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Elfi's Winter Wonderland Returns!

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6567866/c0b5ce61c69321ca41a76d0ff26a2c74262b254a.jpg UPDATE 1/7/22: We're extending the winter event until the end of January and turning back on Pumpkiru's Candy Campaign just to keep things interesting! Seasons Greetings Creators! Tis the season to spread cheer, and that’s exactly what celebrated toymaker Elfi had planned to do. But once again, Troggington the Abominable Snow Trog has stolen all of Elfi’s toys! Creators, we need your help to retrieve those presents and save Elfi’s Wonderland. Utilize Trog Traps, which are found in snowy biomes, as well as daily login treasure chests, to capture Troggington and his minions. Win back those presents, then return them to Elfi in exchange for a reward of your choice. Elfi has an entire catalog of festive items and recipes to collect! During the event, we will be celebrating holiday screenshots from this year and years past as in-game loading screens. Submit your photo: upload it to Artwork and don't forget to use the creative cam, which you can bring up in-game with the tilde key (~), aka the backtick key (`). See Shiva's guide for more help. Happy Holidays!


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