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What's up, Youtubers! Bunnies, Easter Eggs, and themed decorations arrive at Youtubers Life OMG from now until April 29th along with a -67% discount of the game! Get the Easter basket and decorate your home with this exclusive item! You hungry? well, you can now eat delicious cookies, hot cross buns, and chocolate eggs. Yummy! Wear the cutest disguise ever with the bunny costume, available in both male and female versions! Get it now and keep it forever. That's all Folks! Check out the themed home and loading screens to experience the event at its fullest! And gathering it all, you can now get a special achievement, "The Easter Garden", by unlocking all the featured items: the Easter basket, the Easter-themed food, and the bunny costume! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24759264/1e4b210d6e5549b6f14df84db534af8ca628032e.png We are also offering Youtubers Life 2 with a -20% discount on our ongoing Easter Eggs Mania! That's it, we are not just offering the newest title of the franchise at a discounted price, but also running a special event through our social channels where you'll need to find up to 3 hidden Easter Eggs to win a free digital copy of Youtubers Life 2! Check out the store and our social media channels to know how you can join the giveaway: Happy Gaming!

Fixed MAC OS launch problems

Some users where reporting the game not starting properly because a missing library.


Hey Youtubers, Today we are launching the new Update 1.6.3.e to Youtubers Life OMG, featuring the following fixes: Fixed a bug that prevented players from continuing the main questline after purchasing the phone at the fourth house. Fixed a bug that could block the progression of an ongoing course when players were studying it, preventing them from doing other courses. Thank you for being part of the Youtubers Life community. Don't hesitate to share your opinion and feedback on the Steam forums or on the Discord server.


