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The best game soundtracks you can listen to for free right now

"> Another month, another big video game publisher puts a great big dollop of video game music online for zero pennies. This time, it’s Bandai Namco, who have just uploaded every single Tekken soundtrack onto Spotify because, well, apparently everyone loves Tekken. I’ve never partaken in a Tekken, but with track names like “Massive Stunner” and “Lonesome City Jazz Party 1st”, I’m already 100% convinced the music must be great. However, given my rather lacking expertise in all things Tekken-related, I thought that instead of doing a big Tekken musical breakdown like I did for Capcom and all the Final Fantasy games, I’d take this opportunity to celebrate some of the other great gaming soundtracks you can currently listen to for free right now, because boy howdy are there loads of ’em. So bang on those headphones and turn up the volume, folks. It’s head-banging time. (more…)


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