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11 bit studios Bundle Madness Sale

{STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6880762/4dfc17119f00838fcbad92c48c8d88387908bb8b.jpg Hello Everyone! Whether you are a seasoned veteran of all our works or a connoisseur of just one particular title, we are sure everyone will find something for themselves, from lighter to more harrowing moods. We are offering you a limited sale to celebrate our whole portfolio - 3 different bundles with games from 11 bit studios. Experience the world of different adventures: whether it be fighting the Corruption with the Bergsons, setting up a merchant's empire with Will, bleak stories of a war-torn city, or developing your steampunk technology to fight against the biting cold. Have a choice to venture into the worlds of Children of Morta, Moonlighter, This War of Mine, or Frostpunk at your own leisure. Check out our golden oldies such as Tower 57 or Anomaly - maybe it's high time to give these a try! The world is your oyster and with these bundles, you get to experience multiple ones at the fraction of the usual full price! The offer is super exclusive lasting from April 20th to 26th, and explicit in value, with most games at their most significant discounts yet and even 60% additional bundle discount when you purchase them in a bundle - check it out if you would like to see our journey as a studio throughout the years! With warmest regards, 11 bit studios PS. As a bonus and another quick shoutout to the whole portfolio, have a look at some fun knowledge regarding our titles we gathered over the years :)


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