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A20.1 b5 EXP

The EXP branch is now populated with our first point release to A20. Give it a go and have fun. Starting a new savegame on a fresh world is recommended. Old savegames should still be compatible, create a backup anyway, just in case. To participate: 1. right click on the game in steam 2. click on properties 3. click the "betas" tab 4. the drop down menu will have latest_experimental available ← you want THAT 5. select that and wait for the game to download. A20.1 b5 Added Show Stability makes a clearly different green for max and darkens colors every 1m of world space Changed Updates to downtown_strip_05 based on player feedback (e.g. texture issues, sleeper adjustment, etc.) Updated to house_modern_18 made path more obvious, added torches, added triggers so sleepers arent' left behind, etc. Updates to remnant_skyscraper_01 based on QA feedback. Updated house_construction_01 and house_construction_02 with new art props Updated remnant_business_0205, updated with new art and shapes Updated store_book_01, store_clothing_01, store_electronics_02, store_grocery_01, store_gun_02, added new art and new shapes House_modern_23 Changes made based on feedback Updated restore power and sleeper configuration for countrytown_business_04 based on player feedback. Warehouse_04: added floor trims inside warehouses, fixed mispainted textures in bathrooms and kitchen's floor, replaced shelfs to prevent zfight. Remnant_waste_01 replaced sinks for sink shape inside ice cream store. Improved destroyed ceiling Updated downtown_strip_10 based on player feedback. Downtown_filler_27 removed door frame simulating door that was permanently closed to avoid confusion House_modern_23: changes made after level designers meeting feedback Reworked all couch harvests to give some of the main resources on the destroy event instead in the middle of the harvest Slightly increased the probability of books found in book piles and crackabook shelves Enabled graphics jobs Downtown_filler_23. Replaced bank upper windows for bulletproof. Replaced old fuse boxes. Fixed trigger not properly linked to door. Updated loot probability and quality templates to better align with the new loot stage system Added and updated loot probabilities with a ProbT2Cap template to prevent empty loot containers and/or missing loot items at high loot stage where ProbT3 is not available Mailboxes now have a higher chance to spawn archery, spear, and needle and thread books early game Reworked tiered chest loot to better reflect POI difficulty Reduced the amount of aloe cream found in backpacks Increased the chance to find acid in sinks and chemical sets Added another low chance to find vehicle wheels in PassNGas crates Warehouse_04: final loot room sleepers volumes rearranged to hold at least two feral. Replaced fake scrap metal rollup doors for steel ones. Fixed mispainted texture in perimetral wall ) Reorganized the furniture helpers to prevent unwanted block rotations hiding adjacent block faces due to mixed block types/properties Moved cabinets, cupboards, and bookshelves to a new player crafted helper block (same recipe as before) Moved the storage crate and writable storage crate to their own recipes (same recipe as before) Moved the old chair out of the furniture helper and gave it its own new recipe Added produce baskets, pallets, and empty clothes shelves to furniture helper Updated preview thumbnail JPGs for part_loot_t1 through t5. Updated house_old_tudor_06 to new RWG standards. Updated house_old_bungalow_08 for new RWG country residential. Updated large_park_01 moved kiosk 1 block to the back, added extra floor under it Farm_04 made changes so it's no longer easy to reach and kill final sleepers before triggering. Fixed mispainted textures. Changed quick exit for roll up door. Farm_08 locked front door. Added light pointing at the quest's entrance. Removed restore power quest from lot_downtown_filler_01 Cut Gamestage Achievements in half Penetrator Perk now references the Lever Action rifle instead of the Marksman rifle Updated Localization for furniture helper blocks Drone description no longer references the ability to fight Reduced ammo loot counts by ~15 to 30% Reduced amount of ammo found in yellow zombie loot bags from large to medium group Reduced amount of ammo found in blue zombie loot bags from 2 large rolls to 1 Fixed Remnant_downtown_12, mispainted