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Update 1.11.4 Released

An update to No More Room in Hell has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart No More Room in Hell. The major changes include: Additions Added chat voice subtitles when players use certain voice commands, ex. "(Voice) Player: Need ammo!" Added server-side console commands for all nmrih_game_state functions List of commands: endround restartround extractplayer extractallplayers respawnplayer respawnallplayers nukeplayers freezeallplayers unfreezeallplayers freezeallnpcs unfreezeallnpcs Changes "Restart round" callvote now restarts immediately Characters now call flare gun rounds as "loads", not "magazines" On Challenge mode, add support for localized challenge names on results On Challenge mode, go to restart state instead of loss when loading a challenge Players can no longer interrupt ammo checks/audible reloads with voice commands Fixes Fixed being able to spam nukes Fixed create game UI incorrectly choosing a random challenge Fixed nmrih_extract_preview not firing output "OnEndFollow" Fixed flare gun kills not being tracked properly Fixed included maphack scripts not being loaded in Challenge mode Fixed incorrect result being sent if game ends during pre-round in Challenge mode Fixed nuke not killing all players Fixed several regressions from 1.11.3's extract preview changes (resolves #1169) Fixed steam API calls being made every frame to check for friend status Fixed the weapon idle jitter during movement (resulted in shells being ejected rapidly while moving with lag) Community Contributions Added turkish localization contributed by Dragostai


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