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PAYDAY 2: Cartel Business Update - Hotfix 2.1

Addressing skins from the Sputnik Safe Addressing the recent issues with skins from the sputnik safe and a crash issue. With the update from last week, we started seeing reports about skins from the Sputnik safe. All skins within the Sputnik safe were given a new id meaning that any skin in this safe would appear as a different Sputnik 3 skin. We have now restored the skin ids and the skins have now returned to the skin they were supposed to be. Please take extra care when buying skins from the Sputnik Collection. Since the item listing in search results may be incorrect please take extra care and make sure the item you purchase is the one you want to buy. We are still experiencing issues with the steam marketplace listings. We recommend not buying or selling any items from the Sputnik Collection until we've updated this announcement. Keep those helmets flying! OVERKILL_Tobias OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio. Changelog Update size: 27.6MB General Fixed crash or endless loading issue related to Ethan with the winter parka outfit Revered skins from the Sputnik Safe that got converted into different skins from the same safe Sputnik Safe Update Thank you all for being patient, giving us the chance to ensure we provide the correct and hopefully best information we can. We’ll go through events and solutions here. The changes to safes caused a couple of problems, which lead to a number of issues collectively called the Rodina bug. The issue was that skins from the Sputnik safe had begun appearing as other skins from the same safe. Late last week we emailed Valve and asked for assistance solving the various issues, they helped us remove all the faulty listings on the marketplace. For some of you, you’ll have got drops from the Sputnik safe that turned into other skins during the process, the skins you have now are the ones that dropped in reality. The above-mentioned issue also created copies of some of the skins from the Sputnik safe. As of Monday, any copy-skins were made untradeable to prevent further disruption to the marketplace. If you were unfortunate to receive a copy-skin, these will be functional in-game but remain untradable until the next game update. We confirmed with Valve that you are eligible for refunds if you purchased a skin from the Sputnik Collection during the period of the bug 27 Feb - 06 Mar. Just contact Steam Support and refer to this message.


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