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The best Street Fighter V characters

Street Fighter V has been with us for several years now, with 40 characters in its current roster. The initial 16 had a good mix of familiar faces, and some new World Warriors to enter the scene. It had a rocky start, but the roster wasn't part of the reason why. Season One's additions brought more old favourites, including some characters that hadn't been in Street Fighter for a long time. Season Two brought mostly new characters, which was a bit of a disappointment, while Season Three brought mostly familiar faces. It also brought signs of innovative character design that continued with some of Season Four's characters to truly revive competitive play in Street Fighter V. Capcom went all out in ensuring that characters like Seth, Gill, and Poison were fun to play. While it may not have been Capcom's overall plan, it is working on the fifth Season, with Dan, Oro, Rose, and Akira confirmed, and one more character announcement coming. So as we wait with bated breath, here are the best characters in Street Fighter V. Read the rest of the story... RELATED LINKS: Capcom data breach may have compromised 350,000 items of info The best multiplayer PS4 games in 2020 Capcom bans two Street Fighter V pros from all events


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