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Calling all Adventurers to Action

Calling all Adventurers level 52 and above in Erenor! Beginning June 3, the quest givers in Reedwind, Sungold Fields, Exeloch, Eastern Hiram Mountains, and Western Hiram Mountains are offering double quest rewards from their weekly quests. The following Quests have had their rewards doubled: Reedwind/Sungold Field/Exeloch: Guardians of Reedwind Guardians of Sungold Fields Guardians of Exeloch Raiders of Reedwind Raiders of Sungold Fields Raiders of Exeloch Western Hiram Mountains: Mutated Animals The Abyssal Legion Animal Control Eastern Hiram Mountains: Millennium Mammoths Black Forest Treant The Quest Givers in these locations are only offering the double rewards until June 10 before the maintenance, so be sure to complete and turn in the quests before the event ends!


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