What's up, promising Youtuber! Last week we were happy to announce the AskTheDev Youtubers Life 2 Edition where you sent us your questions about the development of Youtubers Life 2. Now, the dev team has answered some of the most frequently asked questions! THANK YOU for participating and sending us all your marvelous questions! We have gathered all of them we have received through Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Steam, to give you answers to the most common topics. {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/40308403/ce31372a1ee9657d769b8fcde0cdb3112baf1782.jpg @savanahwaddles on Instagram and Dragonknight8129#5696 on Discord ask... Why did you decide to make Youtubers Life 2? "After releasing Youtubers Life 1, we noticed there were a lot of players enjoying this experience, and asking for more mechanics and options for the game. After going through a long development, you know, that's quite heartening! For a few years, we were adding new content according to the community's feedback, but there was a point when we wanted to implement new ideas that required a different game basis. Many players asked for more social features, which led us to build a city with peculiar characters to interact with. These technical changes required starting a new project, which has been also used to offer a different experience from the first title, thus incorporating new concepts such as customization, friendships, socials, channels, or trends. We love the first title! Youtubers Life 1 has brought great concepts to how we create games, and after 5 years, we are still learning from all the experiences gathered together with the community. Nice question! Thanks for asking!" CQuade comments on Steam... How did you come up with the characters in Youtubers Life 2? "Creating a character, their personalities, and personal stories, was one of the most fun things during the development! We are not just fans of everything related to Youtubers, but also big lovers of films, comics, series, and fantasy! We wanted to create characters with strong personalities and unique stories and designs, inspired by those well-known references that many Youtubers may recognize. That's why you may identify some characters just like Gigi who was inspired by the malicious Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, or you may recall Zane as the king of Atlantis, Aquaman! We also created Dorian inspired by Klauss, from The Umbrella Academy, 'cause we love that character! Also, Arrou may have some similarities with Green Arrow, 'cause we also include wanted to include superhero inspirations. You may even recognize the friendship story of Babamey from that old-school romance on a ship, Titanic, even if she didn't remember it yet, 'cause you know... it's been 84 years! Playing their missions can be just as much fun as it was for us to develop them... you may find some fascinating Easter eggs from different dimensions! And not only the characters and their stories, but also many items around the city show that kind of inspiration to immerse you in the experience! Have you seen that peculiar board game from Geektopia? It may ring a bell if you saw Jumanji! Did you see that the function of the Er-Brainlyzer is inspired by the Men in Black's memory eraser? There are so many references around you, and we would never end if we tell you all of them! We hope you enjoy them and make your way as an emerging Youtuber even more fun!" mrkruppy13#2778 says on Discord... In Youtubers Life 1, Mom is in the game. In the 2nd game, she is gone! What happened? "Youtubers Life 2 continues the path of Youtubers Life 1, where you have proven to be the most promising Youtuber, so Xavier invites you to NewTube City to reach new goals. Now you must make more decisions to decide how to develop your career, what trends to follow, which characters you want to interact with, where and how to create your content, or how to make the most of your time. By the concept of moving to NewTube City, you start a new free independent life to reach new goals as a Youtuber, thus raising new levels of your career and focusing on how you want to develop and grow your channel, without worrying about studies or housework. But don't worry! Moms are moms, and they are always with you, no matter what. She stays at her home, and is so happy that you managed to get there! And who knows... we may know more about her in a feasible future." @unanonimo444 on Instagram and doge#5268 on Discord say... Why did they change the gameplay so much compared to Youtubers Life 1? Is there a connection between the first and the second game? "We launched Youtubers Life 1 5 years ago, and the idea of becoming a Youtuber has been evolving and growing until now. And you know, we didn't want to just make the same game but better, but rather incorporate new concepts to offer an up-to-date point of view on being a Youtuber. New social channels have appeared, and other channels have also become more relevant for every influencer, so we had to study carefully what was new, what changed, and what we should focus on. Youtubers Life 1 offers a Tycoon and Strategic approach to being an influencer, where everything is more focused as a straight line. On the other hand, Youtubers Life 2 presents a broader world, with more freedom and where you decide how to use your time to explore and grow your channel. Nowadays, trends are constantly changing, so the best way to get more likes and gain followers stands by this concept. You know, there is no magic formula to succeed, so all prior research may help you decide what you want to do next, and that's quite the challenge about being a Youtuber. So, we developed Youtubers Life 2 to offer a new experience, learning from the first title and including new perspectives of what a Youtuber is meant to be. We hope that you enjoy it!" @buzzbuz7 asks on Twitter... Why can’t we change our avatar's appearance again? "There are different options in Youtubers Life 2 to customize your avatar. Some of them might be by the naked eye, but you may need to search a little more and even increase your relationship with special characters to get advanced options and customizations. It is true that once you create your character and select your body type and skin color, you cannot change them after that, But that's what creating your own special Youtuber avatar is all about, right? We are convinced that customizing your own avatar in extremely crazy ways, can be much more fun and unique for every Youtuber. Otherwise, your fans won't recognize you! You can easily change your clothes, including masks, dresses, cosplays, headphones, glasses, piercings, and more in your Dressing Room through your mobile app or by accessing your wardrobe at your home. You can spend some coins to buy new outfits in different places like Kiwi Clothes Store, Gianni Clothes Boutique, or Slater Surf, or even get new sets through side missions. If you want to give your avatar a completely new fresh look, you may need to visit the Lafayette Hair Salon. His hairdressing is amazing, and you didn't recognize yourself in the mirror! You can also access the shop at the desk to buy new options, including also beards, piercings, and even tattoos. But that's not all! Did you see the secret door at Lafayette's? If you build a good friendship with him, he may allow you access there, thus adding physical customization options such as facial features, or even eyes or mouth enhancements, just in case you were interested in a cool facial lifting. We hope that all these options allow you to customize your avatar in so many ways, so you can surprise your followers and even introduce new styles! We really love to see players sharing their avatars on social media and see how creative they are." EpicTimes asks on Steam... What gave you the idea to make the plotline of Suzy's cheating and Gigi Maccarone's criminal activity? Thanks so much for making this game! It's so great! "We are so happy that you are enjoying the game! Youtubers Life 2 has several references from films, literature, and comics, which will help make your daily life more fun in NewTube City. Gigi Maccarone is a character inspired by Cruella de Vil, thus making her the perfect option to bring organized crime back to NewTube City. Since the gaming industry is one of the most important things in the city, manipulating gaming tournaments for her personal profit was a clear idea. On the other hand, we have Suzy, the Spicy Ren Chinese restaurant's old chief who is not very familiar with video games yet. Suzy is quite similar to Gigi, since both are very persistent and they won't stop until reaching their goals. In a world ruled by young people, Suzy also wants to have her personal spot and be part of it. Her story brings the vision that it is never too late to learn something new, nor too old to pursue new dreams, thus highlighting the importance of taking care of ourselves." Agent J#3581 mentions on Discord... How long was development for Youtubers life 2 and how did you come up with the characters "The development of Youtubers Life 2 was nearly 2 years of work. Not only the development itself, but the analysis of what things had changed nowadays in the world of Youtubers, and how we could improve and make the experience of becoming a Youtuber even more fun. Each superstar has a unique personality and is surrounded by incredible stories that they always bring to their channel to engage their fans, and that's how that extreme stuff is born and they become more and more trending! We wanted to give players that same feeling, that everything could happen in NewTube City, and we merged our passion for literature, comics, and films with it to create a city full of unique stories and a wide variety of different personalities, thus giving players more options to create unique content, and anecdotes that will motivate them to record for their next video on the channel." MakingBaconPancakes#0781 and TheOfficialTakeASoda#7701 on Discord, and @anthony.h17 on Instagram ask... Are you planning on expanding the game more? What do you think will be the future of YouTubers Life 2? Any huge updates that are yet to be announced? While developing YL2, we did it with one goal in mind: that players could feel the experience of becoming real Youtubers in a city created to meet their dreams. Now that we have just launched the game, we are focused on analyzing all the feedback that we've received, thus working on some updates to improve the final experience even more. The idea of ​​being a Youtuber evolves over time, and that's also what would like to represent in Youtubers Life 2, so we keep working on it and studying the community's feedback to know what else we could include to boost that goal. Although it is still too soon to specify what new content we could include in the future, what we can say now is that Youtubers Life 2 has a long road ahead, and we are working on a roadmap of contents focused on improving your experience as a true Youtuber. Stay tuned to our social channels to know more!" NickMck07#7124 on Discord, @d0ne39 on Twitter, and @veryimportantpitties on Instagram comment.. Do you have plans to make YouTuber’s life 3? It’d be a big plan, but also do you have any plans for your company in general? "You are right, that'd definitely be a big plan! Although we have developed several video games, Youtubers Life 2 is the one that we are more focused on right now. That means that our current goal is to make Youtubers Life 2 the best experience possible for our players. We have lots of plans for Youtubers Life franchise, but none of them has been fully landed yet. Right now we want to focus on improving Youtubers Life 2, while we keep working on the future of the Franchise. Then, what would you like to see in the future for the Youtubers Life franchise?" Broskimate#5803 asks on Discord... Are there any plans in the future for YL2 on Android and iOS? And keep up the amazing work you guys have been putting out🙂 "This is one of the most frequently asked questions, and we couldn't help but come up with a more detailed answer for you! As you probably know, the first title in the franchise was released on all platforms, including mobile, some time after its PC release. This usually happens because other platforms require different development processes, additional time, and careful considerations of whether the game would fit on that platform. Launching Youtubers Life 2 on mobile is something that we'd love to do too, but there are several factors we are still studying internally to see how we could adapt the game to its mobile version. Right now, all our efforts are focused on improving the Youtubers Life 2 experience for all our players on PC and Consoles, and we hope we can also bring this great experience to our mobile players in the future." Thank you everyone for your amazing questions! Did you enjoy the #AskTheDevYL2? Let us know if you would like us to run another one in the future! And don't forget to follow us on social media and join our Discord Server to stay tuned!


