleet. Take enemies down using Cascade Missiles, and for additional flexibility, use them to craft level IV Blight, Xeno, or Plasma Variants. Resolute Shields provides resistance to all 3: Explosive, Kinetic, and Energy damage types, and can be converted to level 4 Xeno or Plasma! Take control of the battle using the Umbra Leviathan Dreadnought - an amalgamation of the best Umbra has to offer, with Stackable DPS boosts, Stackable Stasis, and an automatic Defensive Missile Barrage upon taking damage. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/f3f73cff4d171848ddcafe28814fa9e20531797c.png Permanent Pharmakon Sector featuring Cargo, Supplies, and Dreadnought Targets Deep Space Dynamic Spawn Rates Deep Space Dedicated NPC Despawning Points Strongbox Inventory Consolidation Minimum Level to Join Alliance is now 20 Event Points scaled by 1/10 in both drops & store Pharmakon Plexus Carrier Description Update Deflector Zealots renamed to Kinetic Zealots (Steam) Ship Modifiers can now be viewed without the build/refit menu (Steam) For RI Scrapping, the menu now shows all resource payouts, including 0 resources {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5029cc49fa8bba08a1776c01e105f83b1970fd4c.png Fixed an issue where Nova Driver during Rupture Overdrive would fire faster than intended Fixed an issue where the Yellowjacket Wing and Redhawk Wing may display "0-0" as health stat on Android while equipping modules. Fixed an issue where the upgrade dialog button may display that a crafting upgrade is available after the crafting upgrade token isn't required anymore Fixed an issue where “Request Sent” Alliance invitation button may display as “Request Invite” after logging out and back in Fixed an issue where Ship Travel Paths in Sector View may appear curved while zooming in/out Fixed an issue where message may not be displayed while trying to escort a base guard fleet Fixed an issue where Orator projectiles may be inaccurate while firing near a 90° angle Fixed an issue with Phase Charge Hacking description Fixed an issue where the event store may not give warning once item claim limit is reached Fixed an issue with destroyed Javelin icon Fixed various minor localization issues

Downtime Release Notes (11/03/19)

VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME SUNDAY NOVEMBER 3RD @ 9PM PDT (EST. 1HR)  {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3e03452fed48a01412d5f382553e490cd836a1c3.png Rebels, We’re proud to announce Phasing v2 to improve not only Pharmakon combat overall, but also to better aligning Pharmakon within the RPS cycle. Get the full details HERE. The permanent Umbra sector will open before the AWAKENING event, providing access to Umbra Cargo and Supplies, including upgrade materials, Blueprint Pieces for Hulls and Tech, and USA Wraith Upgrade Tokens. These targets are taken from events and will no longer be present in events, however Onyx, Infected Outpost, Hellfire, Onslaught, and Pursuer targets will still be available through events. Please note most stasis weapons will be removed from the Umbra Sector Targets. PHARMAKON OPERATOR {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3dbfb84a8456d3521c527724da56f196e7a4f8a3.png  AWAKENING begins November 7th. Earn the Pharmakon Operator, Paroxysm Cannons, and Mesh Screens.  Earn Operator MKII-IV Upgrade Materials in November’s Mobilization, and another chance to earn the Operator!  Earn valuable Upgrade Materials in Decimation, including MKV-VI Operator Patterns.  Earn Pharmakon Ships, Upgrade Materials, and Tech in Pharmakon Rising. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/7cfd731ee297b6e5028f3751a7addb26f04266f9.png   Take the Sector by storm using the Tier 8 Pharmakon Operator, a close-range Fighter Hull with massive DPS during Overdrive.  Take enemies down using the Paroxysm Cannons, which boasts 1,000 DPS, 0-4,500m range, 3,500m/s speed. These can be converted to level 4 Blight, Plasma, and Xeno Damage variants.  Level 1-3 Mesh Screens provides resistance to all 3: Explosive, Kinetic, and Energy damage types. Convert these to level 4 Blight or Plasma variants!  Fleet Commander Ronin Gabriel is alluring to Altairian Fleets, providing +10% Weapon Speed with 4x Altairian Hulls in the fleet, and at level 100, yields +10% Alien Damage, 10% Plasma Resistance, and +10% Shield Energy.  {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5029cc49fa8bba08a1776c01e105f83b1970fd4c.png Phasing v2 Tier 8 Ship Specials Restrictions Umbra Sector featuring Supply & Cargo Targets {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5029cc49fa8bba08a1776c01e105f83b1970fd4c.png Fixed an issue where Cargo Thieves could not be attacked in non-pvp sectors Fixed a minor graphical issue while upgrading modules to level 7 where an incorrect symbol would appear in the upgrade text. Fixed an issue where the Alliance “Notices” tab has a large gap between text fields. Fixed an issue where 2 Defeat Cargo Fleet Missions may appear simultaneously. Fixed an issue where the "Show Only Craftable" filter may show recipes that aren't craftable currently. Fixed a graphical issue where Hull selector screen may not display correctly on iPhone X. Fixed a discrepancy between the amount of VIP points needed towards the next level and the amount of VIP points currently earned. Fixed an issue where Demon Corps materials cannot be located while using the Material Inventory Search feature. Fixed an issue in the Marketplace where purchase limit could be bypassed by holding down + key. Fixed an issue with the Enguard Overdrive Generator where Ship Damage Bonus Stat appears twice in Support Field Dialogue. Fixed an issue on Mobile where Wormhole Drive DS-1 may not display Mass Stat while viewing from the Ship Factory or Black Market. Fixed a graphical issue with the Wormhole Drive DS-1 Description Fixed an issue where if a Ship Factory refit is cancelled, RIs may not be returned. Fixed an issue where escort icon may not be removed after disengaging Dreadnought escort. Fixed an issue with Skirmisher targets where Ship Spawner animation may loop incorrectly. Fixed an issue on Steam where equipping a Cargo Special may display a Sector Speed increase erroneously. Fixed an issue on Mobile where Sector Speed and Expected Fleet Level Stats may not appear. Fixed an issue where the HUD may not resize while going fullscreen in first battle after first starting VC. Various minor localization fixes

Downtime Release Notes (9/25/19)

VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 25TH @ 9PM PDT (EST. 1HR) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3e03452fed48a01412d5f382553e490cd836a1c3.png Rebels, With Tier 8 comes new ships, new defenses, and new weapons. First up is the Umbra Valrayvn hull, which takes one day to build and two hours to repair (Tier 7 tech will not increase the repair time). UMBRA VALRAYVN One notable difference in Tier 8 is how defenses and armors are released. With the first Tier 8 hull for each faction, Defenses for that Faction will be released at the same time. Armors will be released in Q1 2020 Tier 8 Hulls will be available as Blueprint Pieces as Loot Drops. For the COLLUSION event (with potential for an extension in a few future events), Blueprint Pieces for the Valrayvn will also be available through the Prize Store. Please be aware: NPC targets which award the first three Tier 8 hulls can be taken down with Tier 7 Mk5 Fleets, however, it is highly advisable to use Tier 8 ships to earn subsequent Tier 8 hulls. Similar to Tier 7’s Feature Events, a Weapon will be released alongside the hull. Upgrades will change slightly: Feature Event: Hull Release Mobilization: MkII-IV Upgrade Materials as Loot Drops Decimation: MKV-VI Upgrade Materials as Loot Drops No Cores, Parts, or Armaments will be needed to craft the upgrade - only Patterns, Mineral Ore, and Time. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/3dbfb84a8456d3521c527724da56f196e7a4f8a3.png COLLATERAL begins October 3rd, launching into Tier 8 with the Umbra Valrayvn, Ablative Carapace, and Explosive Nova Driver. Pyro Zealots I-IV will be available for your Altairian Orators! Earn a top Leaderboard rank by attacking Umbra Onyx targets to earn Shockwave Thonian Armor IV RIs and/or Blood Amber. Earn Valrayvn MKII-IV Upgrade Materials in October’s Mobilization, but if the Valrayvn was missed, don’t miss a second opportunity to grab it! Earn Upgrade Materials, including MKV-VI Valrayvn Patterns. The Wormhole Drive DS-1 makes its first appearance, don’t miss a chance to win it! In this month’s Alliance War comes another chance to win the Pariah Battlecruiser, materials to upgrade it, and the Void Havoc Cannon. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/7cfd731ee297b6e5028f3751a7addb26f04266f9.png The Valrayvn is an extremely fast, extremely powerful hull that utilizes it’s long-range to take enemies down. Kick the Valrayvn into overdrive upon enemies being destroyed within its firing arc, giving it a massive +55% Strafe Speed and +25% Rotation Speed bonus to rapidly reposition itself to take down the next target. It’s passive overdrive, Bloodthirst, deals stacks of damage upon dealing 1,150 damage at MK5. Ablative Carapace is the next generation of Ablative Technology, providing up to 12,040 Health, a 35:175 Damage Threshold to Ablative Recovery ratio, and 10% Devour Recovery. Craft the Blight Version for additional Ablative Recovery. The Nova Driver is an explosive masterpiece, topping out at 1,000 DPS, 2,300m/s Speed, and 2,800-8,000m range. Projectiles detonate with 300m AoE, leaving in a starburst pattern in their wake. Convert them to Blight, Plasma, or Xeno using Elements and level 3 Nova Driver RIs Ship Skins change the look of Tier 8 ships, giving them a brand new paint job. These are one-time use credits planned for both Limited Time Offers and more widely available methods. The Wormhole Drive DS-1 features a 3-sector jump, perfect for Deep Space, allowing for a quick escape or an unexpected attack. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/f3f73cff4d171848ddcafe28814fa9e20531797c.png 5 New Terminus Mine Upgrades Void Nebula Added {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11173373/5029cc49fa8bba08a1776c01e105f83b1970fd4c.png Fixed various minor localization issues

Downtime Release Notes (8/28/19)

VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY AUGUST 28 @ 9PM PDT (EST. 1HR) This release features the Pharmakon Plexus Carrier 🚀All Ships: 2x Sector Speed 🚀 Dreadnought Escorting 🚀 Event Multi-Prize Claims 🚀 READ MORE BELOW! Downtime  Release Notes (8/28/19) Rebels, The August release is packed with community-requested changes, including Ship Sector Speed doubling for all ships, the ability to escort using Dreadnoughts, and multi-prize claims for event stores! Performance improvements are also being implemented to address reports received after the Deep Space launch - please note, this will take effect once the updated game build has been installed on your device. Downtime  Release Notes (8/28/19) The Pharmakon Plexus Carrier and Kaon Driver can also be found in this release, earned through the September Feature event SYNCHRONY on September 5th. September’s Alliance War will be swapped with a re-run event (TBD), however Alliance War will return in October. Brand new in September is a bonus Fleet Commander XP period from Monday the 2nd to Thursday the 5th, where 20% additional experience will be earned. Due to overlapping tech offered through both Supply Runs and Campaigns, targets will be moved to the Planet. Downtime  Release Notes (8/28/19)  Earn the Pharmakon Plexus Carrier and Kaon Driver in Synchrony, beginning September 5th. The Plexus Carrier is the final Tier 7 hull, featuring Ablative Suppression, Reactive Phasing, and a Plasma Laser Array. Turn destruction up to maximum with the Kaon Driver III, checking in at 820 DPS!  Earn Plexus Carrier MkII-V Upgrades, Spectral Myr I-IV, then bolster your Orator with Spectral Zealot IV.  The Elite Plexus gains bonuses to the Enfeeble Field Overdrive and Laser Array Overdrive. Find Elite Upgrade Materials in the September Decimation.  To be announced - keep an eye on the upcoming September Event Calendar! Downtime  Release Notes (8/28/19)  The Pharmakon Plexus Carrier is the final Tier 7 hull! This beast features Ablative Suppression, Phasing Sync, and a Plasma Beam.  Equip the Kaon Driver to Tier 7 Carriers, then earn Plasma Elements to convert them for additional combat strategy flexibility. This features 8,000m range, 2,000 m/s speed, and 6 piercing.  Spectral Myrs and Kinetic Myrs will be available this month in Mobilization and Decimation, respectively. At level 4, Myrs have a boosted 4,100 Health, 328+ damage upon impact, and 50% Alien Resistance.  Kinetic and Explosive Zealots: Kinetic Zealots will be released in September’s Mobilization, however Explosive Zealots will be available in a future event.  Legendary Fleet Commander Richard Gowd specializes in Driver and Vulcan Class Weapons, boosting range by 800m, Screen and Kinetic Damage by 15%, and bolstering Kinetic Resistance by 10%. When 3x Altairian Hulls are in his fleet, they gain +4 Piercing with Vulcan & Driver Weapons. Downtime  Release Notes (8/28/19) 2x Sector Travel Speed for all ships Dreadnoughts can now escort Items in event stores can now be claimed multiple times at once Supply Run Fleets moved to Planet Carrier Field Description Clarification Support for no-coin offers Downtime  Release Notes (8/28/19) Fixed an issue where Sun on Planet view does not appear correctly occasionally Fixed an issue where default Leaderboard images would load for each rank on Mobile. Fixed an issue where Wraith Cruisers may fly through walls while AI is enabled Fixed an issue where Phase Screen stats may appear in incorrect color Fixed an issue where defeated fleets could be escorted Fixed an issue where Planet Targets may be incorrect color Fixed an issue where Plasma damage type may not appear in Omega Workshop information Fixed incorrect functionality for the Inquisitor/Saboteur’s Ballista Overdrive Fixed an issue where Zeus may not appear high quality while in Combat Fixed an issue where Spectral Zealot appeared too brightly Fixed an issue where Attack button may not be greyed out while in a non-PvP Deep Space sector Fixed an issue where DoT icon may disappear when re-entering combat Fixed an issue where upon re-entering battle before Wormhole Drive Bonus ends, the bonus visually may not count down correctly Fixed an issue where Co-op Target Icon may appear too dimly Fixed an issue where Pharmakon Ships may Phase before countdown time ends while joining Co-op battle Fixed an issue where battle replays may not be loaded if the battle took place in a collapsed sector Fixed an issue where Planet and Sector views may not resize correctly Fixed an issue where Zealots may receive damage from Xeno/Plasma Nebulas Fixed an issue where Spawned Ships may be controlled on Mobile Fixed an Android issue where the game could not be re-opened after exiting using the Back button Various Minor Localization Fixes

Downtime Release Notes (7/24/19)

