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Update 1.7.001

Attention! To view all changes and improvements you may need to restart the game world. BASE GAME The device prohibition sign is now available in the base game. It can be used for example in a multiplayer game so that the dwarves do not go to work on other people's devises remote from the stockpile. Fixed objects falling as loot through a block of a narrow wall. Fixed some crashes of the game including MacOS. DLC Lonely Mountain Improved pictures of many (!) objects such as blocks of mountains and walls, furniture and other structures. Added alternative variants to different mountain rooms for a greater level variety. New animated versions of stationary machines were added - a stone workshop and a laboratory instead of standard ones. Monsters are made stronger and waves are more complex and frequent. Increased number of orc colonies. Changed the durability settings of various blocks. Changed the recipes for some items and drop-out loot for a more balanced game. Decorative designs were added - a central statue with a giant crystal and a large drilling machine. Sounds added for some events. Improved mob animations. Fixed invisible enemies. MISCELLANEOUS In the secret room editor you can select the type of block if it has several pictures. DLC Lonely Mountain. Added the ability to drop rats when destroying items. DLC Bosses & Monsters. Fixed - skill did not increase above 100% with the books regardless of the level of particular endless technology.


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