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The DPC 2021-2022 Winter Tour Regional Finals

A little over a week ago, we announced the cancellation of the first Major of the DPC 2021-2022 Season. When we did so, we didn't present an alternative solution that would address the absence of prize pool and DPC points. When it became clear that scheduling a LAN with the proper requirements wouldn't be possible within schedule, we didn't feel confident that any alternative would have a positive outcome: Delaying the major to a much later date would make it unfair for players from teams who change rosters between now and then. Running a global online tournament would result in matches where the high latency among far-away regions would have a substantial impact on the quality of the matches, affecting the competitive integrity of those games. Replacing it with Regional or Bi-regional Tournaments would eliminate the cross-regional play that lets teams from deeper regions earn more points towards International qualification. In particular, Bi-regional tournaments can result in situations where an above average region is punished because they were paired with another strong region, and a weak region is benefited by being paired with another weak region. We quickly realized though listening to feedback from teams and fans that our priorities were wrong and we were not successful at being mindful of players participating in the DPC. This was a big mistake on our part. We are sorry and we are set on making it right. We held multiple discussions with Teams and Tournament Organizers, to understand what was possible to execute and what made the most sense for everyone. While it became clear to everyone involved that there was no perfect solution that would address every issue, we decided to move forward with running six Regional Finals tournaments. The DPC 2021-2022 Regional Finals will take place over two weekends, with three regions playing on February 11-13, and the other three playing on February 18-20. The top 4 from each region will compete in a double elimination tournament with a $100,000 USD prize pool. The regional schedule is as follows: Feb 11-13, 2022: WEU, SEA, SA Feb 18-20, 2022: CN, EEU, NA Each Regional Finals placement will be awarded the following: 1st place: $50,000 USD + 250 DPC points 2nd place $25,000 USD + 130 DPC points 3rd place: $15,000 USD 4th place: $10,000 USD More details will be made available through each Region's tournament organizer. Since this would still create a situation where each region earned the same number of points towards TI qualification, we're revisiting The International 11 Qualifiers format to offset that bias as follows: The TI Qualifiers will be played as originally planned, with the top team from each region qualifying to TI Second and third place from each region's qualifiers will then compete in a LAN event shortly afterward, prior to The International Out of those 12 teams, first and second place will qualify to The International 11. As there are more teams qualifying for The International this season, The International 11 will feature 20 teams (two groups of 10) during group stage. Four teams will be eliminated, and Main event will carry on as it has in past Internationals. These changes, which will be unique to the 2021-2022 season, will help to balance out the qualification in light of the potential DPC point discrepancy created by the absence of the first Major. We expect the rest of the year to go as planned, and will be announcing information on the second and third Major in a few weeks. Additionally, Patch 7.31 will be released soon after the Regional Finals end.

Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum - Gameplay Update

General A new set of legacy combat encounters have been added for Act 1 at Magician and higher difficulties Surge ascension modifier move speed increase reduced from 50% to 40%, and the enemies can now be slowed Reduced base armor on many bosses and captains Reduced health and damage sensitivity of Toothy Toothums Reduced health regeneration of enemy Alchemist Chemical Rage Reduced damage of Brain Sap and Fiend's Grip in Demonic Woods Glarf's Bloodlust option has been improved from 2 encounters, 50 bonus attack speed, 12% bonus movement speed to 3 encounters, 60 bonus attack speed, and 15% bonus movement speed Fixed Carrie not leveling up with Ascension in Bug Bait Fixed Bogdugg's Cudgel and Femur not working Fixed cases of patrolling units being exploitable via attacks outside their aggro radius Bosses will now only begin their fights once they've seen the player Fixed being able to drop movement speed items to circumvent movement speed cap for trap rooms Trap Room base movement speed increased from 350 to 360 The following items are no longer purchasable from the main shop: Creature Blade Mail Outworld Meteorologist Meteor Hammer Continuum Key Fixed Pudge Encounter map on west side having too a narrow channel for Pudge to get through Heroes Bane Enfeeble: Cast reduction minor shard increased from 3 to 4% Fiend's Grip: Mana drain minor shard combined with damage per second minor shard Clinkz Singe: Knockback distance increased from 50 to 72 Singe: Knockback duration increased from 0.1 to 0.2 Singe: Slow duration increased from 1 to 2 Dawnbreaker Solar Guardian: Cooldown reduced from 120/110/100 to 100 Lightbringer: Mana cost reduced from 100 to 75 Lightbringer: Duration increased from 5 to 6 Lightbringer: Cooldown decreased from 60 to 45 Sun Sentinel: Duration increased from 3 to 5 seconds Death of a Star: Fixed some cases where the cast would not start Death of a Star: Now increases base heal by 75 Disruptor Glimpse: Bonus damage minor shard increased from 40 to 50 Static Storm: Cooldown reduced from 90/80/70 to 60/55/50 Shocking Travel: Increased damage from intelligence from 70% to 100% Pacific Storm: Damage reduction increased from 30 to 50%, and also slows movement speed by 50%. Drow Ranger Gust: Bonus blind percent minor shard increased from 5 to 7 Marksmanship: Active cooldown reduced from 70 to 60 Silent Echo: Now also grants Drow 2 agility for every enemy hit and 4 agility for every captain hit for 12s. Fleet-Footed: Now applies a basic dispell on allies. Gyrocopter Missile Ride: Area of effect increased from 90 to 120 Missile Ride: Now deals 2x damage First Strike: Fixed it having no effect if cast again while already having Flak Cannon active Juggernaut Blade Fury: Duration minor shard decreased from 1.0 to 0.75 Detonate Ward: Now increases Healing Ward radius by 150. White-Hot Katana: Ignite duration increased from 5 to 10 White-Hot Katana: Ignite damage increased from 25% to 50% Kunkka Torrent: Damage shard increased from 50 to 75 Tidebringer: Damage increased from 15/30/45/60 to 20/40/60/80 Tidebringer: Damage shard increased from 15 to 20 Ghostship: Cooldown reduced from 80/70/60 to 60 Ghostship: Removed rum absorb minor shard Ghostship: Added 150 damage minor shard Tsunami: Now fires a single wave forward that deals 250% of Tidebringer's damage as magic. Lich Frost Shield: Damage reduction increased from 5/10/15/20 to 7/14/21/28 Chain Frost: Cooldown reduced from 100/80/60 to 60/55/50 Anti-Magic Shield: Duration is now 50% of Frost Shield's duration Lina Fiery Soul: Removed stack duration minor shard Fiery Soul: Removed mana cost / cooldown minor shard Fiery Soul: Attack and movement speed shards combined into one upgrade Dragon Trail: Now creates a Light Strike Array for every 250 distance rather than a fixed 4 (base power unchanged) Ignition: Now uses Laguna Blade's damage instead of Dragon Slave's Luna Eclipse: Cooldown reduced from 140/130/120 to 90 Lunatic Frenzy: Lifesteal increased from 20 to 25% Lunatic Frenzy: Duration multiplier increased from 3 to 4 Magnus Empower: Removed cooldown/mana cost shard Reverse Polarity: Cooldown reduced from 90 to 75 Over-Empower: Now triggers a 50% strength Reverse Polarity at the target when cast instead of granting full bonuses. Shock and Awe: Now stuns instead of slows targets. Damage reduction changed from 75% for 2.5 seconds to 50% for 2.5 + stun duration seconds. Too Many Waves: Internal cooldown decreased from 4 to 3. Mars Arena of Blood: Cooldown reduced from 90 to 75 Anyway, Here's Spearwall: Now causes soldiers to attack twice as fast and knock enemies back half the amount Stunning Rebuke: Now grants 2 charges of God's Rebuke. The stun duration is now 50% of the knockback slow duration. Omniknight Guardian Angel: Cooldown reduced from 160/140/120 to 120 Guardian Angel: HP Regen minor shard increased from 8 to 12 Heal Life Angel: Purification Trigger chance from 20 to 25% Queen of Pain Sonic Wave: Cooldown reduced from 125 to 100 Fervent Assault: Buff duration increased from 4 to 10. Effect can now stack multiple times. Hall of Pain: Area of effect increased from 80 to 125 Discordant Force: Attack damage increased from 10 to 15, and now gives 1% spell amplification per hit instead of attack speed. Haunting Echoes: No longer creates a scream at the start location Sand King Base armor increased by 1 Burrowstrike: Damage upgrade from 60 -> 75 Burrowstrike: 0.75 stun duration minor shard has been added Sandstorm: Blind and Slow have been combined into one upgrade Caustic Finale: Explode damage minor shard from 40 to 50 Caustic Finale: Damage over time minor shard from 7 to 8 Caustic Finale: Slow minor shard has been removed Epicenter: Attack Speed slow minor shard has been removed Epicenter: Cooldown reduced from 120/110/100 to 100 Transport Burrow: Now creates an Epicenter at the arrival destination that pulses once for each second of Burrowstrike Stun duration. Independent Sandstorm: Now also gives Sand King bonus movement speed equal to the slow Slark Pounce: Damage shard increased from 50 to 75 Pounce: Distance shard now also increases speed Brackish Bath: Now always also affects Slark when another unit is targeted Gone Fishing: Now also grants 2 charges of Pounce. Lucky Catch: Proc chance increased from 15% to 20%. Snapfire Mortimer Kisses: Cooldown reduced from 120/110/100 to 90 Lil Friendly Shredder: Now also grants 3 additional attacks Tusk Ice Shards: Base duration from 3.0 to 3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5 Ice Shards: Duration minor shard from 0.5 to 0.75 Ice Shard Extension: Now also grants 2 charges of Ice Shards Snow Fort: Now also grants Snowball 20% spell lifesteal that is shared with teammates in the snowball Cool Party: Lifesteal increased from 8% to 12% And Another Punch!: Now also refunds 50% of the Walrus Punch mana cost, and can occur if the death occurs during the slow debuff rather than only on a direct kill. Ursa Earthshock: Removed Earthshock slow minor shard Ferocity: Now grants allies the current level of Overpower instead of bonus attack speed. Cannonball: Now also increases Earthshock damage by 25%. Ursa Minor: Swipes modifier increased from 25% to 35% Viper Shedding Skin: Aura radius increased from 900 to 1600 Shedding Skin: Damage increased by 50% Void Spirit Resonant Pulse: Absorb Per Unit minor shard increased from 15 to 20 Phantom Attack: Critical strike damage increased from 200% to 300% Weaver Time Lapse: Cooldown reduced from 70/55/40 to 60/50/40 Back To Basics: Now also casts Shukuchi on the ally afterwards. Explosive Reality: Now triggers explosions all along the path rather than only the start and end positions. Winter Wyvern Ice Cold Killing: Now emanates the current level of Splinter Blast every second with 50% damage Witch Doctor Death Ward: Cooldown reduced from 80 to 60/55/50 Invigorating Charm: Now also grants 8% spell lifesteal Bewitched: No channel Death Ward duration from 50 to 100% Spirit Balm: Removed Strange Boon: Removed

