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Crab Hunt 2020

Until Tuesday, June 30, armies of crabs are gathering off the shores of Ostgarath to stage attacks on TERA’s coastal territories. Per TERA tradition, we are calling all heroes to band together and stop these terrifying crustaceans—and earn some loot in the process! {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/6919021/1604bbd269c9bd0b9f210924fe8abbdfd18e9480.jpg Crabs will appear at both “low” and “high” tides: 1600 – 1900 UTC 0300 – 0600 UTC As the crab invasion continues, the killer crustaceans will deploy progressively stronger reinforcements. Here’s their plan of attack: June 16: Small crabs arrive in Ostgarath and small villages all over TERA. June 19: Medium-sized crabs land in Ostgarath. June 23: Giant crabs hit the Serpentis Isle beaches. In addition, we have put together a small crafting project for this year’s Crab Hunt. As you hunt, you’ll have a chance to collect materials needed to assemble an event-exclusive Deep Blue Head Shrimp Crate—complete with unique title “A Rare Catch.” To aid you in your crafting, you’ll get an Event] Head Shrimp Kit the first time you log in during the Crab Hunt. To use the kit and assemble a Blue Head Shrimp Rewards Crate (containing a Deep Blue Head Shrimp and Achievement - A Rare Catch!), you will need to collect the following items: From Small Crabs From Medium Crabs From Giant Crabs  Head Shrimp Eye  Head Shrimp Eye  Head Shrimp Eye  Head Shrimp Stuffing  Head Shrimp Twine  Head Shrimp Scale The crabs you attack may also drop gems, potions, and enchanting materials—so you’ll be well rewarded for your efforts in the Hunt. See you on the beach!


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