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Week 82: Mod Showcase

”A sister of battle. Pious and unrelenting.” Mr Pepper’s Vestal Rework by Mr.Pepper This rework aims to make Vestal able to run different builds rather than the same 4 skills, whether it is range support or a more offensive role in the frontline. Vestal’s base stats have not been changed, she however now has access to 2 new skills which replace Hands of Light and Illuminate; Banishment and Light’s Blessing. Divine Comfort is now limited use and gets refreshed between each wave in Endless. The Rudiment by Lafos, ouroboros-art, CLeo1714 The Rudiment is a man-made monster with a human’s soul, who almost lost all of its memories except for one, an old song. A warrior in life and a protector in death, the Rudiment is waiting for a chance to meet its Creator, its Father, whose voice summoned it to Hamlet. Maybe it’s to protect him as Rudiment… or as a human, to get revenge for its painful transformation. Because of its past, The Rudiment can still behave like any other humans, even though it sometimes leads to some… misunderstandings. Depending on the task, the Rudiment can be a nice melee damage dealer or a great tank and supporter who is capable of protecting one ally during a whole battle and wreak havoc on the ranks of enemies. However, if the Rudiment is on guard, its strength is not the same as if its task is only to eliminate enemies. And remember, the Rudiment is still a monster and a huge threat, therefore it can also damage allies and put stress on them. Thank you creators for their hard work and talent and thank you to our fans for your dedication and continued support! We love and highly appreciate you! If you would like to suggest mods for us to showcase, you can join our Discord here and message our moderator LolExxDee:


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