🚀Massive Ship Build & Ship Upgrade Token Time Reductions 🚀 Updated Wormhole Drive Type-1 for Deep Space 🚀 Additional Spawners for Event Targets 🚀 Altairian Orator Dreadnought 🚀 Umbra Aerico 🚀 READ MORE BELOW! VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY JULY 24 @ 9PM PDT (EST. 1HR) Downtime  Release Notes (7/24/19) Rebels, In this release comes a massive Hull build time reduction. Not only that- Upgrade Token Crafting Time and Recipe Research Time too. Check out those changes HERE. To help address concerns of target availability in Thursday’s monthly events, additional Target Spawners will be added. A new Wormhole Drive is planned for further down the road, so the Wormhole Drive Type-1 is being updated with a 30s local jump cooldown, 60s sector jump cooldown, and 2 sector jumps to help with interim travel times to Deep Space. Please note only Builds, Upgrade Token Crafting, and Recipe Research started after the update are affected - to help those who started these before the downtime, a resource top-up will be sent to every account at 3PM PDT Thursday. The Wormhole Drive Type-1’s updated stats will be active after the downtime, but its stat block will NOT change until the game update has been installed on your device. For those who scrapped the Wormhole Drive Type-1, these will be credited back to your account in the form of a Customer Service Gift, which will appear at the top-left of the screen. In continued depreciation of the Unity Webplayer, Facebook and Web versions of VEGA Conflict will no longer be supported after this release. For additional information, please check out this post. The Altairian Orator Dreadnought and Umbra Aerico put you in control of their Spawned Ships - find the best strategy of when to attack or defend. These toggles appear while in combat, controlling all Spawned Ships in combat at once with ease: Downtime  Release Notes (7/24/19) The Altairian Orator Dreadnought is set to release on Tuesday, July 30th @ 3pm in the Altair Event, located through the Altairian Sector. Post-event, Orator materials may be found through the Altairian Sector and Zealots through Mobilizations. Downtime  Release Notes (7/24/19) Destroy Dreadnought NPCs in the Altairian Sector to earn event points which can be used to obtain Spectral Zealots. Fight to win the Umbra Aerico, Pyro Myrs, and updated Jumpdrive Type-1. Upgrade your Aerico all the way to MkV with Upgrade Materials found in this month’s Mobilization, then pick up the Blight Myr Blueprint and Xeno Zealots. Dominate the battlefield by upgrading the Aerico to Elite with upgrade materials found in this month’s Decimation. In PvP, every shot counts. No Marauder fleet is complete without the Pariah Battlecruiser and Void Havoc Cannon. Downtime  Release Notes (7/24/19) The Altairian Orator Dreadnought wields dual Overdrives to enhance its Zealots, at Mk1 gaining DPS, Phase Hacking, Shield Defense, Shield Regeneration, Ship Speed, and Rotation Speed bonuses. Gain the tactical edge by equipping Energy and Alien Zealots to the Orator. Bring Blight to the Battlefield with the Umbra Aerico, using its Stalk Overdrive for speed, resistances, and ablative bonuses upon entering a Blight Nebula. Its Rile Overdrive boosts Ship and Blight damage upon spawning Myrs. Equip Blight & Pyro Myrs to the Aerico, then set them to seek and destroy the nearest target or put them in a defensive stance to defend the Aerico, leaving a Blight Nebula upon destruction. The Marauder Pariah Battlecruiser is a Marauder-converted Manticore which utilizes Ablative Armor, Resurgence, and the Blood Rush Overdrive. The Marauder Havoc Cannon fires high velocity Void piercing rounds with 3,000m range, 2,500 m/s speed, and up to +6 Piercing. Crafting Blight Thonian Armor and Alien Thonian Armor, which provide 50% Resistance and +45 Ablative Recovery defenses, giving you the last shot in battle. Let your Plasma Cannons roar using the Plasma Atrophy Router, gaining up to +10 DoT Stacks, +12% Plasma Damage, and -15% DoT Threshold. Downtime  Release Notes (7/24/19) Unity Webplayer Depreciated Build, Crafting, Research Times Changed Wormhole Drive Type-1 updated Changed “Fleet is orbiting the sector” to “Fleet is exploring the sector” Reverted Select All & AI Toggle Button placement Downtime  Release Notes (7/24/19) Fixed an issue where if an account is maxed out (100x) of a particular RI, pre-fitted Hull offers using that RI may not be added to the account upon purchasing. Fixed an issue with the Zeus’ description. Fixed an issue where the Lunatic cruiser displayed Void Nebula resistance prematurely. Fixed an issue where Shield Color effect on Altairian Hulls may not display clearly Fixed an issue with Scrolling through Stat Blocks in the Workshop where the Y scroll position may persist through multiple stat blocks. Fixed an issue where “Expected Fleet Level” would be calculated when a sole Flagship is placed in a fleet. The calculation being based on a full Fleet of the ship being viewed, but only one Flagship may be placed in a Fleet at one time. Fixed an issue where Weapon Restriction for Void Harmonic Beam Capacitor appeared on incorrect Stat Block line. Fixed an issue where Deep Space Background music is too loud. Fixed an issue where Tiered Loot may not appear through Deep Space Galaxy Map’s “INFO” Loot Menu. Fixed an issue where “A Behemoth Task” Mission may not consider fragments collected pre-mission start. Fixed an issue where Manticore, Inhibitor, & Renascence Battlecruiser MK I & II may have purple visual effects. Fixed an issue where tagged Deep Space targets may not be found while searching in-base. Fixed an issue where Altairian United 99 α & β could not be found via tag/Sector Info menu

