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Char Charger's Open: Qualifier 1 Results

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/29f2fa7601798c1b238dde1e6a4140496f1fa76a.png Well, the 1st Qualifying Round of Char Charger’s Open is officially over! And it would be a fair assumption to say that Alaska’s Kaniq Creek hasn’t seen such a heated competition in a while! Below is the list of 30 anglers who demonstrated superb skills and performance and are now successfully qualified to compete in the Semifinal Round on May 21th, on the snowy banks of White Moose Lake way out in Canada! If you don’t see your name on the list - just make sure to try your luck in the 2nd Qualifier! 1 FU_Sneakiecat 2 Dragon_Foxiii 3 Zaoeyo 4 PicanTeam-Pooks 5 FU_Hector00723_Account2 6 Elvira-Tiger 7 Abutres-Do-FP_Edukoi 8 PicanTeam_Uzzi-67 9 TTVneycoruja 10 BolinhaWJB 11 212152_4y 12 FU_PatrickJane 13 PicanTeam-Carlos 14 cfgift 15 TeamCGH-bogaloca 16 KpShamino 17 F.O.C.King_Dendeze 18 N.A.Y.A-DoubleU 19 szelepsityak 20 VLATK0 21 S.E-bzhbaitsfish 22 Galiax.61 23 GOATZINAPOND 24 Doom_Skull 25 UA_ORiON 27 MOF_Z.E.N.A.S 28 N.A.Y.A-DoctorK 29 MOF_765Holmes 30 PicanTeam-David

Welcome Char Charger’s Open!

Welcome Char Charger’s Open! Spring’s drawing to a close with summer about to take it’s rightful spot. What better way to close the season than with one of the most exciting Tournaments you’re gonna see this year! Char Chargers Open is all about catching the many fish pertaining to the Char genus, which means all your favorite kinds of Trout! Held on the North America’s top Trout fishing destinations - from the cold and beautiful banks of Alaska’s Kaniq Creek, to the breathtaking Saint-Croix Lake in Michigan and the snowy Canadian White Moose Lake, this exciting event will have you competing with fellow anglers in 2 preliminary Qualifiers as well as the Semifinal and the Final Round that’ll settle the dispute of who’s the Char Champion once and for all! Best anglers will get unique tackles as a reward: Rivertex™ CCO Champ Fishing Cap, X-Series Rocket™ 270, X-Series PowerBolt™ 5500 {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/05740a0a635c2db75e1f85fed72af63a6c797959.png{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/6a7c3ccf6966e4aec2b03bef3ed9157ac2c6fce9.png{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/6305be3ec3431538486800f4c4251c7f253cea14.png Char Charger’s Open will be held May 18th through May 22th, with the Registration starting on May 17th, 24 hours prior to the First Qualifier. The Tournament’s timetable is as follows:. 17th of May - Registration for the Tournament begins. 18th of May - Qualifier 1 on Alaska’s Kaniq Creek. 19th of May - Qualifier 2 on Michigan’s Lake Saint-Croix. 21th of May - Semifinal Round on the snowy White Moose Lake way out in Canada. 22st of May - the Grand Finale on White Moose Lake. Do not forget to get special tour pack Char Charger's Pack Welcome Char Charger’s Open!

World Bass Tour 3rd Qualifier

Hey, anglers! Due to some technical issues during the 3rd Qualifier of the World Bass Tour, all those who were registered for the qualifier and did not have time to fully express themselves will get reimbursement. Reimbursement includes: refund of the registration fee, 100 baitcoins, X-Series Bass Jig 21 g, #3/0 and Fishing Planet cap. We are sorry for the technical issues that you have faced.

World Bass Tour: Final

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/17122a47ce90eaf9e4e8e9887d47e4017a8c579a.png It’s finally here! We’ve thoroughly counted all the points and can now announce the results of the World Bass Tour Finals! Say hello to our three Champions among the top 10 anglers, whose skills and perseverance make them the best Bass catchers! Our sincere congratulations! But don't think about relaxing yet: remember, new tournaments are just around the corner! Helderscp MOF_RukA_br S.E-astaroths Nibenon WhiskyCrash UA_ORiON Dragon_Yamz59 LTR8_Nacho_MF_Daddy TeamCGH-NIKo FU_BlackPlague


{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/b536c72f0cca7e48826fbb0b62135c94e847f072.png Time flies when you’re in a whirlwind of competitive excitement! Very soon you’ll witness the top 20 anglers showing their skills at the World Bass Tour Finals on the magical Blue Crab Island, fighting for the title of Bass Champion and valuable prizes! Here are the lucky winners: cfgift UA_ORiON N.A.Y.A-DoctorK FU_Hector00723_Account2 WhiskyCrash TeamCGH-NIKo FU_BlackPlague Nibenon LTR8_Nacho_MF_Daddy FU_Sneakiecat LGD.Yao25naN MOF_RukA_br Helderscp Dragon_Yamz59 KpShamino S.E-astaroths LSP.Niepan FU_jimkaf Teh-O-Panas TLG_Timmy

