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Has time finally caught up with Torchlight II?

"> Past Perfect is a retrospective column in which we look back into gaming history to see whether old favourites are still worth playing today. The Confusion I feel like I’m having a sort of ARPG existential crisis. With Diablo III continuing to be so popular, the same game finding a new audience and fresh buzz seven years on with its Switch release last year, I wondered if Torchlight II could do the same. A wondering that probably reveals a damning lot, since Torchlight II was actually re-released for Switch, PS4 and XB1 in September this year, and I didn’t even notice. At the time of its release, I confidently declared TL2 to be the better game, and yet one seems like it’s still the dominant title in the field, and the other like a retro feature idea despite having most recently been released three months ago. And my conclusion? Having replayed both a bunch in the last month, I still prefer Torchlight over Diablo! But, um, well, I’m not sure how much I actually like either. (more…)


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