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Fallout 4 mod Sim Settlements 2 gets a "DLC-sized expansion" this fall

One of the best Fallout 4 mods around is getting a hefty new update later this year, the team behind Sim Settlements 2 has revealed. The aptly named Sim Settlements Team has posted a new trailer unveiling a "DLC-sized expansion" to the mod, which will feature Fallout 4's ruthless mercenary Gunners as a "fleshed-out faction" - and it's due to arrive sometime this autumn. Called 'Gunner Outbreak', the new mod expansion's trailer gives a good flavour of what's to come, introducing us to the kinds of people and places we can expect to see (embedded below for you to check out). We see the ominous arrival of Captain Wes and his crew of Gunners at a thriving settlement, with the fearsome leader declaring that it's now under his faction's control, with some threats dished out at its poor populace to keep them in line. Eek. While we only get a feel of the mod expansion's storyline in broad strokes in the clip, it looks like it'll see a group of rebels band together in the wake of the Gunners' arrival. There's brand-new - and impressive - voice acting featured, along with a bunch of other new content to dive into. The mod adds "new disease mechanics, multiple large questlines, and a brand-new game mode where you establish your own faction headquarters", the clip's description explains. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: What if: Fallout 4 had a city builder spinoff? You can suplex dudes in Fallout 4 now Fallout: London modders tease Covent Garden for the huge Fallout 4 mod

Here's the trailer for chapter 2 of Fallout 4's best mod

The impressive Sim Settlements 2 mod for Fallout 4 has announced that its new update, Gunner Outbreak, is coming this fall. A feature trailer, above, introduces the characters and locations that define the chapter update's expansion of the Sim Settlements storyline... Read more.

Fallout: London mod writer gets a job at Bethesda

Back during this year's faux E3, we said that the event's best announcement was actually Fallout: London, a Fallout 4 mod that trades American shores for good old England . We're still waiting to see if its impressive trailer can make good on its promises of cockney mutants and whatnot, but evidently Bethesda is happy enough with the project to hire the writer... Read more.

Writer on impressive Fallout: London mod bags job at Bethesda

A few months ago we reported on Fallout: London, an impressive-looking Fallout 4 mod project that will bring the post-apocalyptic RPG to England. It looks like a huge undertaking, pulling parts out of the US-centric game to make a UK-based, DLC-sized mod campaign, and for one modder it's led to a job at Bethesda. Stephanie Zachariadis, former head writer on Fallout: London, is now an associate quest designer at the studio. Read more

What if: Fallout 4 had a city builder spinoff?

Fallout 4's settlements system isn't for everyone. Though it was exciting to see such a feature make it into the game, settlements never really had much of an impact on the main quest, and no matter how long you spend working on each plot they never feel like an organic, lived-in part of the Commonwealth. As an idea it's dripping with potential, but with a restrictive in-game build limit and an overdependence on the player, its implementation scarcely realises even a sliver of that promise. You can spend a hundred hours sprucing up Sanctuary alone and still wind up with a lifeless settlement that more closely resembles set dressing than a credible post-apocalyptic community. And to do even that much places enormous strain on you. Every last wall, piece of furniture, and ornament needs to be painstakingly placed; you have to find space for a robust power network; you need to ensure there's enough food, water, and shelter for everyone; and if you don't keep the place adequately fortified then you'll have to repair the damage. Nothing happens without you, so even after you down tools, stand back, and reflect on the town you've crafted from scratch, it's hard to shake the feeling that this is all just an elaborate dollhouse. That is, until you start experimenting with Fallout 4 mods, and in particular Sim Settlements 2 and Rise of the Commonwealth. These mods effectively automate settlement construction, leaving you to handle the big picture stuff like taxation, supply lines, defences, maintenance, recruitment, and even tourism. The experience is transformative. You decide on a city plan, pitch in with supplies, and organise things at the macro level, and over time your settlers build a whole city. Every one of them has something to do, new municipal plots like caravan services and power plants add more variety, and there's always something new to survey whenever you visit. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: You can suplex dudes in Fallout 4 now Fallout: London modders tease Covent Garden for the huge Fallout 4 mod Fallout 4 modders and fans are paying tribute to Dogmeat's inspiration, River

Here's some sick Doom armor modded into Fallout 4

If you want to do some Bethesda crossover cosplay in Fallout 4, or just want to look like a complete badass, now you can rip and tear your way through the Commonweath dressed as Doomguy. Hell, yeah... Read more.

