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tinyBuild's PAXWest Press Event Wrap Up

tinyBuild's PAXWest Press Event Wrap Up Hey everyone! If you missed the livestream, it'll be soon available on our Youtube channel at We had an incredible PRE-PAX night full of announcements and mystery! I am writing this before the actual event happens, so I have no idea if we'll make it into cringe compilations yet. Fingers crossed! So let's run through the news. Secret Neighbor coming this HALLOWEEN Announcing Black Skylands - Playable at PAX Announcing Not For Broadcast - Playable at PAX Announcing Once Upon a Time in Roswell - Playable at PAX Announcing RAWMEN Announcing a new Pathologic 2 DLC! The Marble Nest DLC will be free for everyone who buys the main Pathologic 2 game before the DLC comes out. SpeedRunners finally coming to Nintendo Switch! Yes, it's true. It's happening. If you're at PAXWest this weekend in Seattle, be sure to checkout our large booth right next to the Indie Megabooth. We have a very special Secret Neighbor and Graveyard Keeper sections, alongside your favorite Totally Reliable Delivery Service and the games listed above. In case you're wondering, you will indeed be able to play Graveyard Keeper in an actual coffin.


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