OMG! This is the perfect chance to start the year as a legend! Not only can you save 67% but you can also celebrate Chinese New Year with some unique in-game items to experience this festival! 2022 is the Year of the Tiger, and that inspires all those courageous and active Youtubers who love a good challenge and adventure in life. It is now the time to bring all your strength and energy to your channel and become the leader of the Jungle, I mean, the best Youtuber! You have until February 3 to take advantage of the -67% discount and get the Lunar Year items! Here is everything included in the Lunar New Year Event to let you experience this unique Festival: Wear the special Red Cheongsam: get ready for the occasion with the themed Lunar Year outfit! Taste distinctive recipes: three legendary dishes of Chinese cuisine are now available: Pekin duck, Nian Gao dough, and jiaozi dumplings. Get the Oriental Wall Hanging: Purchase and place this special decoration in your home to immerse yourself in the festival. Unlock a new Steam achievement: Collect the lunar festival outfit, the special recipes, and the oriental decoration to celebrate the Lunar New Year and unlock The Lunar Festival achievement! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24759264/5c08317168469dfc79b5b811856446323d905279.jpg To celebrate this festival, Youtubers Life 2 is also joining the Lunar New Year Sales on Steam at a -20% discount until February 3. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and become the best Youtuber in the world! And remember... don't hesitate to visit the Steam forums or join our Discord server to share your experience with the community and with us. We are so thankful to have you on board! 新年快乐! which means Happy New Year!


AskTheDev Youtubers Life 2 Edition! Hey there NewTube citizens! How is it going? Since Youtubers Life 2’s launch, we’ve been receiving daily questions from all of you about the development, the story, the characters, and many other aspects of the video game, and today, we have the best news about it! We present to you #AskTheDevYL2 For a limited time you have the chance to send your questions to the devs and they will be happy to answer as many as possible. Do you want to know the ins and outs of the game? The reason for some design decisions? How was the choice of the YouTubers' personals? How was the character design process? ... Ask us! Send us your questions on this channel before January 20th, and on the 27th we will publish a list of some of the best Questions and Answers with Uplay, and your name will appear next to the question. Now is your time to shine! What are you waiting for? Start now sending your questions, there's no limit of number. You can send your question through the comments section, Steam discussions. Discord server, or social media, as you prefer! All responses will be answered in English, but if you prefer to send your questions in your main language we will translate them for you.


