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Week 34: Mod Showcase

”Glittering gold, trinkets and baubles - paid for in blood.” Here are this weeks and last weeks mods: The Powder Keg Class by MoonKanin, Cryptix, Uncanny Gemstar, Shay The Powder Keg is a new class mod for Darkest Dungeon inspired by the Powder Keg Hunters of Bloodborne. Having traversed the depths of the Chalice Dungeons, the Powder Keg had managed to follow a series of tunnels and rooms that eventually exited onto the coast near the Hamlet. His class uses a variety of techniques shown by the Hunters of Bloodborne, using high speed and devastating attacks to their advantage. Wielding his trusty Rifle Spear, the Powder Keg continues his duty of protecting the common folk from the beasts that plague the land around him. Slash and shoot your way through the hordes of monsters that threaten the estate! 81 New Trinkets by Pseudonomenclature A simple mod of 81 new trinkets of varying rarities, all in the same vein as the base game! Thank you to the creators for their hard work and talent! If you would like to suggest mods for us to showcase, you can join our Discord here:


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