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It’s pedal to the metal on Week #2 of the 5th Anniversary Month

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/4778592/3b7ec9a4e8fb50fb1c3f5f5e6ecf9937789cb30c.png Get out of your Super-Crane tights and start your engines! Week #2 of Dying Light’s 5th Anniversary Month is here and with it another one of your favorite past events – CARnage! Jump behind the wheel of your buggy and show those zombies what happens when you don’t look both ways before crossing a street in Harran. Burn the undead to a crisp with the flamethrower, zap them with the electric cage, blow them up with mines – whatever suits you, as long as you use your vehicle’s weapons. Help the community reach the global goal and earn a random gold weapon as a reward. Speaking of rewards, you can still grab that C4 Explosive blueprint we introduced in Week #1. We want as many Survivors as possible to enjoy this fun new weapon, so we extended the Fort Jefferson Armory bounty till the end of Week #2 for those who haven’t completed it. Have a blast! __________________________________________________________________ Remember that you can wishlist Dying Light 2 here!


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