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Week 66: Mod Showcase

”The wounds of war can be healed, but never hidden.” Mafe Vanilla Refactor: Leper by Mafe After a long time, here I am again. This time, with a rework to our undying king, the Leper. Core points: -Leprosy: Attached to him, this unique Evolutive Disease will follow Leper everywhere he goes. If not properly treated, this Disease will turn Lethal, but features 2 very powerful endgame evolutions that you can trigger (If you find how). -A revisited skillset. -A new unique Secret item. -New barks based on his poetic side, tied to his Disease. -And a lot of other hidden features! The Courtesan: Full Class Conversion by by Roderick The runner-up in the voting, the Courtesan at last has arrived at the Hamlet! This backline support specializes in keeping her allies alive and debuffing foes whilst in human form. But when one needs damage rather than healing, she can transform into a potent backline, laying waste to enemies with short, but highly potent DoT. Thank you creators for their hard work and talent and thank you to our fans for your dedication and continued support! We love and highly appreciate you! If you would like to suggest mods for us to showcase, you can join our Discord here and message our moderator LolExxDee:


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