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Beta 1.11.0 is now available for testing!

A beta update is available for No More Room in Hell. The major update notes are below. A more detailed changelog will be available during the general release. The beta branch can be accessed in Steam via the Properties -> Betas tab. You may report issues or provide feedback regarding the beta here: If no issues arise, we hope to release this update to all users in the coming weeks. Major Changes End of MacOS support: Due to lack of engine support we will be unable to ship Mac builds going forward. You can read more about that here. All Mac downloads will be pulled at general release. Linux build has been patched with critical fixes. Please let us know how the native build runs now compared to running it via Steam Play (Proton). Support for Discord Rich Presence: your game information (server name, map, player count) will now appear in Discord. Friends can press the Join button to join your server directly! Overhauled fire-extinguisher: Press Attack2 (RMB) to equip hose, hold Attack1 (LMB) to fire Numerous new options in difficulty scripts that were previously behind locked cvars Workshop downloads on SRCDS will now complete Overhauled character selection and Voting UIs Many critical stability fixes, including the infamous server crash on map/round restart bug Disabled SteamVR to resolve app crashing problem Resolved many other issues reported to us via our GitHub tracker.


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