Aghanim's Collector's Cache, Labyrinth Update, & DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 2

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/3703047/0fbb9142d2d935564e2e456ed6eea27b37e7f6c2.jpg Today's update brings the all-new Aghanim's Collector's Cache featuring 18 sets voted for by the community, plus an Aghanim's Labyrinth Update filled with new rewards and gameplay. Also, continue following the story in DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 2, now available on Netflix. Aghanim's Collector's Cache The votes have been tallied and the official grand magus seal of approval has been obtained, meaning Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache is now available — loaded with the top 18 eligible item sets as voted on by the Dota 2 community. Unboxing 15 of these treasures will automatically grant you 36 Battle Levels, and the odds of receiving a bonus rare item will increase with each one you open. You can also recycle any unwanted items for 2 Battle Levels. Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache is available for $2.49 and will only remain on sale until the end of the battle pass. All items in the Cache are untradeable and unmarketable, except for the ultra rare Phantom Assassin item. The final vote tally is listed below, with the exception of a second Chaos Knight set at rank 5 which will be released at some point in the future. Rank Hero Votes 1 Chaos Knight 366,364 2 Ogre Magi 362,974 3 Dragon Knight 309,696 4 Phantom Lancer 308,474 5 Dawnbreaker 299,750 6 Clockwerk 287,363 7 Phantom Assassin 284,424 8 Razor 270,227 9 Ancient Apparition 256,453 10 Chen 246,221 11 Grimstroke 242,631 12 Broodmother 240,884 13 Mars 235,436 14 Rubick 233,860 15 Drow Ranger 224,878 16 Alchemist 217,552 17 Axe 215,059 18 Abaddon 209,704 We once again thank the community artists who tendered submissions for this year's treasure, as well as the entire Battle Pass community for casting votes in support of their favorite item sets. We look forward to seeing your top selections mixing it up in the lanes. Aghanim's Labyrinth Update Today's patch also features a substantial update for Aghanim's Labyrinth brimming with new rewards and gameplay. Earn the exclusive "Aghanim the Wisest" courier by saving each of the different multiverse mages, and show off your prowess with custom emoticons awarded for completing each difficulty level from Apprentice to Apex Mage. Aghanim the Magnanimous has even kept track of who already helped out, so rewards for past success are already waiting. Head over to the patch notes page to read all about a host of balance changes, adjustments to aggro mechanics, new encounters, and more. DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 2 - Watch Now Continue your anime adventure into the world of Dota with the exclusive premiere of a new season of DOTA: Dragon's Blood, arriving today on Netflix. And if you by chance missed the start of this journey, don't worry — no matter whether you binge or watch one at a time, it's never too late to catch up.

