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Notch refuses to certify Minecraft for Windows 8, goes rogue

Microsoft recently approached Notch to offer their assistance in ensuring Minecraft is 'certified' to run on Windows 8, their latest, maligned, walled-garden operating system. Notch, not one to hesitate in slamming tweet-fists on internet-tables, resisted the big brotherly interference: "Got an email from microsoft wanting to help "certify" minecraft for win 8," the developer tweeted. "I told them to stop trying to ruin the pc as an open platform ... I'd rather have minecraft not run on win 8 at all than to play along. Maybe we can convince a few people not to switch to win 8 that way." Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: The best apocalypse games on PC What a lovely day! Mad Max releases for Mac and Linux Nvidia Showcase: Mad Max, Day of the Tentacle Remastered now discounted during NVIDIA's sale


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