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Portal Knights - Legendary Edition is here!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/c71614b70a6c11a515c49fb123f28a7a706136a9.png Portal Knights Legendary Edition offers everything you need to get started in Portal Knights in one single package! Players at home will find worlds to explore at their fingertips: Adventure mode – Choose from five classes including the Rogue and Druid and customise your character with three races to choose from including the mysterious Elves and ferocious Furfolk.. Battle enemies with friends, explore dozens of islands, complete quests, craft new armor and weapons, defeat six challenging bosses, take on three hard mode variants and save Elysia from the Hollow King. Creative Mode – Construct truly awe-inspiring structures with unlimited resources, create custom mini puzzles with traps, triggers and enemies, or make your own racetracks. Continue your adventure in Faynore – Enjoy two new game modes on Elysia’s moon, Faynore as you help the Elves in challenging roguelike rifts, defend the Star Stones for the Furfolk and earn unique rewards including Mythical mounts. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/dc96877c98c45a3a0a0da31be7ef127be4b74e85.jpg In addition to the latest Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense and Elves, Rogues, and Rifts expansions the Portal Knights Legendary Edition also includes all content from the following previously released add-ons: Gold Throne Pack Portal Pioneer Pack Box of Fantastic Headwear Box of Grumpy Rings Box of Joyful Rings Forest Animals Box Bibot Box Emoji Box Lobot Box It looks like there's never been a better time to get into Portal Knights or update your collection with some new DLC. Check the Steam store for your local pricing and join the world of Portal Knights today!

Join the Egg Hunt!

Head into the game and off on an egg hunt in our latest seasonal event! The island is covered with colourful eggs. But watch out, the Hollow Knights corrupted some of them.... {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/acdf475fda8f960d39bcb4593ab9df9b20912d8a.png Obtain enough eggs to craft a Golden Easter Egg and unlock an in-game achievement. This special event runs until the 21st of April, so get hunting now! Please note the event will spawn on a random island! Good luck!

Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense DLC and FREE Mount Update OUT NOW!

Purchase the new premium DLC and embrace your wild side by playing as the new Druid class! Druids can transform into a variety of forms with unique abilities, including a ferocious bear, a spine chilling spider and...slime. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/6ddd0c50a77ee96830d7c96d77b60ec814e3d61c.jpg A furrrrther race joins the world of Elysia too - the Furfolk. Which arrive with customizable fur colors, ears and muzzles. Cute! ( Don’t tell them we said that though ) Relic Defense! Three new action-packed arenas! Defend ancient relics known as the Star Stones by crafting traps and magical bombardments to overcome waves of enemy onslaught. Earn heroic rewards including a mythical unicorn and dragon mounts. Each arena also features a Hard Mode ( only for the bravest of Portal Knights of course ) The Druids, Furfolk, and Relic Defense DLC is currently 10% off - please note you need to have the base game installed! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/163a661edcd43d677d4bc19e59b216edbd6f64e6.jpg A FREE content update has also been made available with fun features including: Basic mounts now available for all players including horses and pigs! – available at NPC merchants throughout the land of Elysia Musical pressure plates are now available for in-game purchase in Portal Knights adventure mode. Team up with friends and try and make some beautiful music together. Make sure to show us your creations! Creative Mode additions including waypoints set for enemies and new items to help players build their very own race tracks for newly earned mounts. PC ONLY: Players can edit the text of NPCs and create their own mini-adventures! Bug fixes and stability improvements throughout Portal Knights


Are you ready for loooove? Celebrate your eternal love in regal splendor at your very own fairy tale wedding – or just catch the eye at formal occasions. The choice is yours when you say “I do” to purchasing the Portal Knights Weddings and Galas DLC! From large and lavish extravaganzas to small and intimate affairs, this affordable wedding package has everything you need! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/b6a4132db2ba6bc037bcd456be0af53b8156a548.jpg Includes: Dream Wedding Cake Wedding Merchant NPC Gateway to Bliss Forever Bow Eternal Bliss Unity Love Candle Party Time Rental Chair Super-Expensive Prestige Gala Plate Hand-Stitched Silk Flowers Non-allergenic Silk Flowers Sweetheart Table Super Expensive Floral Arrangement Super Expensive Vase Elegant Gloves (4 colours) Dream Dress (4 colours) Embroidered Veil (4 colours) Chic Bridal Flats (4 colours) Fine as Heck Sleeves (4 colours) Versatile Jacket & Shirt Combo (4 colours) Stylin' Pants (4 colours) Baller Top Hat (4 colours) It's FREE and available right now, check our DLC section to install now. Make sure to show us your parties!