Valve cancels Dota 2 Winter Major and pisses off pretty much every pro in the scene

Valve has cancelled the first Dota 2 Major of 2022, which would have taken place in February and been the capstone to the pro scene's Winter Tour... Read more.

Dota 2's first Major of 2022 has been cancelled

The 2021/22 Dota 2 Pro Circuit has been dealt a blow as Valve has revealed it is cancelling the competition's first Major. While a set date or location for this $500,000 Major was never officially announced, it would have likely taken place at some point in February. In a statement, Valve says that "the discovery and spread of new strains of COVID-19 and the resulting increase of travel restrictions has made it unfeasible for all qualified teams to gather for a LAN tournament." This will come as a disappointment to fans and players alike, especially considering that Valve managed to host The International 10 as an international LAN event in October last year. Valve had planned to host three Major events during the 2021/22 DPC, with each one following one of the three regional legs of the competition. These Majors, which would see the top teams from each region compete on LAN, not only offer up half a million dollars in prize money, but also DPC points, which are used to qualify for The International. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Delve into Dota 2: The Comics Collection with a 30% discount this Cyber Monday The best Dota 2 heroes to play in ranked in 2022 Here's what Dota 2's Team Spirit could buy with its $18 million TI10 prize

Dota Pro Circuit 2021-2022 Winter Major Update

As the Winter Tour of the Dota Pro Circuit 2021-2022 season draws to a close, we've made the difficult decision to cancel the first Major. While hopes were high that we could host an international LAN event, the discovery and spread of new strains of COVID-19 and the resulting increase of travel restrictions has made it unfeasible for all qualified teams to gather for a LAN tournament. As there will be no major, Tour 1 will conclude after all of the regional league tournaments have ended. Players who have participated in Fantasy will receive their rewards before the start of Tour 2. Teams participating in the DPC earn points by playing in their respective Regional Leagues as well as through international competition at the Majors. Since the first Major is no longer happening, we have decided to redistribute its points to the second and third Major. This way, the balance of points between regional and cross-region play remains the same. The points will be distributed as follows: Major 2: 1st Place - 680 Points 2nd Place - 610 Points 3rd Place - 530 Points 4th Place - 460 Points 5th/6th Place - 385 Points 7th/8th Place - 240 Points Major 3: 1st Place - 820 Points 2nd Place - 740 Points 3rd Place - 670 Points 4th Place - 590 Points 5th/6th Place - 515 Points 7th/8th Place - 360 Points We will continue to evaluate the situation regarding international travel for future Majors as we progress through the second Tour. 1/12 Update: Fixed incorrect Point distribution

What if: Dota 2 heroes were marketed like LoL champions?

