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[Game Update] - 418572

Woby will now drop all items when Walter despawns due to death in Wilderness worlds. Poop Pellets can now be used as fuel for fire pits. Fixed a save/load bug where the inventory icon for the crafted statues would show as a marble statue. Fixed a save/load bug with Moose/Goose Eggs and Nests. Fixed the art for the burnt down Siesta Lean-to. Performance Optimizations Refactored how inventory items calculate their moisture value. This should also reduce lag while raining (and while items dry off after a rain) Herd members will no longer spawn a herd object if killed before a herd has been found Creatures/structures using SetRetargetFunction now have a staggered start time between 0 and the defined retarget period (so they do not all update on the same frame). Optimized the Houndius Shootius’s retarget function.


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