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GTA San Andreas cheats and codes

Looking for the best of the GTA San Andreas cheats? With the newly released remasters hitting the Rockstar digital store, it's time to return to Grove Street, reunite with CJ's crew, and take over the city once again. If you want to experiment, the world's your oyster with these GTA San Andreas cheats, though there are more out there. You can, for example, turn everyone into an Elvis Presley impersonator before giving them a rocket launcher and itchy trigger fingers. It's not just the streets of San Andreas where you can cause tanks to appear out of nowhere using cheats. You can also cause chaos and destruction in Liberty City with GTA 3 cheat codes and Vice City with the GTA Vice City cheat codes. We also have a selection of the best GTA Trilogy cheats across all three games rather than searching through the entire list to find the codes you want. Just make sure that you save the game before entering any of the cheat codes, and don't save over your save file after activating a cheat. There's a chance that you could corrupt your save file, and nobody wants that to happen. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best GTA Trilogy cheat codes Huge GTA mod shuts down due to "increasing hostility" San Andreas and the rest of the GTA 3 trilogy are reportedly being remastered in Unreal


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