Dota 2 and League of Legends are often compared to one another. They both trace their origins back to the same Warcraft 3 custom game, they both have an enormous roster of playable characters, and they're the two biggest MOBAs in the world, so these comparisons are inevitable. But it's like comparing a Thanksgiving Day parade balloon to a giant blimp. Dota 2 is compared to League. League is not compared to Dota 2, because League is so big it blocks out the sun. As I gaze, forlorn, into the mirrored plating of my replica Dota 2 Aegis of Champions, a single tear rolling down my cheek, I lament Dota's relative lack of recognition. It's a magnificent multiplayer game, with a skill ceiling so astronomical that ten-year veterans still have plenty of room for improvement, and still some prodigy can just wander in with a completely unorthodox approach and blow everyone out of the water. Unfortunately, you need to learn several dusty tomes' worth of gubbins to truly appreciate things like this, which isn't an appealing prospect to many people. But you know what is appealing to lots of people? Virtual K-Pop girl groups. I'm dead serious. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and League has gallons of high-fructose premium skins, pop songs, merchandise, and premium tie-ins on tap to help wash down their convoluted MOBA. Meanwhile, us Dota players are the flies rolling around in vinegar, screaming and vomiting. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: You can now play Dota 2 with any controller supported by Steam Input Dota 2's Aghanim's Labyrinth mode is back with a new battle pass DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book 2 hits Netflix in four weeks

Collector’s Cache Battle Pass Vote

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/3703047/5d39abb882970e9d6840e7cf902366594d11c91c.png Thanks to the high-quality submissions tendered to the Dota 2 Workshop, there's a breadth of offerings ready to celebrate Aghanim's return with an all-new Collector's Cache. Though Aghanim himself preferred presenting his own results as a fait accompli, the rest of us convinced his magnificence to invite all Battle Pass owners to weigh in on the proceedings and help make the final selection. From now until Tuesday, January 4, the final candidates for the Collector’s Cache will be featured for preview in the Dota 2 client, where all players can see a lineup of the item sets for easy comparison. Battle Pass owners can give a thumbs up or down to each set under consideration, and sets with the highest scores will be included as the main items of the Cache. We would like to thank all of the workshop artists who have submitted items, and we look forward to revealing the collection that best represents Aghanim's the community's favor.

