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It's a Feast of a Time!

Giant cows, giant food, giant utensils! Everything's bigger at this year's Feastival. That's right, the Feastival is back once again, so get ready and moo-ve on over to Hasla and join the Feast-ivities that are beginning now! To get to the Festival grounds in Hasla, you can find portals taking you to the area in Austera, Marianople, and Diamond Shores. It's time to celebrate the delicious and tasty varieties of food in Erenor with your family, friends, and guildies. To ensure the Feastival is a harmonious and joyful event, festival period rules will be in full effect in Hasla during the Feastival. Welcome, one and all! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6418531/6687f50354c6c687dfe985077b8e60be8e93a5e3.jpg The Feastival returns with 6 Daily Quests to keep you sated on delicious food and ensuring all attendants are nothing less than well-fed! During this time, special event quests will be available at 12 PM, 5 PM and 10 PM UTC to guarantee your journey to culinary excellence! Please note: The "Udder Cat-astrophe" quest displays "DO NOT TRANSLATE" when hovering over it. After completing your quests to celebrate the Feastival, head to Mirage Isle to exchange your Festival Coins at the Festival Gift Exchanger for the following goods: Ruby Gembloom Flowerbed - 10x Festival Coins Citrine Gembloom Flowerbed - 10x Festival Coins Amethyst Gembloom Flowerbed - 10x Festival Coins Butter Beheader - 40x Festival Coins Croissant Cleaver - 40x Festival Coins Marmalade Mangler - 40x Festival Coins Hummus Humiliator - 40x Festival Coins Jamspreader Jackknife - 40x Festival Coins Short Salad Fork - 40x Festival Coins Long Dinner Fork - 40x Festival Coins Short Whisk Whaler - 40x Festival Coins Mighty Whisk Walloper - 40x Festival Coins Cornclobberer - 40x Festival Coins Great Cornclobberer - 40x Festival Coins Pizza Cutter - 40x Festival Coins Great Stromboli Slicer - 40x Festival Coins Scallion Sniper - 40x Festival Coins Iron Skillet - 40x Festival Coins Chef Hat - 40x Festival Coins Manastorm Crystal - 15x Festival Coins (Free-to-Play Servers ONLY) {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6418531/5b284ad89d8520f1d50ee5c99de8b59d6705b3bb.jpg The pots and pans of the Feastival will be put away at 1 AM UTC on October 1st, so don't wait another minute to participate and celebrate!


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