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The Great “Toil and Trouble” Halloween Update

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6567866/63c78c122969a84ed82cad7530dcc44dcce18c5f.png Hello Creators! It's that time of year again, Halloween is nearly upon us and all sorts of ghoulish delights have been unleashed on the Creativerse. Creators can get spooky with themed blocks, decorate with frightful aesthetics, or get nostalgic with the return of the Pumpkiru event! We’ve added new NPC types to the world and created a new Witches outfit that can be purchased for 30% off until Halloween ends! New features New NPC Archetypes: Treasure Hunter Potion Maker New Cosmetics: Spooky Witch Outfit Witch HatNew sword cosmetic: The Sweaper AgentLenore's Raven’s Wings New Item Bundle: Spooky BundleSpooky Gate and FenceCat and apple style stained glass blocksTombstone signsCoffin BedSpooky MirrorGrimoire New Consumables: Tricks and Treats Armored Tortoise Potion Spring heel potion Suspicious Skull-shaped potion Improvements Buried Machine Mob Spawner now spawning correctlyStone Wall Shelf and other blocks now occluding correctlyPro-only options should now display correctlyNPC events no longer spawning floating enemys Additional Notes Witch bundle is 30% off in store now and until the end of Halloween night All the old halloween store bundles are activated The pumpkiru event is enabled All recipes are purchasable with candy corn via the event trader All old recipes are at a reduced cost Tricks and treats bundle also available in the store


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