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Screenshots of Path of Exile Bosses

We love sharing screenshots of the bosses and minibosses of Path of Exile! Today we're featuring more of our fantastic bosses from parts of Act 2. Check them out below! If you like what you see and want more screenshots, take a look at our last boss screenshots post here. Fidelitas, the Mourning {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/a5716467f74b35d045d5ac8a4a85f5267de4854b.jpg Targa, Beast Poacher {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/45c6ae91abdabd589175be89b10f7bac13c143bc.jpg Kraityn {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/a91db34fb0bc010b2caa18e4b4a8f43428ccb1cc.jpg Soulmourn {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/1133a68679cde822079e4e86c9deb3fb0f40131d.jpg Alira {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5193306/120909533318c2a3a128a42aa619f2d79256080d.jpg


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