Aghanim's Labyrinth: The Continuum Conundrum - Gameplay Update

General Ascension Scaling: creature bonus hp per ascension reduced from -5/20/40/60/80/100% to -5/18/36/54/72/90% Ascension Scaling: creature bonus damage per ascension reduced from -5/20/40/60/80/100% to -5/18/36/54/72/90% All melee heroes' base armor increased by 1 Fixed several exploits used to skip trap rooms Fixed certain creatures not reacting when damaged from far away Fixed Ash's Pulse triggering while silenced or muted Panda Potion Pub and Arcane Archives events can now appear at depth 1 HEROES Bane Dark Symbiosis: When an ally is Enfeebled, it now lasts 2x the duration Dark Tendrils: Fiend's Grip Percent increased from 35% to 50% Dark Tendrils: Latch Range increased from 90 to 100 Dark Tendrils: Creation interval improved from 2.5 to 2.0 Cloud of Frailty: Now also grants 2 charges of Brain Sap Black Ichor: Channeling no longer ends if the primary target dies after taking Black Ichor Driven to Delirium: Now also grants 200 Fiend's Grip cast range Mind Fracture: Radius increased from 250 to 275 Mind Fracture: Heal Percent increased from 25% to 35% Mind Fracture: Movement Slow increased from 40% to 50% Shared Torment: Spill Width increased from 175 to 200 Shared Torment: Non-captains targeted with Enfeeble after taking Shared Torment are 20% larger (Minor Shard) Brain Sap Cast Range increased from 150 to 175 (Minor Shard) Nightmare Invulnerability Duration increased from 0.4 to 0.5 (Minor Shard) Nightmare Tick Damage increased from 15 to 20 Clinkz Strafe: percent of Skeleton Walk movespeed used for attack speed buff increased from 300% to 400% Strafe: duration increased from 6s to 7s Burning Barrage: fixed arrow damage display value appearing as 40% instead of 65% Burning Barrage: fixed damage percent minor upgrades not working Splitshot: now also increases Burning Barrage's arrow damage by 10% Dawnbreaker Hammer Time: Celestial Hammer charges increased from 2 to 3 Sunforge: Celestial Hammer bonus time in world increased from 2 to 3 (Minor Shard) Celestial Hammer Damage and Burn Damage are now combined in the same upgrade (Minor Shard) Celestial Hammer Range increased from 200 to 250 (Minor Shard) Celestial Hammer Fire Trail Duration increased from 0.8 to 1.0 Disruptor Glimpse bonus damage upgrade increased from 30 to 40 Loaded weapon Thunder Strike chance increased from 50% to 60% Drow Crosswind: magic damage increased from 500% to 600% of Frost Arrows Bonus Damage Shifting Shots: movespeed reduction reduced from 20% to 10% Marked Reflexes: time required to fire reduced from 7 seconds to 5 seconds Kunkka Tidebringer damage changed from 20/30/40/50 to 15/30/45/60 Dread Pirate: Now also triggers a Tidebringer attack on X gained and lost on the enemy No Quarter: Now also grants Tidebringer 2 charges Lich Death Dealer's Discount: Cooldown reduction increased from 75% to 100% Death Dealer's Discount: Now also increases area and primary target damage to the initial target by 50% Sinister Spire: Move slow increased from 30% to 50% Sinister Spire: Duration increased from 15 to 18 seconds. Life Leech: Mana stolen as life increased from 100% to 150% Skeletal Summoning: Skeleton Duration increased from 7 to 10 seconds (Minor Shard) Frost Nova damage increased from 70 to 80 (Minor Shard) Frost Shield damage increased from 15 to 20 (Minor Shard) Sinister Gaze mana steal percent increased from 5 to 7% (Minor Shard) Added Chain Frost Jumps 2(4) Luna Over the Moon: Damage multiplier increased from 2 to 3 Over the Moon: Leap range reduced from 1000 to 750 Magnus Over-Empower: Allies also receive Magnus's self damage and cleave multiplier Phoenix Blast Wave: impact damage from Icarus Burn dps increased from 300% to 400% Flame Revenant: percent of Fire Spirits' damage as flame revenant damage reduced from 100% to 75% Focus Point: the tip of Sun Ray's beam now also heals 150% more Savior: multiplier of Sun Ray's base heal as heal increased from 8x to 10x Spirit Balm: now also increases Fire Spirits' travel speed by 450 fixed Supernova DPS talent not updating tooltip Queen of Pain Discordant Force duration increased from 7s to 15s Fervent Assault duration increased from 2s to 4s Slark Leash duration upgrade increased from 0.5s to 1s Death Pact with Brackish Bath upgrade now deals 150% damage Fish Food attack bonus increased from 50 to 60 Tusk Local Cooling cooldown reduction increased from 0.5s to 1s Undying Flesh Golem base damage amplification reduced from 25/30/35% to 15/20/25% Rotting Mitts: Chance to trigger decay increased from 20% to 22% (Minor Shard) Soul Rip max units increased from 2 to 3 (Minor Shard) Tombstone zombie base damage increased from 4 to 5 (Minor Shard) Flesh Golem duration reduced from 8 seconds to 5 seconds (Minor Shard) Flesh Golem Bonus Strength reduced from 5% to 4% Ursa Relentless: Overpower stack generation increased from 2 to 3 Relentless: Now causes Earthshock to slow for an additional 2 seconds (Minor Shard) Earthshock damage