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Neverwinter: Sharandar Now Live!

Neverwinter: Sharandar is now live with its first episode: The Iron Tooth! Experience the exciting storyline starting today on PC and March 16 on Console! Feature Highlights New Zone: Sharandar It’s been several years since the adventurers of Neverwinter clashed against the forces of Malabog, and during the relative stability, the landscape and architecture of the Feywild has changed. However, not all is peaceful. There are new enemies and challenges to face. Sharandar requires a level of 80 and an item level of 40,000 to enter. However, during the first two weeks, players with any item level can play, and they’ll be scaled up to 40,000. As long as you complete the intro quest within the first two weeks, you’ll have access regardless of item level! New Storyline: The Iron Tooth The fey crossing—a bridge of sorts, that connected Faerûn to the Feywild—has recently been severed, preventing passage. Travelers who had returned from Sharandar speak of a feeling of unease. Though the defeat of Malabog brought peace for a time, a new evil stirs. Reconnect with the Iliyanbruen envoys in Protector’s Enclave to find out how to restore the fey crossing, and assist in the adventures beyond. This is the first episode of the new Sharandar campaign; more episodes will be released in the future. New Campaign: Sharandar With the new zone and new storyline comes a new campaign! This campaign will use a flow similar to the Redeemed Citadel, involving a weekly haul and a single progression path. More campaigns and more zones will unlock with the release of future episodes of the Sharandar storyline. New Dungeon: The Vault of Stars Clash against the members of the Gloaming Court as you uncover ancient secrets of the unseelie fey. Three new bosses await, with a new array of powerful rewards! The Vault of Stars unlocks two weeks after the release of Sharandar.


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