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Crusader Kings 2 guide: tips & tricks for the budding ruler

Of Paradox's grand strategy titles, I dare to say that Crusader Kings II is the most unique. Essentially character based, it astoundingly simulates the interpersonal nature of politics in the Middle Ages before the advent of nation-states. The sweeping, human narratives and dramatic turns blur the line between RPG and Strategy without ever losing its 'grand' pedigree. To be truly successful in this game requires more than just careful logistical planning of troops and supplies: it also requires playing the great chess game of courtly life. With the announcement of Crusader Kings 3, CK2's base game was made free for everyone. That means there's going to be potentially loads of new wannabe rulers needing advice on how to navigate this titan of a strategy game, and we're here to help. To that end, my liege, whether you're a new count or a battle-scarred Crusader King, allow me to offer some of the most important tips for the novice and veteran alike. All the advice below is correct as of the most recent patch with all expansions. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best Crusader Kings 2 mods The complete Crusader Kings 2 DLC guide Crusader Kings 2's Black Death DLC is free this weekend


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