textures Terrain density covers satchel in warehouse_04 Missing paint behind curtains in house_old_ranch_01. Missing paint in gas_station_07. In body_shop_01, loot room sleepers on rooftop spawn within players view Terrain water blocks can be broken and sent flying in block shape by the splash damage from Rocket HE rounds. Distant and/or low resolution reflections/lighting on arrows are pink Inaccessible cabinets in house_old_ranch_06. In POI oldwest_business_12 sleeper stuck between 2 bookshelves. In POI house_old_victorian_05 nightstand and bed clipping into window ledges. House_old_modular_06 z fighting on exterior. Diner_03 density issue on roof. Diner_03 bathrooms need stall art update (restaurant booths, commercial sink, mirror, easy exit, etc.) House_old_modular_08 zfighting on exterior windows POI canyon_gift_shop has extra blocks. Survivor_site_09 zfighting on watch tower. Fastfood_04 terrain hole under car. Treasure maps calculate location from 0,0 Confuse does not affect vehicle controls. Drone can fall under bedrock and get stuck JunkDrone stay command sync error with clients that could cause multiple drones. Remove the "and fight" from the Robotic Drone's information localization JunkDrone case where teleporting away was not creating a nav object for the unloaded chunk. Handled a case where picking up the junk drone was not fully cleaned up from the player data. NRE caused by highlighted text in inventory search field UI button hover scale effect only playing once per button per game session Playtest and give feedback on countrytown_business_13 The Dead Rooster HUDStatBar not working with "statcurrent" for "ActiveItem" when holding a paintbrush Playtest and give feedback on countrytown_business_06 Ruby's Downtown_filler_30 (TIER3, clear, search): sleepers showing through ceiling and birdnest clipping through awning Workbench not crafting multiples of items correctly if output slots full and placed directly into player inventory. Workbench duplication bug Can not shoot through bunkBedFrame Pathing incorrect ladder height check if open to sky SMG and Desert Eagle holosight location update. Adjusted collision to close out gap between the door and the frames of all cellar doors and shutters that allowed player interaction behind them Inconsistent resources and scaling on military armor recipes AK47 and Pump Shotgun holosight location update. Tactical AR holosight scope offset for dot alignment. Holosight dot position updates for Iron Crossbow and Compound Crossbow Holosight dot position updates for Lever Action Rifle and AutoShotgun Structural Integrity is not recalculating when block pillar is recreated Slightly tweaked Scope Camera offsets and dot placement for Reflex scope on pipeShotgun Playtest and give feedback on countrytown_business_13 The Dead Rooster Missing textures and sleeper volume issues in downtown_filler_13 based on player feedback. Sniper Rifle holosight dot update. Attempting to generate a world with Seed: ActableCravings results in a KeyNotFoundException Scrolling too fast in part selector causes NREs Show Stability could show old colors Playtest and give feedback on commercial_strip_01 Using Advanced Generation to generate a 4k world results in an Argument Out Of Range Exception Cellar door and shutter open/close issue Explosion of water fix would cause chunk regen to never resume ChangeBlocks handling of clusters with recursion Farm_07 mispainted texture in kitchen cabinet next to stove Achievements aren't working Switching between Steam offline mode and online within one savegame results in different player profiles/saves Restore power host melee desync Zfighting on exterior windows at house_old_bungalow_11. In POI motel_01 sleepers in final room do not spawn until after player is inside room Door unlocked in house_old_victorian_01 House_mansard_06 unstable cellar door Zfighting and missing paint at POI bank_01 Exit sign in courthouse_med_01 is too low. Floating TV's in bank_01. Bank_01 zfighting Action_time_shift index out of range. Using Twitch teleports while in a workstation UI does not close the UI. Added missing IndexName property for chandelierLight to work with restore power quests Origin shift could cause objects to fall through world Vehicles and drones are using repair kits without showing the minus inventory icon on the HUD Path node otherheight bad in cabin_11


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