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"> Every other Monday, we give you a reason to dust off one of your old games and dive into its mods with Modder Superior. This time, Craig has collected some great mods for Terraria, now it has an officially integrated modloader. Terraria’s final update, Journey’s End, is just the beginning. Developers Re-Logic have pulled off one final trick for their huge fanbase, making popular community mod manager tModloader officially supported. It’s a lovely gesture that means the players will have easy access to the bewildering amount of fan-made items, monsters, total conversions, and more, even if development has ceased. I had to editorialise a lot when looking around for mods for Terraria: there’s a bewildering amount. I didn’t want to overwhelm things with content mods, because there’s an issue of balance with some of the larger mods. As much as I love OTT boss battles, I generally prefer Terraria’s mods to feel like part of the original game. The rest are QoL addons, because there’s nothing better than wrangling the vasy, unwieldy systems of Terraria into something just a tad more manageable. That’s what we’ll be working with, so let’s get to it. (more…)


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