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Neverwinter: Infernal Descent Now Live!

Highlights New Storyline: Infernal Descent The Vallenhas family has many secrets, some of which are unknown even to the heirs of its estate. Help them, and not only will you learn of their hidden past, but be plunged into the consequences of decisions made long ago. Work with a familiar friend and new allies to save lives and gain power. New Campaign: Descent into Avernus Follow the story of the Vallenhas family's infernal descent, and make progress in a new campaign. Finish the campaign and you can earn more Boon points, and unlock access to the new dungeon, the Infernal Citadel. New Dungeon: Infernal Citadel The new module brings with it a new endgame dungeon. A step up in difficulty from the Lair of the Mad Mage (though more accessible than the Tower), entry to this dungeon requires campaign progress and a high Item Level. You'll need your wits about you to survive the tricks and trials ahead! Be sure to visit the Developer Blog Hub for more detailed info! Your Journey Into the Nine Hells Begins. Cheers! Thomas Foss Lead Designer *Infernal Descent will be available February 25 on Xbox One and PS4.


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