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Star Trek Online: Stormfall

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/3952647/36dd43969566dfc7de56d3c8d24e27ddaccaaab9.jpg You've stepped through the Mirror and back, Captains, just barely escaping with your lives. If you venture in again, will it be for the last time? Join one of our most star studded casts in Stormfall, the latest Star Trek Online story update. Kate Mulgrew returns as both Admiral Janeway from the Prime Star Trek Universe, and her dastardly, Borg afflicted Mirror Counterpart. Joining her are Mary Wiseman as Sylvia "Killy" Tilly, the unhinged, murderous version of Tilly from Star Trek Discovery. Chase Masterson joins us to reprise the role she created just for Star Trek Online, Admiral Leeta, the true antithesis of everything her character stood for in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Kipleigh Brown brings us a version of Kuumaarke like we've never seen before. And finally, for the first time, Noah Averbach-Katz (Ryn, from Star Trek: Discovery) will step out from behind the streaming desk and step into the game, playing Rae-yeet, a Mirror Universe inhabitant who rebels against the evil Terran Empire. You'll stand alongside and against all of these forces, including your own dark reflection. This story plays out in two brand new episodes, "Blue Shift," and "The Calling." In addition, you'll find we've reworked the Task Force Operation "Assault on Terek Nor" into the completely redone "Forged in Fire." Finally, you can oppose the Terran Empire in the updated, screen accurate map of Deep Space Nine, with brand new cutscenes, enemies, and boss mechanics. You can play all of that, and more, in the Heart of the Storm event, to unlock a powerful new ground set based around Mirror Kuumaarke. And if you're brand new or just want to see it all again, the 2409-era Federation Tutorial has received a long needed update, adding more depth, better environments and cutscenes, more streamlined content and interactions with Admiral Janeway herself, as well as Aron Eisenberg as Captain Nog. Lower Decks has been one of our favorite new additions to the Star Trek canon, and we're adding the California Class, the flagship of that show, into the Infinity Lock Box starting today. In addition, several awesome items from the show like the Mandatory Medical Treatment rifle and the Scorpion Cube have been added to the Lobi store. It's an exciting time to be a Star Trek Online fan, and we're so pleased to have you with us, Captains. Stormfall will be live after maintenance today. We'll see you in the Final Frontier.

Star Trek: Online - Stormfall features Janeway in the Mirror Universe

Star Trek: Online has launched its new story campaign, Stormfall, which returns players to the Mirror Universe. With new content based around iconic characters from throughout the franchise's history, now could be the ideal time for fans of the movies and TV show to dive head first into the MMO. Star Trek: Online - Stormfall will focus on Admiral Janeway (from Star Trek: Voyager) and Admiral Leeta (from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) as they venture into the Mirror Universe for a rescue mission. Along the way, they'll meet an Andoran rebel known as "Rae-Yeet" (played by Noah Averbach-Katz, who played the Andoran, Ryn, in Star Trek: Discovery), and come up against the dreaded Captain Sylvia Tilly (from Star Trek Discovery). The new expansion is broken down into two episodes. The first, titled Blue Shift, details the kidnapping of Ilia (from Star Trek: The Motion Picture) by the Terran Empire, with the player left to rescue her and figure out why she was taken. Then the second episode, The Calling, deals with the Terran Empire's attempts to summon a powerful being to be their ally. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best space games on PC in 2022 Classic Star Trek games may be coming to GOG, including Elite Force and Armada Star Trek Online players remember Christopher Plummer

Star Trek Online ships now canon after Picard Season 2 reveal

Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard is finally here and sharp-eyed Star Trek Online fans will have noticed a few familiar ships in the premiere episode. Arc Games confirmed that four Star Trek Online vessels are now canon, with a few more from the animated series Lower Decks... Read more.

