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The Bucket 1.01 Changelog

Wardens, We just deployed an update for Prison Architect to address several critical issues we saw reported from the community. Staff strikes are now playing out correctly. The prison will no longer go into permanent lockdown. Freefire SFX now plays correctly. New bed types (Old Bed, Mattress Bed, Comfy Bed) now work in padded cells. Clean laundry is now brought to inmates that have a new type of Bed in their Cell (Old Bed, Mattress Bed, Comfy Bed). Comfy beds are no longer behaving as low-quality beds. They are now properly tagged as high-quality beds. Comfy beds will now fulfill the Sleep need. Cooks now produce meals according to the quality setting correctly. Food Quantity and Variety for in-game Events are now met. Inmates are now fed correctly. They no longer end up without food when they arrive on time. Numerous UI fixes for 4k+ resolution. The logistic menu no longer closes when selecting a grading option. Janitors and Gardeners’ work can be prioritized. The game will no longer crash when placing a soft pillow without a bed. Prison Sharing on Steam now displays the subscribed map correctly.


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