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Dark Souls modder recreates Halo maps, ends up overhauling multiplayer

The original Dark Souls game has just got a complete overhaul to its multiplayer thanks to one industrious modder. Inferno Plus' Dark Souls: Remastest mod introduces classic Halo maps, power-ups, and reworks to weapons, spells, and abilities. Oh, and it removes most of the co-op restrictions from the old PC game. That's only scratching the surface, too. The mod jazzes Battle of Stoicism up with three Halo maps and two game types that can be played by up to 18 players. You can play Team Deathmatch and try to beat the other team to 30 kills, or Capture the Lizard, which involves swiping your enemies reptile and balancing it on your head while you return to your base - it's as amusing as you'd hope it would be. After creating a single-player version of Blood Gulch with bosses and the lot, Inferno Plus explains he set about improving Dark Souls' multiplayer mode Battle of Stoicism. For Inferno Plus, part of the issue was that players were spawned in closer to each other and given little reason to go out and experience the maps. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: GDQ is back for COVID-19 relief - Halo, Zelda, and Dark Souls kick things off today Kickstarter campaign for deluxe hardcover Dark Souls book You Died goes live After eight years, Dark Souls custom maps finally work, starting with a Half-Life level


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