A whole new world! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/874f83fa7a4af32b4bd0f2adf8c1a83a17d0b199.jpg You will be tasked with helping the Emperor solve the trouble that plagues his island. By completing the quests in this event you will earn some exclusive Spring Festival themed items and you can even unlock a Spring Festival themed island for you to keep after the event. But wait there's more! We have pets exclusive to this seasonal event! Take part for your chance to obtain an adorable panda or even a dragon! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/6c48af253786f94684ca1991b8927c563bbf987e.png 🐼🌸 Please note, you need to have visited Fort Finch in order for the event to start 🌸🐼

Community Blog - Awards, Creative Features and What's Next?

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since we released the latest Portal Knights DLC: Elves, Rogues and Rifts DLC. Thank you for all your support over the last couple of months. It’s great to see the community growing across the globe! So much we are absolutely honored for Portal Knights to win the following awards in Greater China: Most Popular Mobile Game – China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association Best Overseas Online Game – Golden Plume Award Players’ Favorite Mobile Game – Golden Plume Award Oustanding Online Game – 2019 Golden Finger Award Best Game Level Design – CGDA Game Developers Award Top Games APP Products – 2019 NextWorld Top Products in China {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/1b94f92a421a908fbbced46c5083d81840ed23c4.jpg Now to move onto the thing we know you have all been waiting for, DLC is coming! We can’t wait to show you some of our new content. The upcoming DLC features something our most avid fans have been asking for 😉 In the meanwhile, we wanted to celebrate some amazing community creations! Einstein by Steam user hakimiana {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/237381009343ccc73bb6e0a62fe03765a7bc1e1f.jpg Sans by Steam user littlethunderstorm {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/55385a8a74c6472046eeac13034b8c1876b9096c.jpg DRAGON! By player METAAAAL {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/c850178c6ff25fe834ec938c25e93c3d7a2d3623.png Now to move onto the thing we know you have all been waiting for, DLC is coming! We can’t wait to show you some of our new content. The upcoming DLC features something our most avid fans have been asking for 😉 Portal Knights Twitter Portal Knights Facebook 505 Discord Until next time! P.S perhaps some eagle-eyed fans might find a clue about the next DLC in this post?

Seasons Greetings!

On behalf of the teams here at 505 Games and Keen Games, we want to wish our community a Happy Holiday! 💙 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/8630cb355c13b3e06c0421d42bee60f931502f5d.jpg Pic creation from Timst1060 bringing some festive cheer! Be sure to play plenty of Portal Knights! 😉 We'll see you in 2020...

Steam Workshop Featured Community Builds!

Hey Portal Knights! It's great to see you all creating your own universes, restaurants, crazy castles, beautiful skies ( to name a few) and the quality of the recent Steam Workshop creations have been outstanding! ːsteamhappyː Here are a couple of creations we wanted to feature! CreativeBros 2 Maps! A Castle, a repaired version of Fort Finch and much more. Check it out here. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/0291a2109e4439c1b5e3eb81fbf1e470694e7eb9.jpg Home Sweet Home by V&T A beautiful little market, gardens and a maze! Check it out here. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/16e4209179406c038d86461ec7f7b3e193c2878e.jpg Wonderland! by Steam user Hardlanger Tis the season! We love this extra seasonal night sky! You can learn more about this workshop item here. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/8c1963d1be3536829166e10ee0c48384bfd6267a.jpg Why not have a look what you can find in the Portal Knights Steam Workshop? If you would like to be featured in a upcoming post please share your workshop creations in the comments or let us know on our 505 Games discord. Be sure to include a dazzling icon and stunning screens in the workshop to help us see your creations to their full potential. - See you in Elysia! The 505 Games team

Portal Knights Halloween Event

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/4d127cce369d98c6ff7de6c824a4921966f4e8c7.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/ff67a2de65d657245668a1076e757f164618dcaf.jpg {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/11811312/319df5c00d45e118a649b1373ebdf03e387f060c.jpg

Stability Update 1.6.3 OUT NOW

Stability Update 1.6.3 Fixes • Mannequins and Pet Stations are no longer exempted from permission settings. • NPCs that were no longer relocate-able have been fixed. • Setting the host settings to “Private” no longer disables the session search in the Join menu. • Added another security check for character saving in multiplayer sessions. • Fixed a potential crash when mining many blocks and furniture in multiplayer. • Fixed a rare scenario where Rift Achievements progress was not saved correctly. • Tweaked the armor values of some end-game armor pieces. • Controller support has been improved in the DLC store menu. • Moved an incorrect recipe entry at the Altar crafting station to the Rogue crafting station. • Several furniture pieces didn’t stack correctly. Other furniture was sold twice by one merchant. Both cases have been fixed. • Pet sounds have been tweaked to occur less often and be a bit quieter. Also fixed a few minor sound issues. • Home island protection now works as intended on Wifi/Lan only game sessions. • Fixed various loca issues.

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