What's up, youtubers! We are so happy to bring back the Christmas event one more time! This year, Youtubers Life OMG! offers a new chance to get exclusive themed items, and, in case that you haven't gotten it already, the game is also joining the Winter Sales, so hurry up and get it now at a discounted price to grab your Christmas stuff! Youtubers Life OMG! celebrates Christmas with time-limited stuff and a jolly -67% discount until January 5th! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24759264/959e198380823ee9cfef9320fad9ba1dd88759fa.jpg Here is everything that Youtubers Life OMG brings for Christmas: Get the Elf suit and become viral while embodying the true spirit of this season. Candy, turkey, gingerbread, grapes... exclusive meals for Christmas are now available for merry meals! Theme your setup with seasonal Christmas ornaments! The perfect item to fill your place with peace, joy, and love! Unlock the exclusive Steam Achievement: The Three Wise Youtubers, by collecting all the featured items: the 4 Christmas meals, the Elf outfit, and the Christmas Ornaments! To celebrate these holidays, we are also offering Youtubers Life 2 at a 20% discount until January 5th. Become the best youtuber of the season and enjoy your way to fame! And remember... don't hesitate to visit the Steam forums or join our Discord server to share your experience with the community and with us. We are so thankful to have you on board! Happy Holidays!


Hey, youtuber! Thanksgiving event arrives at Youtubers Life OMG! for the second year in a row, thus bringing a new opportunity to get exclusive time-limited stuff such as exclusive decorations, seasonal items, and much more! The title also joins the Autumn Sales with a fabulous -67% discount, so it's the perfect time for you to get it if you haven't already! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24759264/74b84561fa23ab171b5a191f362ac736f257de52.jpg Get the Turkey outfit! Dress up like a Turkey with the exclusive suit, available in male and female versions, to celebrate Thanksgiving with the quirkiest look! Eat exclusive meals such as turkey, mash, and corn! Limited-time meals are waiting for you in Youtubers Life OMG! Turkey, mash, corn... They will not give you a chance for leftovers! Pick your Pilgrim Turkey up to brighten your place! You can also celebrate the day together with your turkey companion! An essential buddy for your career as a youtuber that will cheer up your room! Thanksgiving menu and home screens! Groovy days require groovy welcomes. The dedicated menu and home screens will present the Thanksgiving theme. Get the dedicated Steam Achievement: A turkey for thanksgiving! You can unlock this special Steam achievement by collecting all the featured items: the Thanksgiving meals, the Turkey outfit, and the Pilgrim Turkey! And remember... don't hesitate to visit the Steam forums or join our Discord server to share your experience with the community and with us. We are so thankful to have you on board! Happy Thanksgiving!


Dear youtubers, Today we introduce the new Update 1.6.3c to the game, featuring the following items: Fixed an issue that prevented players from doing collaborations and duets with their friends on the Music channel. Fixed an issue that hid the second floor of the Space Mansion from players. Now the floor is visible again. Thank you for being part of the Youtubers Life community. Don't hesitate to share your opinion and feedback on the Steam forums or on the Discord server.


Dear youtubers, Today we are bringing two great news to this scary season: the Ultimate Youtubers Life Bundle and a Limited-Time Event are hitting this Halloween! That's it, the ULTIMATE Bundle that will make you the best youtuber in the world is here, and it includes the entire franchise Youtubers Life OMG! + Youtubers Life 2, in one single pack at a discounted price! Youtubers Life 1 + 2 - Complete the Franchise is NOW AVAILABLE! This collection will allow you to live the life of an emerging youtuber, meet well-known celebrities, record videos from home or around the city, and experience new adventures along your way to fame. Also, the special set gives you the possibility to pay only for the product you don't already own while still receiving the full bundle discount on each of these titles. Grab the bundle now and enjoy this Halloween as never before! And that's not all, since we also want to announce the start of the Halloween event in Youtubers Life OMG!, including exclusive stuff and the chance to get the game at a wicked discounted price! Celebrate Halloween at -67% discount: from October 28th to November 2nd Youtubers Life OMG! parties Halloween with exclusive costumes and items. The title is also joining the Steam Halloween Sales with a -67% discount until 2nd November, so don't lose your chance to get the game now if you haven't already! Here's everything this event brings to Youtubers Life OMG!: Exclusive Halloween-themed items are available in the online shop, such as ornamental pumpkins and spooky sweets and candies for these days. Become a real undead with the zombie dress, choosing between different skin tones when creating a character... the perfect chance to scare your friends! Exclusive home and loading screens to present the Halloween theme. You can unlock the special Steam achievement, Trick or Tuber, by collecting all the featured Halloween items: the ornamental pumpkin, the Zombie suit, and the candies! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/24759264/94e6f60d2d4e9b9b59c461137fcd4c38df0ace24.jpg There’s never been a better time to be youtuber, right? We’re pretty excited about these announcements and hope you are so too! Then, to everyone out there, whether new or pioneer content creator: thank you for being part of the Youtubers Life community. We encourage you to visit our Steam discussions or participate in our Discord server. Spook'em up!

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