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WW2 RTS game Company of Heroes 2 gets 64-bit update and new maps, seven years after launch

While not everyone agrees with some of the design decisions taken by Relic on how the team designed Company of Heroes 2, it's still a pretty decent RTS game that pulls in over 6,000 players a day. The stand-alone Ardennes Assault expansion also represents one of the best war game experiences you can have. But it's been seven years since Company of Heroes 2 launched, and given the fact that Relic have since tried to move on to Dawn of War III and even Age of Empires 4, you'd be forgiven for thinking the studio's WW2 days were behind it. It turns out the developers are not done with the game yet, and this week the RTS received a 64-bit update and new maps. It's weird to still be talking about games upgrading to 64-bit in 2021, but it seems for whatever reason Company of Heroes 2 never made the jump back when it was all the rage. The update has been in beta since mid-September 2020, but it's now ready for prime time and has been rolled out for all owners. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best RTS Games on PC in 2021 A Company of Heroes tabletop game has smashed its Kickstarter target Free games: Company of Heroes 2 is yours to keep if you grab it today


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