increased from 75 to 90 (Minor Shard) Earthshock radius / distance increased from 50 to 75 (Minor Shard) Earthshock movement slow increased from 12% to 16% Void Spirit Resonant Pulse: base shield absorb increased from 60/120/180/240 to 80/140/200/260 Translocate: Dissimilate damage per translocated ally increased from 50% to 75% Expanse: now also reduces Dissimilate cooldown by 2s Inverted Force: Aether Remnant damage dealt to collided enemies increased from 150% to 200% Inverted Force: push distance increased from 500 to 550 Triad Echo: now also increases Aether Remnant pull duration by 0.7s Winter Wyvern Diamondize: Units can no longer attack and cast spells while embraced Diamondize: movement speed while embraced increased from 150 to 225 Witch Doctor Strange Boon Heal percentage increased from 50% to 60% ENCOUNTERS Magma Mines Magma Golem Projectile: impact damage reduced from 300 to 250 Magma Golem Projectile: slowed cast point from 0.25s to 0.3s Chippy Conifers Reconvene Pinecone Sniper: Acorn Shot: projectile speed reduced from 1400 to 1100 Gelatinous Bastille Acid Blob Jump: land damage reduced from 350 to 300 Acid Blob Jump: stun duration reduced from 1.25s to 1.1s Multiplicity Phantom Lancer Illusion: health reduced from 1200 to 1000 Mole Cave Eimermole Burrow: aura dps reduced from 75 to 40 Eimermole Emerge: stun duration reduced from 1s to 0.9s Eldwurm Aerie Shatter Blast (Ground): reduced projectile start radius from 150 to 120 and end radius from 200 to 180 Shatter Blast (Ground): reduced shatter damage from 350/425/500/575/650 to 300/370/440/510/580 Ridges of Nishai Elder Tremor Smash: cast point rescaled from 1.212 to 1.299/1.237/1.178/1.122/1.011 Elder Tremor Smash: radius reduced from 265/275/285/295/305 to 265/270/275/280/285 Elder Tremor Fissure: cooldown increased from 8/7.6/7.2/6.8/6.4 to 8.3/8/7.7/7.4/7.1/6.8 Rizzrick the Razorsaw increased armor from 12 to 15 Gate of the Dead Crypt Gate: max skeletons reduced from 45 to 40 Round-Up Canyon Batrider: health reduced from 4000 to 3000, magic resistance reduced from 33 to 15 Wriggling Wreef Giant Amoeboid Jump: stun duration reduced from 3 to 2.5 Large Amoeboid Jump: stun duration reduced from 2.5 to 2.1 Medium Amoeboid Jump: stun duration reduced from 2 to 1.7 Small Amoeboid Jump: stun duration reduced from 1.5 to 1.3 Large Amoeboid: health reduced from 10800 to 9500 Medium Amoeboid: health reduced from 6480 to 5700 Small Amoeboid: health reduced from 3888 to 3420 Large, Medium, and Small Amoeboids: armor reduced by 3 Keen Commander Tinkwerk Polymorph: projectile speed reduced from 820/840/860/880/900 to 820/830/840/850/860 Tinkwerk Polymorph: transform duration reduced from 3.5/3.8/4.1/4.4/4.7 to 3.5/3.7/3.9/4.1/4.3 Tinkwerk March: machine movement speed reduced from 400/415/430/445/460 to 400/410/420/430/440 Fixed Keen Minions being spawned after Tinkwerk was dead, and all existing Keen Minions are removed when Tinkwerk dies Nemestice Crater Wraith Warden: health increased from 55,000 to 60,000 Storegga the Ample Claps Back Storegga: increased hp from 50,000 to 60,000 Storegga: increased armor from 32 to 37 Thunder Mountain Thunder Squire smash damage increased from 1750 to 2000 Thunder Knight smash damage increased from 3500 to 4000 Zoos lightning bolt damage increased from 1400 to 1750 Demonic Woods Camp Bully (small Nightstalker) HP reduced from 9000 to 7500 Camp Assistant (Bane) HP reduced from 15000 to 12000 The Bomb Squad Goes Boom Walrus Pudge: armor increased from 0 to 10 Land Mine Detonate: damage increased from 1200 to 1400 Smashy and Bashy Smashy Slithereen Crush Cast point reduced from 1.6 to 1.5 Smashy Slithereen Crush damage increased from 6000 to 7500 Smashy armor increased from 15 to 25 Smashy movement speed increased from 375 to 400 Smashy HP increased from 40000 to 50000 Bashy damage increased from 225 to 275 Bashy attack point improved from 0.55 to 0.5 Bashy HP increased from 30000 to 35000 Crabby damage increased from 550 to 775 Crabby HP increased from 1800 to 2500 Crabby movement speed increased from 350 to 375 Crabbies now spawn on a cycle related to the health of Smashy and Bashy

Dota 2 Update - December 20th, 2021

Fixed a Linux crash on CPUs without AVX support. Experimental Controller Support Bugfixes and Changes L1 + D Pad will inspect and move the camera to allied heroes. Pressing in the left stick will now inspect your target. If you can control the target, it will select it like a normal left click with the mouse. Fixed a bug with double-press orders on some spells not working, notably Invoker's Aghanim's Scepter Sunstrike and Underlord's Aghanim's Shard Firestorm. Locking onto runes or dropped items will show the tooltip for the item or rune in the world, similar to a mouse hover. Targeting a creep with L1/L2 + X Button will now select the lowest-health creep first. Fixed target selection of breakables in Aghanim's Labyrinth to not select through the fog.

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