Star Trek Online: Shadow's Advance Now Live

In the world of video games, especially massively multiplayer online games, lasting a decade is unheard of. Star Trek Online has explored the final frontier twelve years. It’s an incredible number that could never have happened without you, the Captains who play our game, bringing the Star Trek Universe to life in a way no other piece of Trek media can. We’re so grateful that you have and continue to take this ride with us, whether you’ve been here since Beta or your first day playing was today. And speaking of today, we’re marking our anniversary with a drop of brand new content, starting with one of the most exciting guest stars we’ve ever had. Kate Mulgrew returns to the role she defined, Kathryn Janeway, the first woman to Captain a starship as the lead of her own show. For seven years, Janeway guided the crew of Voyager on their desperate search for a way home, but what has she been doing in the year 2411? You’ll find her in our brand new episode, “Red Shift,” alongside Star Trek favorites Mary Wiseman and Chase Masterson. The Terran Empire has attacked Jupiter Station, but why? What do they want? Janeway has also been retroactively added to the Delta Quadrant missions that feature most of the rest of the cast of Star Trek: Voyager. You'll find the Admiral directing you on missions throughout that entire storyarc. You’ll be able to explore Jupiter Station yourself in “Red Shift,” or defend it in space in our brand new Task Force Operation, “Iuppiter Iratus.” Completing the mission, the TFO, or the Omega Particle stabilization game will earn you progress towards the Jarrok Alliance Carrier, a brand new T6 ship that combines Romulan and Federation designs. And you can open the Emerald Chain Lock Box to claim items used by the villainous syndicate during Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. One more thing: The last two years were banner years for STO, and we want to celebrate with you. Log in to the game during the Anniversary Event to claim a free 100% off T6 Ship Coupon for the Zen Store! We can’t wait to share these stories with you, Captains. Don’t wait, Star Trek Online: Shadow’s Advance is live on PC right now!

Free games: Win an Age of Discovery Starter Pack for Star Trek Online!

Star Trek Online's 15th season left the launch pad recently - on October 9th, to be exact - which means it's now flying around in space, boldly going where no one has gone before. Alright, our bad, we'll try to minimise the cringey Star Trek references where possible. No promises, though. The new season, titled Age of Discovery, brings with it a couple of new customisable ships for you to command, a fresh batch of missions, and plenty of updates that improve both the New Player Experience and streamline several of the MMO's systems. Plenty for all you Trekkies to enjoy, then. This is a game you might want to Klingon to, eh? Ok, we're packing it in... or you could say we're Picard it in. Oh god. What was that?! So sorry. Sorry. Ok, let's get to business - serious faces on everyone. To celebrate the arrival of Age of Discovery, we're giving away 50 Starter Packs that will equip you well for the new adventures. Included in each of them is a Walker-class prototype light exploration cruiser, 12 additional inventory slots, a large (150,000) experience bonus pool, a Discovery-era phaser sniper rifle and phaser stun bolt pistol, and a tardigrade vanity pet Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Classic Star Trek games may be coming to GOG, including Elite Force and Armada The best space games on PC Star Trek Online players remember Christopher Plummer

Star Trek Online: Reflections Now Live

Step into the mirror, Captains – you may never be the same. Star Trek Online is proud to announce Reflections, our newest story update, launching after maintenance today. The Terran Emperor is up to something so dastardly, that Admiral Leeta from the Mirror Universe has come to you for help. Can you save both realities from tyranny? Or will you fall to the darkness on the looking glass’s other side? Reflections stars the returning Chase Masterson, playing Leeta, the role she originated on Deep Space Nine. Leeta has been a thorn in the side of the Federation for years – can those differences be put aside? Can you even trust her? But that’s not all. Reflections also comes with the first content from Star Trek: Lower Decks in STO. You’ll be able to obtain and command the Parliament Class, popularized as the U.S.S. Vancouver in the animated comedy, as well as obtaining some of the weapons used by Starfleet on that show. In our new Task Force Operation, “Operation: Wolf”, you’ll invade the Mirror version of Earth Space Dock, experiencing the tyrannical universe’s version for the very first time. And you’ll be able to purchase the Elite Captain Boost Token, and upgrade your Captain with a new Kit Module Slot, new Device Slot, and new a Trait Slot in both Ground and Space. But that's not all! Starting after maintenance today, you can grab a free pack of Mirror Gear, including the following: Discovery Era Terran Empire Uniform Terran Empire Odyssey Uniform Terran Empire Sonic Phaser High Density Beam Rifle Terran Empire Sonic Phaser Stun Pistol Mirror Universe Agony Rifle Duel Ambush Turrets Kit Module Small XP Boost This special giveaway will be available until 9/28 at 10am PT. What's on the other side of your own reflection, Captains? It's time to find out.

