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Update 1.8.002

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5308369/88e7eb237f9416b5b5f107888bd426003691a80d.png Attention! To view all changes and improvements you may need to restart the game world. BASE GAME Improved dwarves AI: for some time dwarves could not go into the shelter when siege mode was turned on, fixed some cases of getting stuck on the elevator. The Horn spell is canceled when the siege mode is turned on. Fixed: sometimes green goblins did not leave with the loot from the stockpile. Fixed some crash issues with the game. Many other minor fixes and improvements. DLC Heroes The characteristics of some heroes have been rebalanced: the damage of the Fire Rain of the Burner hero has been reduced, the damage of Magni Hookcatcher has been reduced, Dja Baa periodically spawns frogs together with normal attacks during the battle, Tsun Ukon has increased defense, Nostradvarvus is forbidden to dig, break and chop. The maximum cost of a hero figurine is limited to 640 coins. The statues of the fallen heroes are disassembled into stones. Added a drop of a certain amount of coins from the dead heroes. Fixed: Hero's frogs did not damage spiders. Fixed: female heroes spoke in male voices. DLC Lonely Mountain Added the main boss of the level. Minor improvements to item images. DLC Bosses and Monsters Fixed: dwarf werewolf could drown while restoring health. Fixed: dwarves with wyverns on their backs could fly off the map and die. The effect of strengthening the next captain Octopiratus and his skeleton sailors has been increased, the drop of coins has been reduced. DLC Multiplayer Fixed: dwarf professions could disappear after connecting a second player to the server. A new player could have duplicate dwarves after re-entering the server. DLC Sisters in Arms A new type of pets has been added - an imp in the house which stays with the player constantly and quickly transfers items to the stockpile using its own teleport.


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