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Portal Reloaded is the closest we’re likely to get to Portal 3

It’s been slightly over a decade since Portal 2 surprised everybody by being an impossibly brilliant sequel to a game considered close to perfect. While normally at this point I’d lament how Valve hasn’t made a third, frankly I was fine with it. Unlike the Half-Life series, the story of which Valve has left frustratingly incomplete, Portal felt finished after the second game. You could argue it felt finished after the first game, but Valve got away with making a second... Read more.

Portal designer Kim Swift joins Xbox

Kim Swift, lead designer on Portal, has joined Xbox Game Studios to work on its publishing programme. Xbox announced the hire today via a Twitter post which mentioned Swift's role would be to "accelerate our innovation and collaborate with independent studios to build games for the cloud". Swift is most famous for her stint at Valve, which began when her portal-based game demo Narbacular Drop impressed Valve bosses and she was roped on board. Read more

Portal 2 - Update

An update has been released for Portal 2 - Fixed the game failing to launch on OSX. - Fixed some controller glyphs

8 years later, J.J. Abrams' Portal movie "finally on the rails"

A movie version of Portal is back on track, Star Trek and Lost director J.J. Abrams has said, nearly a decade after we first heard of its existence. The project still sounds far-off, and there's no word on what has been holding up development - but the wheels now seem to be turning. "We actually do have a script that's being written for the Portal movie now at ," Abrams said today (thanks, IGN) "We're really excited about the take and the pitch, so it feels like that thing's finally on the rails. Read more

Portal 2 Update

An update has been released for Portal 2 - Fixed a recent physics bug that caused some turrets to fall over on map start.

Prepare for bigger Portal 2 modded levels with a new update removing limits

Valve have again updated the incredible first-person puzzler Portal 2, this time the update is quite small (comparatively to the Vulkan update) but still mighty. Read the full article here:

Portal 2 update lifts Steam Workshop file size restrictions

Portal 2 has some of the best editor tools Valve ever made, and the game's community has responded by using those tools to create ten years of regular new puzzle rooms and mods. Now a small update to Portal 2 has made a big change, lifting the 100MB file size limit on uploads to Portal 2's Steam Workshop. Read more

Portal 2 gets an update out of the blue, and it scraps the Workshop level file size limit

Valve has surprised everyone today by releasing a brand new update for Portal 2, which has removed the 100MB Workshop level file size limit. This means custom level makers can now indulge their inner GLaDOS in previously impossible ways and create even bigger physics-defying trials to challenge their cake-starved test subjects. The removal of the level file size limit has been warmly received by fans, particularly those who enjoyed user-made games like Portal Stories: Mel. Fans are hopeful that, with the current limitations removed, it won't be long before they start seeing more exciting and ambitious level packs and user mods arrive through the Steam Workshop. Today's update also addresses a few minor lighting bugs, fixes the model viewer and face poser, which previously weren't opening correctly, and adds two command lines for running benchmark demos. This is the first update for Portal 2 that Valve has released this year, though the game has seen sporadic, and often small-scale, updates over the past few years, despite the game being more than a decade old at this point. The biggest of recent times came in February and added a Vulkan renderer to improve overall performance. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: This Portal 2 mod is basically Portal 3 Portal 2 update brings Vulkan support, a "360° spin action", and bug fixes Eight years later, Portal 2 is still getting updates

Portal 2 Update

An update has been released for Portal 2 game and Authoring Tools - Fixed custom maps with no lights disabling lighting for the rest of the play session - Fixed Model Viewer and Face Poser not opening - Fixed demo playback for workshop maps - Fixed some text corruption related to UTF-8 conversion in some instances on Linux - Moved the 32-bit Linux binaries into linux32 - Misc. rendering and other optimizations - Removed the 100MB workshop level file size limit - Added a +bench_demo command line parameter which will run a demo, and quit after it is finished. - Added a -bench_settings command line parameter to load a cfg/video_bench_{name}.txt file containing settings to load. There are a set of defaults provided, very_high_4k, very_high, high, medium and low.

This Portal 2 mod is basically Portal 3

Time marches ever onward, and soon we will all be dust. Portal 2 turned ten this week, and one modder celebrated by releasing Portal Reloaded, a fan-sequel to the puzzle game that brings in elements of Titanfall 2. In Portal Reloaded, you've another 25 Aperture Science maps to navigate and solve, except this time, the solutions are stretched across time, as well as space. Your portal gun now has a third, green option, that opens a door 20 years into the future, and you'll need both timelines to find your way out, not too far removed from the timeline jumping in Respawn Entertainment's FPS game sequel. The mod was created by one person, Jannis, and on the official site, he writes that this is aimed at "portal veterans" who want to push the mechanics of the series. "The mechanics of Portal Reloaded can seem complicated at first, but the mod tries its best to explain them in a slow and engaging way with some relatively simple puzzles," he writes. "However, the mod also wants to push its concepts to their limits and explore many new and interesting ways of puzzle solving." In the launch trailer below, you can see some real M. C. Escher-like mind-bending design at work, capturing the scale of Valve's own levels across the two base games. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Portal 2 update brings Vulkan support, a "360° spin action", and bug fixes Eight years later, Portal 2 is still getting updates Valve's bringing a "flagship VR game" and a Portal-themed experience to Index

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