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Darkest Dungeon 2 is more of a Rogue-like than the original, and it's transformative

Darkest Dungeon 2 has made some quite profound changes, and I wasn't sure about them at first. I think they annoyed me. But in going back to the original to refamiliarise myself, it made me see them differently - isn't it funny how our minds can idolise things to the point of infallibility? I thought very highly of Darkest Dungeon. But by seeing it laid bare, I see the sequel better, and now, I'm a fan. It's all about the carriage - that's the big change. It's a wooden thing pulled by a horse, very much like the carriage in Darkest Dungeon's opening sequence. And this time it's your home. You no longer have a static base. That hamlet on the hill that you rebuilt in DD, that's gone. Now you live life on the road. Immediately, you'll notice this gives the game a more cinematic look. The carriage sections are 3D - a first for the series - and you steer it through areas that change depending on your mission. There are cursed farm landscapes where bulging flesh grows like parasites on crops, there are cities aflame like hellish infernos, and there are towns turned to graveyards, where flayed corpses hang like dirty washing on lines. It's impressively atmospheric, and as grotesquely horrible as Darkest Dungeon ever was. Read more


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