You can suplex dudes in Fallout 4 now

Ever been pootling around The Commonwealth minding your own business and thought, "That raider that just bopped me needs taking down a peg"? Surely you have - Fallout 4 is positively littered with enemies waiting to ruin your day. Well, the good news is you now don't need to leave it to your rifles, bats, and power fists to deal out some sweet justice - one inspired fan has created a "human grab attacks" mod that lets you just suplex the bastards. Elzee's mod adds "80+ kinds of grab attacks for fun", and from the description alone, it sure sounds it. The mod "changes all human killmoves to normal combat skills", the creator explains, including all weapon and hand-to-hand killmoves, and even those that aren't fatal, from the description. It also folds in new moves from the RPG game's DLC. To dish these out at your foes, you just need to hit the power attack button. While the grab attacks deal normal amounts of melee damage rather than just instant fatalities - which is probably fair, if you want combat to stay balanced and fun - they sure will look ace. The only bad news is that enemies will also make use of them "randomly" in melee combat, so you'll need to watch out for incoming takedowns while you're working up to handing out your own. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: What if: Fallout 4 had a city builder spinoff? Fallout: London modders tease Covent Garden for the huge Fallout 4 mod Fallout 4 modders and fans are paying tribute to Dogmeat's inspiration, River

The Fallout tabletop RPG emerges from the vaults

The officially licensed Fallout tabletop roleplaying game is now out, bringing post-nuclear roleplaying to your tabletop from publisher Modiphius Entertainment. With the digital edition now available, Fallout: The Roleplaying Game becomes the latest property to get the tabletop RPG treatment, with a big colorful rulebook that'll probably be bought by just as many people who want to read a fat book of Fallout lore as want to actually play a TTRPG... Read more.

Fallout: London modders tease Covent Garden for the huge Fallout 4 mod

Last month, we got a good look at an enormous and ambitious mod coming up for Fallout 4. Called Fallout: London, it's a project that promises a "DLC-sized" addition to Bethesda's RPG game with a post-apocalyptic take on the UK's capital. There's been little word since, but today the modders have posted a tease about a new location that'll feature in the mod. In the original Fallout: London reveal trailer (below), we got a good peep at various recognisable, real-life locations given the Fallout treatment. There were shots of Tower Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, and a handful of other famous spots, too - but now it's been confirmed that the iconic piazza Covent Garden will appear in the mod. We haven't got a massively clear look at the location, but the modders have posted a wee teaser snapshot on Instagram, which you can check out below. We can see one of the entryways to the indoor shopping and entertainment hub set against a hazy sky, and covered in graffiti. From the teaser, it's easy to see it's Covent Garden (you can check out this picture for reference if you're unfamiliar), but it is only a hint about what's to come. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Fallout 4 modders and fans are paying tribute to Dogmeat's inspiration, River Fallout: London modders reveal a load of new content for the huge Fallout 4 mod Fallout: London is basically free Fallout 4 DLC courtesy of modders

Fallout 4 horror mod The Wilderness will leave you feeling spooked and afraid

Ever felt like Fallout 4 could stand to be a little more, well, Blair Witch? If you fancy stumbling around in the dark while being chased by unseen forces, this might be the mod for you. The Wilderness is a chunky Fallout 4 PC mod by El Ha that offers a worldspace "at least as big" as Nuka World, with a bunch of abandoned buildings and a spooky main quest. It's a map that often feels deliberately barren, with the player encouraged to traverse vast distances in search of shelter and supplies. Thanks to the gloomy atmosphere created through a combination of bad weather and a synth-heavy soundtrack, it's easy to get jumpy - and you'll probably find yourself getting creeped out by the landscape as much as the actual jumpscares. Any good horror is about tension, after all. On installing the mod, players are presented with a fast travel option north of Sanctuary called "The Wilderness". Travelling there (and walking forwards a little bit) will transport you to The Wilderness itself, a vast wasteland that feels a lot more abandoned than anything in the Commonwealth. You can explore the area in your own time if you fancy, but to start the main quest, you'll need to rummage around in the skeleton near the start area. This will give you your first map and a rather ominous quest message about avoiding "whatever is following you". Read more

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