World Bass Tour: Qualifier 3

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/c37df7063f20d331625ca1872486ea44fd0cba21.png The third and final qualifying game of the World Bass Tour is over! It must have been an exciting and challenging experience, competing with skilled anglers for a place in the final top 20 to advance to Semifinals! There is a tough competition ahead of them — after all, they still have to win a place in the Finals and fight the top 20 for one of the three winning places! And here are the names of the 20 finalists of Qualifier 3: 1 InMaTe21 2 KpShamino 3 N.A.Y.A-DoctorK 4 astaroths 5 Teh-O-Panas 6 KrGKT258 7 TwitchDiabloMarcus 8 N.A.Y.A-AbangBadSepitKetam 9 Briandrace 10 RBT.CZ.83 11 Nosey65 12 ArturGT-R 13 Seretha 14 TLG_Timmy 15 IROM75 16 Igor6569 17 Karmivaa 18 RRFuel 19 lancerock 20 KoT_B_Tpycax

Qualifier 3 technical issue

Hi, angler! Unfortunately, due to some technical issue, the third qualifier was ended earlier. We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced and we will reimburse the cost of participation in the tournament and send some compensation after the end of the tournament. Thank you for all your support and good luck to everyone!

World Bass Tour: Qualifier 2

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/d6914e70fbeaac71e0bee1457dd66255e330cba2.png Congratulations to our most skilled Bass hunters! It wasn’t easy to win the second qualifying game, but these 20 anglers showed top mastery and advanced to the Semifinals of the World Bass Tour! We are waiting for them in the winding straits of the Amazonian Maze in Brazil on April 16! If you weren’t successful in this qualification stage or have just decided to join the tournament, you have one last chance to do so! Tomorrow, on April 14, Qualifier 3 will take place on Saint-Croix Lake, Michigan. And here are the names of the 20 finalists of Qualifier 2: 1 RaindropsKeepFalling 2 andhayce37 3 MOF_RukA_br 4 cfgift 5 LSP.rongxd 6 UA_ORiON 7 N.A.Y.A-CactusJackJR 8 Madman_Z 9 N.A.Y.A-SusuSoya 10 Khord 11 TeamCGH-NIKo 12 MOF_765Holmes 13 2000GT 14 SteeVee_SiNNs 15 Dire_Straits 16 sheepman1977 17 LSP.Niepan 18 LSP.Lancer 19 WhiskyCrash 20 Nibenon

World Bass Tour: Qualifier 1

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/e7403c10d2acf519254c941603c9073e71c518f3.png Great news! The first qualifying game of the World Bass Tour is over, and we have the names of its top 20 anglers! These are the players who showed the best result in catching the feisty Bass. They can now advance to the Semifinals that will take place on April 16 in the winding channels of the Amazonian Maze, Brazil! If for some reason you didn't get into the top 20 this time, be sure to try your luck in the second qualifier of the World Bass Tour taking place on April 13! Tight lines! And here are the names of the 20 finalists of Qualifier 1: 1 TeamCGH-Garrapi 2 Helderscp 3 Dragon_Yamz59 4 FU_jimkaf 5 FU_Didgelz 6 PECHEUR.FR.BOB51 7 Ramzes210279 8 nM.Stepotronic 9 FU_PatrickJane 10 Limpia 11 Jiban 12 J_3 13 FU_Sneakiecat 14 LGD.Yao25naN 15 FU_Hector00723_Account3 16 pipipigzhu 17 FU_Hector00723_Account2 18 EMI-ARG 19 MRS_Rybolovec_UA 20 LTR8_Nacho_MF_Daddy

World Bass Tour!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/8bf6d7f2bbf67a1f1dbf94de734bca499c7aede5.png Greetings to our beloved fishing community! This April, get ready for a challenge! Dust off your best gear, hone your fishing skills, and enter the first world bass fishing tournament, the World Bass Tour! Register for this exciting tournament and prove you can masterfully catch one of the most popular fish among America's sport anglers! And the feisty scaly creatures will make it interesting: this tournament promises to become the epicenter of action. Three qualifying stages will determine 60 best anglers who will advance to the Semifinals. The top 20 anglers of the Semifinals will then compete in the final battle to become Bass Champion. Best anglers will get unique tackles as a reward: X-Series Missile™ 220, X-Series LanceCaster™ 6500, Rivertex™ WBT Bass Genius Cap {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/33823249e97cde2ef6a6b8d05d2eadc1930b8951.png{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/38bd26d93d6b4279532214bc0e958a7cedaaddd7.png{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/87a3f18984c4cb5980452064d635fd2eab555e54.png Through the water expanses of the Everglades, the swampy shores of Louisiana, the tropical Marron River you’ll find yourselves in the Amazon jungle; and then be ready for the final battle on the Blue Crab Island, Mississippi! The tournament will last from April 12 through 17, with registration starting on April 11, one day before the first qualifying stage. Here’s the tournament schedule: April 12: Qualifier 1 at Everglades, Florida. April 13: Qualifier 2 on the swampy expanses of Quanchkin Lake, Louisiana. April 14: Qualifier 3 on the Marron River in northern Bolivia. April 16: Semifinals in the meandering streams of the Amazonian Maze in Brazil. April 17: Finals on the magical Blue Crab Island, Mississippi. Tight lines, anglers! Make sure you catch plenty of Bass! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9666527/fb1e121187ddfa8e31a376d56a818cec7e3b6bd3.jpg Tight lines, anglers! Make sure you catch plenty of Bass!

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