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Mobile Release & v1.1

Mobile Release! ShellShock Live has officially been released for Android and iOS! Search 'ShellShock Live' on the your respective app store to find it. It's $4.99, and you will not need to re-purchase it if you purchased the beta. Crossplay is supported between iOS and Android, but not between mobile and other platforms as they are different games on different development tracks. v1.1 Dev Update Now that the mobile game has launched, we'll need to make sure it's running smoothly before moving on to v1.1 development. We also need to add v1.0 features to the mobile version (we split off development from the Steam version before Steam v1.0 was created, so we have some work to add those features to the mobile game). Once, that's done it's full steam ahead on v1.1 for all platforms! Thanks for being along for the ride. -kChamp


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