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Week 2223: Mod Showcase

”Secrets and wonders can be found in the most tenebrous corners of this place.” Here are this weeks and last weeks mods: Darkest Plus by Hunting Slime Darkest Plus is an end-game expansion mod, leaving the main four Darkest Dungeon quests alone while expanding it with explore, gather, activate, and slay quests. These quests feature Darkest tier enemies, normal shambler, and normal collector spawns as you fight your way through the Darkest Dungeon. Armored Templars by GoblinMan IsCool Raving madmen have spoken terrible tales of great beasts, making ready for war. Are these troubling reports true, or just that; the ravings of madmen? This mod is a simple mod that does a small reskin for some particular end game enemies. Image marked for spoilers The Hellboy by RPGente This is a simple skin for the Highwayman that applies the Hellboy design to them. The Forgotten Dungeons by Elysian Phoenix Old rumours can stir a town, and forgotten secrets may be found. Whatever the case, the world is changing. So light your torch once again as there is plenty left to be done. Things that when compared to the aberrations of your ancestor seem paltry in comparison. This mod changes many avenues of the game, seeking to create a new way of playing for returning players to the game. Thank you to the creators for their hard work and talent! If you would like to suggest mods for us to showcase, you can join our Discord here:


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