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New event: Fleur's Greenhouse!

Hi everymice! We are pleased to announce you that for the first time in 4 years... there's a brand new event in town! This year, Fleur has decided to take up gardening as a hobby, and needs your help! New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! Fleur wants to create a colorful bouquet of flowers for her soulmate, but can't quite seem to figure out how to get the rainbow seeds that bloom into her soulmate's favorite flower. She's managed to get about halfway, and has left her notes for you on the chalkboard in the greenhouse. New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! In the greenhouse, every mouse will be given one seed from Fleur's collection. New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! There will be 7 pots scattered throughout for you to plant your seeds, but be careful as some of the pots may be more dangerous to get to! From her previous experiments, Fleur has discovered that orange, purple, green, and white, flowers can be created, but she hasn't been able to figure out how. She's counting on everyone to work as a team to help with her colorful problem. New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! If you notice your teammates struggling, you can also get more seeds from the sack in the bottom left of the greenhouse by pressing the down key. She wishes you the best of luck in finding the precious rainbow seed! New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! As a reward for helping her get rainbow seeds for her bouquet, Fleur has decided to set up a temporary trading post in the event burrow. She has all kinds of new prizes for everyone to collect, including a new event exclusive shop item! New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! Need help with the event, or looking to collaborating with others to figure out the flower patterns? Check out the official Transformice Discord in the #events channel, or the 2021 Event Guidelines thread for all the latest information on this event. As a hint, mice that follow the official Transformice Twitter may already have a clue for some of the flower combinations! New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! Map stuff! We also have a whole bunch of new map editor items for the new floral event. Create mystifying outdoorsy maps, or a greenhouse of your own with these incredible new elements. New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! Fashion! As always, new items to celebrate the greenhouse event have also been added to the shop! These beautiful items are only here for a limited time so be sure to stop and smell these roses before leave the shop in two weeks! New event: Fleur's Greenhouse! Huge thank you to both Mapcrew and the Flash Team for your help, so much of this event was made possible thanks to these volunteer teams. ❤︎ Good luck little botanists! New event: Fleur's Greenhouse!


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