Classic Star Trek games may be coming to GOG, including Elite Force and Armada

A number of classic Star Trek games could soon be getting a re-release on GOG, despite the titles being delisted for many years. The games include such well-regarded names as Elite Force 1 and 2, Armada 1 and 2, and Bridge Commander - from X-Wing and TIE Fighter developer Totally Games. As spotted by a community member on GameFront, all the Star Trek titles published by Activision have recently undergone a facelift on GOG's digital client GOG Galaxy. Users can view temporary pages for many games not released on GOG using the Galaxy client, and these are usually very basic with maybe a screenshot in the background at best. However, the pages for most of Activision's old Star Trek games have all recently had their game cards updated with proper artwork - complete with brand new CBS copyright watermarks, the company that currently owns Star Trek. According to GameFront, the last time something like this happened was with the recent Tomb Raider games - right before they all got added to the GOG store. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best space games on PC Star Trek Online players remember Christopher Plummer Star Trek Online's new season House Shattered launches on PC today

Star Trek Online: House United is Now Live!

Greetings, Captains! After an honorable and epic Year of Klingon, the time has come to end the story that began with House Divided. L'Rell, as played by Mary Chieffo, is back from the dead, and leading an army to retake the Empire from the Mad Emperor, J'mpok. Whether you are a loyal Klingon Warrior, or one of the other factions taking part in the world of 2411, you've been along for the ride, experiencing the destruction of New Khitomer, clearing your name, and the shattering of the Klingon Empire. Now, you, Martok (J.G. Hertzler from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and J'ula must stand against J'mpok to reunite and restore honor to the Klingon people. This battle will take you around the empire, in the mission "Leap of Faith," and to Qo'nos itself in the mission "Warriors of the Empire," and the Task Force Operation, "Remain Klingon." For the first time in a long time, the story of the final battle will be told in both the mission and the TFO, giving you a chance to experience both the ground and space battles for the Klingon homeworld. Participating in these, and new patrols based off of "Leap of Faith," will progress you in the "Only Qo'nos Endures" special event. Completing that event grants you the powerful Imperial Assault ground set. And finally, the Discovery: Far from Home Lock Box lets you obtain the technology of the 32nd Century, as seen in Star Trek: Discovery Season 3. You are once again called upon to decide the fate of the galaxy. Fight with honor, Captains. Restore the glory of your empire. Qapla'!

Star Trek Online players remember Christopher Plummer

Players in Star Trek Online are coming together to pay tribute to the late actor Christopher Plummer, who passed away this week at the age of 91. Plummer had been cast in a prominent role in one of the Star Trek movies, and the community in the MMO game is honouring his performance and legacy. On Friday, the space game's official Twitter acknowledged Plummer's passing, writing: "In the hands of a lesser actor, General Chang might have been a stereotype, a one note character. But Christopher Plummer brought a gravitas and a respect to the man that defined Klingons for ages to come. Rest in peace." Since then, players from across Star Trek Online have been hosting send offs, gathering at the in-game murals that acknowledge the cast and crew of the various TV shows and movies. One such obvious spot is Qo'nos, home planet of the Klingons, where a number of players stood in line holding torches for a moment. Plummer appeared as General Chang, the main antagonist in 1991's Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country. The movie is one of the more liked Star Trek films, and as it was the last time the central crew of the original series came together, it holds a certain soft spot for many fans. He reprised the role for 2000's Star Trek: Klingon Academy, a flight sim set in the universe. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best space games on PC Star Trek Online's new season House Shattered launches on PC today Star Trek Online devs mis-advertised latest content bundle, apologise for any confusion

Star Trek Online players gather in-game to pay tribute to Christopher Plummer

Star Trek Online players have gathered in-game to pay tribute to Christopher Plummer, the legendary Canadian actor who died aged 91 this week. The Oscar winner was perhaps best-known for playing Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music, but he famously starred as Klingon General Chang in the 1991 film Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country. Plummer reprised the role of Chang for the 2000 video game Star Trek: Klingon Academy, which explained how his character lost an eye. The video below shows the intro to the game: Read more

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