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Update 1.7.002

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/5308369/591723d2eda77da4ce63abf5872cddb636672bc0.jpg Attention! To view all changes and improvements you may need to restart the game world. BASE GAME When you open a secret recipe the technology tree is automatically positioned on the particular technology. The procedure for deleting objects with the right mouse button has been improved. Now it is starts from the outer layer to the back one. Another version of the underground background for breaches at great depths has been added. When disassembling the item the progress of technology research also increases. A fireball spell damages sheep and other animals nearby. Increased resource drop from some powerful mobs. Fixed - secret rooms could appear in biomes. Fixed - block textures could displayed incorrectly in biomes with a different set of players' DLC. Changed settings of sound effects - some sounds were heard unreasonably far from the source. Many other minor changes and improvements. DLC Lonely Mountain Many new items and blocks have been added: icicles, mushrooms, edible ingredients, dishes and drinks, pipes, signs, scaffolding, mining structures and containers, giant statues and structures of dwarves, etc. Changed balance settings and parameters of existing items. Reduced the distance the troll deals damage to a dwarf. The rendering of blocks of the back wall has been improved - borders were added. The top layer of the earth has been replaced by blocks specially drawn for this world. For broken versions of some items, a “broken” note is added in the title to more conveniently distinguish them from whole ones. Fixed - ducks were hatched from harklans. Fixed - it was impossible to place constructions in places of hidden pathes. Fixed - pets did not attack the troll. Fixed - orc talk clouds sometimes appeared in an unexplored area. DLC Bosses & Monsters Ent revives over time with increasing health. The lurker populations are made smaller, weaker and less irritable. Added a drop of resources from tentacles in the 4th world and dishes from them. It is forbidden now to open the portal directly on a pirate ship. The digger worm uses a new death animation, now it excretes blocks of earth in the world of Temples of 4 elements instead of destroying them. A totem has been added to the technology tree. Fixed tree growth near Ent. DLC Multiplayer Game Now only 1 gargoyle on the pedestal is spawned and not by the number of players. The Control button is hidden when select other player's dwarves. Fixed - sometimes animals in the desert and underground world did not spawn and in the winter world there were only sheeps. MODIFICATION SUPPORT Added a block property - save the pattern specified in the room editor for level generation. A special item has been added for generation the breach in the 3rd layer of blocks. Improved display settings for multilayer objects.


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