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Firaxis on taking XCOM in a new direction with XCOM: Chimera Squad

"> The strategic squad-shooting antics of XCOM return today by way of XCOM: Chimera Squad, a standalone spin-off that takes place amidst a new world order. Whereas in previous games the player fought directly against the alien menace, in Chimera Squad, developer Firaxis Games have fast-forwarded events to five years after XCOM 2’s campaign. Now humans and aliens have made peace, and characters from both factions must fight side-by-side against separatist groups who oppose the interspecies alliance. It’s a big shift for XCOM, and one Matt enjoyed in his XCOM: Chimera Squad review, albeit with caveats. I spoke to the game’s lead designer ahead of its release, however, to find out why they decided to make a spin-off rather than an expansion, and one that makes so many changes to the beloved formula. (more…)


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