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[Development] Sverdlov class: the Tzar of the Seas

[Development] Sverdlov class: the Tzar of the Seas The Sverdlov light cruiser will be one of the top ships in the Soviet naval tech tree in War Thunder update 1.97 “Viking Fury”. When the 1.97 "Viking Fury" update is released, the Sverdlov will be the top ship in the Soviet navy tech tree. Commanders will be able to begin researching the Sverdlov (Project 68bis) once they have mastered the Chapaev (Project 68) light cruiser. This switch will let them understand all the advantages of the new ship. The Sverdlov inherits her main armament, along with her range of ammunition, entirely from her predecessors four three-gun turrets with 152mm cannons. There is also more universal weaponry, now there are six turrets with twin 100mm guns. The number of automatic anti-air guns has also increased with a dense wall of fire provided by thirty-two 37mm weapons makes the Sverdlov extremely dangerous to attack aircraft and torpedo bombers, which are forced to attack from low altitudes. Now, there are also torpedoes: two torpedo launchers on the sides of the ship, with five torpedoes in each. [Development] Sverdlov class: the Tzar of the Seas [Development] Sverdlov class: the Tzar of the Seas In the game, the Sverdlov shows as an extremely powerful vessel. As well as the excellent weaponry and armour, the ship is distinguished by her admirable sailing performance and high survivability. She is capable of surviving long battles and heavy damage; destroying such a ship requires the coordinated action of several enemy ships and aircraft. The Sverdlov is deservedly the best warship in the USSR line and one of the best light cruisers in the game. Meet the new top-class ship in War Thunder update 1.97 "Viking Fury", coming out really soon™! Check out the full Dev Blog article here!


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