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Starbound mod support orbits as more beta updates fly in

Starbound isn't the same game it was a week and a half ago. Five updates have come and gone since the Terraria-alike entered open beta on December 4, and left Change with a capital 'Chuh' in their wake. They've variously eased entry into the game's systems, rewritten its levelling system entirely, introduced a mass-scale rebalancing of every item, creature, armour type and weapon, and nerfed birds (they'd previously "follow you forever", which wasn't nearly so romantic as it sounded). Yesterday brought what's destined to be the most far-reaching tweak of all - the first seasonal twinklings of a comprehensive mod management system. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Former Starbound devs accuse Chucklefish of "massively unethical" working practices Mechs and greater space exploration are on the way in Starbound's upcoming patch Starbound sells over 2.5 million copies


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