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"Dev Diary" Grandest LAN Post Mortem

Click here to discuss on the Forums Hey everyone, Pontus here, marketing lead on EU4. Sorry to inform you all that today’s "DD" has been delayed due to sick leave on the EUIV team, and we should be back to more normal next week. Today we are here to talk a little bit about Grandest LAN. This year posed some additional challenges due to Covid. Obviously we couldn't bring dozens of people together in one place for days on end. Thankfully our partners at Parsec made this year's LAN party possible. Many of you have asked “How is this a LAN”? Simple! All the computers were here in Stockholm, in one great LAN (with minimal latency), and all the players used Parsec, which is a remote desktop app, to control the computers from the comfort of their homes. And it went off without a hitch! Thankfully. Thousands of you watched the events unfold live, and hundreds of thousands have already caught up by watching the VODs on Twitch. We just want to give a warm and hearty thank you to everyone. TurboLARP for setting up the event, Parsec for making it possible. The players for taking time out of their lives to Role Play with us. Everyone on the back end making sure the game ran smoothly. The GMs, the casters, the devs, and you, the viewers, we do it all for you! For those of you who missed the Grandest LAN live, the entire event is being uploaded to YouTube in easy to digest, 30ish minute episodes. We will compile the entire event into a playlist for ease of viewing as a series. We know it can be difficult to watch if simply presented, unedited, in two giant 12 hour chunks. And one more thing we need to discuss... which team was your favorite to watch??? Was it the tag swapping Swiss? The Dutch, whose cash made the world go round? The brave Georgians, who fought off so many assaults on their mountain forts. The Irish, Bretons, or Norwegians, who all fought for control over the New the dutch could plunder the trade routes :D The Serbs, who started more than a few global conflicts. The Mighty Prussians! Who were always happy to upset the balance of someone else’s war. Let us know who was the your heart. The first episode can be watched here: And the entire playlist is here: Playlist Next week we will be back with a proper game related Dev Diary, with some very interesting and hotly requested new content that will be coming soon... {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4678173/a072d69eea260a309aa598302860fa1129e497e2.png


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