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Update 1.12.1 Released

An update to No More Room in Hell has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart No More Room in Hell. The major changes include: Additions Added cvar "sv_ng_zombie_loot", controls whether or not NG zombies can drop loot Added support for randomized objective chains in challenge mode Ruleset: Added "rs_cvar" command, applies a cvar in ruleset context Workshop: Added command "workshop_list", prints a list of installed Workshop maps to console (dedicated server only) Changes Don't play pills tune in challenge mode Updated the localization files Fixes Fixed "Changes to DispatchSpawn() breaks server plugins" (#1246) Fixed "Downloading map from workshop screen goes away" (#1220) Fixed Gene Therapy not ending the pills tune while infected Fixed "lisa" and "tammy" zombie models having zeroed out bounding box (#1226) Fixed "Max. players setting on Create Game dialog is unrestricted" (#1248) Fixed missing physics meshes on zombie models (#973) Fixed "Player stuck when trigger_progress_use is killed" (#1245) VScript: Fixed "Constants are incorrectly defined" (#1243) Maps nmo_boardwalk Added few cubemaps Added missing soundscape entities Fixed a bug when placing ammobox near machinegun would prevent it from further using (#1249) Fixed broken occluders Fixed more misaligned textures Tweaked navigation Tweaked spawn timers to make manning the first MG more viable solo nmo_broadway2 Removed forced vignette effect nmo_cabin Added dialogue captions Removed forced vignette effect nmo_quarantine Fixed misc. errors Rebuilt cubemaps nmo_rockpit Added missing LDR reflections Added more flashlights Replaced propper textures (resolves #1244) nmo_suzhou Fixed "Players respawning in the water on nmo_suzhou in casual mode" (#1177) Fixed "Stuck in the gun store" (#1227) Fixed "Suzhou's tire fort explosion too large / damage goes thru wall" (#1188) Fixed word "find" not being capitalized in objective description Tweaked navigation nmo_toxteth / nmo_toxtethdark Don't fade in on world spawn Removed forced vignette effect nmo_underground Added 1 clip nmo_zephyr Fixed invisible brushes blocking zombies (resolves #1204) Tweaked clips and navigation nms_arpley Removed forced vignette effect nms_drugstore Added more obstructions near zone B Adjusted navigation mesh Fixed drugstore roof edge Fixed some zone C cover props missing Fixed trailer clip Fixed weird floor specular inside drugstore Fixed wrong ambulance skin near C Fixed zombie stuck-spot in alley near zone B Fixed zombies stuck spot near C Fixed zone C fire showing through the wall Made ladder easier to use inside Furniture Outlet Removed forced brainstem Removed unused parallax cubemap brush nms_midwest Fixed "nms_midwest infinite player respawn during extraction" (#1124) Fixed "nms_midwest won't change after completing a map" (#1123) Fixed midwest_tension music not playing Fixed supply drop not smashing body Tweaked clips and navigation


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