Downtime Release Notes (6/26/19)

VEGA CONFLICT IS UNDERGOING DOWNTIME WEDNESDAY JUNE 26 @ 9PM PT (Est. 1hr) Downtime  Release Notes (6/26/19) Rebels, We’re proud to announce the Deep Space release! Please be aware fleets will be recalled during the update because of the Fleet XP Balance change. Deep Space will be activated after July’s Justice event concludes, where you’ll find: Xeno Supplies/Cargo and Behemoth targets in the residential sector AXIS Supplies/Cargo in the Deep Space Lobby. PvP is disabled in the Lobby. Altairian Supplies/Cargo in the Altairian Sector (branching from the Lobby) Also in this update is a big overhaul to New User Missions, New Time-Limited Campaigns for progressing to Tier 6 tech, and Fleet XP Changes. Downtime  Release Notes (6/26/19) New player-created formations will be included in this update. From left to right, these designs were created by: Dark729, BaronVonAlex, and CyrusL, who won the Fleet Formation Design Contest. Downtime  Release Notes (6/26/19) A few submitted designs were identical to the winners - those contestants will receive the formation they submitted that’s identical to the one above, before they’re made available to all players: Darth Ironclad - Flex Wing FreedomCobra - Flex Wing Anyeex - Flex Wing Master Baku - Ambush Ramius Loweke - Rampart Downtime  Release Notes (6/26/19) Aliens are running rampant in the Residential Sector! Attack them to earn Xeno tech. Justify your dominance with the Pharmakon Omega, Triadic Vulcan, and Plasma Siphon Resistor. Don’t miss a chance to get USA themed hulls! Boost Vulcan Weapon Speed and Projectile Range with the Thermionic Filament. For added damage resistance, pick up the Explosive Siphon Resistor. Grab brand new Formations and the latest tech in Decimation. You’ve been waiting for it! Pick up the Void Harmonic Beam Capacitor in July’s Alliance War. Downtime  Release Notes (6/26/19) From the beginning of battle to the end, be the alpha with the Omega. The Triadic Vulcan is a hard-hitting, AoE projectile shotgun. Boost Vulcan class weapon Speed and Projectile Range using the Thermionic Filament. Fleet Commander Aluin Dael is a must-have for Marauder Basing Fleets. Use Blight Ablative Tungsten Armor for additional defenses. Downtime  Release Notes (6/26/19) 🌌 Deep Space 🌌 Fleet XP Balance Changes New User Progression Time Limited Campaigns New User Missions Revamp Downtime  Release Notes (6/26/19) Fixed an issue where Terminus Mine may not fully refund resources used. Fixed an issue where module unequip Cost/Time may be incorrect. Fixed an issue where Formations do not appear in Blueprints menu. Fixed an issue where it could take a long time to rejoin Umbra Outpost targets after destroying Umbra Combat Modules. Fixed an issue where Pharmakon Hulls may visually switch to a lower mk level after exiting phase. Fixed an issue where clicking and dragging onto an escort may trigger an attack. Fixed an issue where public assistance toggle may be ignored. Fixed an issue where Plasma Screen may use incorrect effect color. Fixed an issue where Javelin may not display defeated icon. Fixed a chat issue where VIP icon and username may overlap.

Downtime Release Notes (5/29/19)

Find out what's included in the next release HERE ✅ Altairian Zeus ✅ Glance Cannon ✅ Pharmakon Plasma Screen ✅ Pharmakon Siphon Resistors ⬇️ Click below to get the full details

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