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Alpha 19.5 Stable is out!

Hey Survivors, Today we are releasing A19.5 to the public. While the team is tirelessly working to bring you a high quality A20, we were able to port back an entire system, a handful of bug fixes and optimizations to Alpha 19.5, featuring Twitch Integration. Forum Release Thread Twitch Integration Guide Official Alpha 19.5 Stable Release Notes Added First version of Twitch Integration. Voxel mesh pooling Chunk decal and model dither fading Distant terrain decreases mesh detail when farther gfx dtmaxlod console command Allow selection of steering mode on controllers by pressing DPad down Changed FindTagInChilds does not make garbage Improved Show Stability colors Distant POIs to use a shared material Improved chunk LOD update Optimized chunk object handling and frame timings Optimized terrain mesh generation Optimized terrain control textures to not update with every mesh update Optimized distant terrain tile size Optimized VoxelMesh AddMesh Optimized distant terrain render order Fixed Zfighting at barn_02 (window/loot container) Dedi servers fail to update bedroll locations after pickup Block previews have differences in shading at night Block preview for normal blocks leaking a mesh on each update ItemClassBlock CreateMesh having to destroy unneeded colliders Empty voxel meshes were being created Distant POI mesh and material leaks Distant POIs could load and leak extra invisible objects Chunk LOD update not using XZ center for distance


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