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Update: Fei Long never returning to Street Fighter was "hypothetical" according to SFV composer

We reached out to Daniel Lindholm regarding his statements, as he has since delated his video and posted on social media that he was merely speculating on the situation. He told VG247: “I was speaking on a hypothetical level about Fei Long, which is not fact.” He also clarified that the sources he cited as being close to the Lee family were in fact based on pre-existing news. “When it comes to the family of Mr. Lee, it has been a discussion for years, especially for Quentin Tarantino for the way he portrayed Mr. Lee in bad light, which was not appreciated. That is a fact and something the family have been protecting for a long time.” Landholm also insists that “the information I had was not from Capcom” and that his statements were purely speculative. Read more


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