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Prime Resurgence Last Chance – Part 2

Last call for Prime Resurgence, Tenno! If you missed out on any of Varzia’s Prime offerings during the last four weeks of the event, you now have one final week left to earn or instantly unlock them. Varzia’s offerings from Rotations 5 to 8 include: {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/6dca093ba2b35cfcc2f30dd50e2925a261e2a33b.png ROTATION 5: ASH PRIME AND VAUBAN PRIME Vectis Prime Carrier Prime Akstiletto Prime Fragor Prime Yamako Prime Syandana Unda Prime Sentinel Accessories Citadella Prime Syandana Cateno Prime Sugatra {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/3a98c4f7f45a5f8120e7ee692d804c127fbd572a.png ROTATION 6: NEKROS PRIME AND OBERON PRIME Tigris Prime Galatine Prime Sybaris Prime Silva & Aegis Prime Uru Prime Syandana Acanthus Prime Armor Sukira Prime Syandana Aroka Prime Sugatra {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/31118614aea4da90eda4fa8b4fa4633484835bc8.png ROTATION 7: SARYN PRIME AND VALKYR PRIME Spira Prime Nikana Prime Cernos Prime Venka Prime Cycuta Prime Syandana Cycuta Prime Sigil Liset Prime Skin Saita Prime Suit {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4437469/541f2bb6b4153ba78a0ab9b4bb34e1dc6caa0ea1.png ROTATION 8: EMBER PRIME AND FROST PRIME Sicarus Prime Glaive Prime Latron Prime Reaper Prime Pyra Prime Syandana Titan Extractor Prime & Blueprint Misa Prime Syandana You can also unleash overwhelming physical strength and psychic devastation with Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime! Steeled for battle, Rhino Prime punches through the enemy with the Ankyros Prime gauntlets and Boltor Prime rifle. Dress for the ultimate victory stampede in the Noru Prime Syandana and claim additional Resources with the Distilling Extractor Prime plus reusable blueprint. Step behind your enemies’ eyes with Nyx Prime and create maximum chaos with the Scindo Prime war axe and Hikou Prime throwing stars. The regal-looking Targis Prime Armor Set and Vala Prime Sugatra add a dash of majesty to any Loadout. Act quickly - the vault of history won’t be open for much longer. Earn or instantly unlock the Primes you need from Rotations 5 to 8 before they disappear on January 25!


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