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Meet Welyn, the Robin Hood of Rust

January 14, 2021 This feature was originally published in August 2019. The punishing world of Rust is a difficult place to survive. Morals are loose, and a well-armed clan eager to steal your hard-earned loot is never far away. Yet there is hope to be found in this lawless land; tales abound of individual players defying the odds, outmanoeuvring and out-thinking their opponents to amazing results. Welyn, a popular Rust YouTuber, clearly fits this description. He's been making a name for himself within the community for his daring solo heists against much larger clans - typically, ones who have been throwing their weight around and harming the experience for other players. Like any good heist movie, Welyn's videos always start with the setup. He names the target, which can be anything from an overzealous clan blocking off a plot of land to a group of malicious players ganging up on someone underpowered. He then outlines a plan, with an annotated map or a detailed base recreation setting out his intentions. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Rust base designs are about more than just size Rust overtakes Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam top sellers list New Rust update adds more servers, brings Twitch Drops, and wipes your blueprints


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