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Robocraft Servers Back Online!

We have restored the Robocraft servers! It has been a tough week, we’ve been doing our best to restore all of the backup data for 13,230,547 accounts. All data has been restored up to March 9th 2021 00:01 UTC. This includes Robots, currency, garages, avatars, experience etc. Whilst we shared that the cause of this outage was a serious issue with the servers provided by OVHcloud. We never explained exactly what had happened. Many players did their own digging and found that this was the result of a fire in OVHcloud’s data centre in Strasbourg. Here is an image of the data centre taken by Xavier Gareau (@Xgarreau) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6281279/b86350f547ccdd71cb5391cd8c1de379a83040d6.png This affected dozens of other titles that were using OVHcloud and millions of websites. Thankfully no one was injured in the fire. In response we have opened new servers for Robocraft and they are NOW LIVE! You can log in right now and play the game. Those who do log in to Robocraft between now and the 22nd of April 2021 will be able to use a code to redeem the following items 10 days of Premium 500 Cosmetic Credits To redeem these items follow these instructions… While in game, press the escape key and select enter code…. Input the code below to redeem the items we mentioned above… This code needs to be in ALL CAPS! ROBOCRAFT We’d like to thank everyone for all of their patience as we worked on restoring the backup data and launching new Robocraft servers. The game is now live and we encourage you all to Build, Drive and Fight! Freejam Games Note: There may be some server downtime to address issues as we become aware of them. We are very close to 100%, but there may be a few issues that we have not come across during internal testing. Additionally If you see any irregularities with your account, please do contact us at


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